January 17th, 2006

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Ed Toy and K-Mart

i was looking at some pictures the other day and found these and i want to share them. They are pictures of my sisters Edward toy and we have him doing different things in the pictures i thought it was funny. Any my sisters friends all wanted there picture taking with him. Anyway i'll just show some.

And this one is of my sister dressed up as Edward. We were at Kmart and i got picturs of her shopping as Ed. I know my sister and i are dorks but its fun.

Enjoy ^_^

Poem - Savage Guard

I think I'm writing my way through the sins. First came Envy, and this is Wrath.
Beccause those who drown in darkness must first fall from the light, and memories bite harder then any word or blow. You can deny the truth, you can deny your self, but you cannot deny your blood. Of a twisted innocence and a hopeless rage.

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Here is a fanfiction! I wrote this a while ago and such, so I know what has been going on for a long time. Warning right now, there will be RoyXEd-ness in the future, but for now it's mostly crack with some really messed up stuff...

Rated: PG (Will be PG-13 later...)
Pairings: None for now, but RoyXEd later (definatly)

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Flash Animations

I was looking around at deviantart and i have a bunch of cute flash animation of fma i found there i would like to share. I didn't make them they were all made by Syao9 and she said its alright for me to post them here. The last one is my fav. Enjoy ^_^ Oh i almost forgot some have noise so make sure your volume is on.





Wanted Luffy


Just some fanart that I cam up with. Based of off chapter 47, I believe? o.O Anyways, we got a new scanner, and so my dad hasn't really programmed it so that we can scan stuff onto the computer and it doesn't look like he will any time soon. So I am going to try to fool around with it, but in the mean time, I had to just take a picture of my art on my cell and send it to my e-mail. So, it's kind of small and...yeah. e.e

Pairing: Ed and Winry... duh
Genre: Angsty o:
A scene in chapter 47
Rating: E

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crack-filled comic

At the risk of getting more 'lol, wtf' responses, I will post this here as well.

First, the backstory: A couple of months ago, a friend of mine was telling me how difficult it was to come up with a way to write a Hohenheim/Ed pairing. Even though I'm sure it's been done (I haven't read any though), she gave me a little theory on how it might be done that was just too funny not to make into a comic.

So, please don't take offense as this is just a gag. If you don't like the thought of Hohenheim/Ed in any way however, you might not want to look. Or if you don't even know who Hohenheim is, you might not want to look either. And yes, I know I'm crazy.

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crackish fanfiction

Name: Hagaren Business World: Chapter 2
Rating: General
Characters: the main ones are Ed, Al, and Roy
Word Count: 4,000-ish
Genre: Crack
Overview: The employees at King Corporation carry out the tasks given to them by their boss, King Bradley. (the most useless overview ever)
Note: Also includes Illustrations by me~ XD
Table of Contents: 1
Dedication: Thank you to my everyone who read chapter 1!

Again a fake cut.

Chapter 2 ~Liore the Desert City and the Big Bad Casino~

Correspondence of Sins

I've been recently reading some works by the Buddist thinker Pema Chorodon and Thoughts Without a Thinker, a book on psychotherapy and Buddhism. Some things got me thinking on our favorite sins.

In Buddist thoughts there are eight worldly principles/snares (Love of Praise, Fear of Ridicule, Love of Gain, Fear of Loss, Love of Pleasure, Fear of Pain, Love of Fame, Fear of Disgrace). These reminded me of the Seven Deadly sins, so I got thinking - what else may correspond to FMA's Seven Sins characters.

So I got a bit experimental . . .
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Night blabble

Hey guys!

It’s late at night and I’m a lil’ bored. Well, I’m a big fan of fanfiction (like many…I think?) and so decided to start a thread to see what some of your favorite Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction stories are. You can list however many you want and I think it would be nice if you give a reason why you like the story (who knows, maybe you might make another fan of the story in doing so).

I have two major ones I love:

He Who Searches For Himself- by Yuuki Hikari
-This plot line is amazing. It constantly keeps me interested and always guessing what next will happen. It’s a long story and not fully finished, but I check on the story everyday to see if there is a update. Yuuki seems extremely dedicated which is always a plus when dealing with long stories. It’s probably one of the most creative and detailed FMA fics I have come across yet.

Edwin 100 Themes- by Tobu Ishi
-I fell more in love with Tobu Ishi’s words then anything else. Her writing is beautiful and capturing. I can always picture perfectly in my mind what she is saying and I am always emotionally moved. Just amazing stuff.

Ps: Please be tactful and don’t try and promote your own personal stories.