January 16th, 2006

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Fanvid suggestions from someone with no vid!skill.

So, me being the random person that I am, have accumilated several songs that I belive fit with my multiple fandoms and/or ships. I'm going to post them here.

If anybody wants me to upload any of these to make a fanvid, I'll be more than happy to. Just link me to the vid and I'll be happy as a clam.


(Fandoms are FMA, Avatar, and Bebop. This cut is so fake…)

Right. So... uh... yeah. There we go. Cross-posted like whoa cause I have nothing better to do.
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[seal] I'm an egg

[pic] Vampire topic #18

Well, today my roommate, her friend and I went to the National Museum of Art near the Washington DC archives, and I figured that it would be a good chance to do some sketches of the statues in there, since there were a TON.

One of them that I really liked was called "Boy Balancing on a Ball," so I took a sketch of that and then used that as the frame for the next vampire topic pic.

This time, it's just Alphonse.


Next up, guilt-tripped vampireEd. But first, sleep and rest.
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Romi Paku CD

Toi Kioku

First original album from Romi Park, the vocal talent behind "Fullmetal Alchemist"'s Edward Elric! Features Jazzy arrangements of "Tobira no Muko e" (outro theme to "Fullmetal Alchemist) and Noriyuki Makihara's song "Sunao." Music composed by Leonard Eto and more! Lyrics by Kanako Nakayama (ex. Princess Princess).
deru deru

Crack RP?

A note to the lovely and benevolent mods: If this is off-topic, I'm very sorry and please don't hesitate to delete it.

I just went on a search for a crack!Fullmetal Alchemist RP. I managed to find two somewhat promising looking RPs, only to discover that one wasn't what I had been looking for and the other appears to have died out. Now, I am really dying for a good crack!RP, so that leads me to this question: If I created my own Fullmetal Alchemist crack!RP, (Most likely along the lines of an OMG!RP, which is an RP with two sets of characters, the IC, or in character, and the OOC, or out of character. The two casts of characters interact and much crackish chaos ensues.) how many people here would be interested in joining? Also, is there anyone with a whole lot of spare time that would be willing to be my co-mod if I do? I really don't think I would have enough time to perform all of the mod duties on my own.

Again, if this is off-topic, I apologize.
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River kills feez

Cosplay Question

My sons want to dress up as TV Ed and Chibi movie Al for a Anime convention my husband is a guest at. We are making costumes. Does anyone here know if Ed/Al's redcoat has buttons? I can swear Al wears it closed in one of the vids I've seen. If so, what do they look like? Or does the coat just hook shut with hooks on the inside rather than buttons?
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(no subject)

Series Title: Battlefield
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters:Edward Elric, Jean Havoc
Other Characters: Various other members of the Peanut Gallery called Fullmetal Alchemist
Word Count:2,123
Warning Yaoi; consensual, underaged sex (once they get around it); potential overdosing of crrrrack.

Synopsis: Ed glowered across the desk at the Colonel. And half-baked crackery ensues.

Collapse )

Part 9: Work Your Way Right Into My Case
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(Fic) I'll Love You More, Ch. 4

Title: I’ll Love You More
Chapter: # 4, Secrets and Celebrations, Part One
Previous: 1, I, 2, 3, II
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: PG
Spoilers: for the entire series.
Summary: After six years, the brothers are finally reunited, but will Ed be able to adjust to a world that has long since moved on without him? Non-movie AU, pairings for now include Ed/Win, Al/Win, implied Ed/Hei, and just to mix things up a little you might see some Roy/Ed if you squint…

( Chapter Four: Secrets and Celebrations )

Arakawa's interview

I need the Arakawa interview from Newtype (Is that the magazine it was featured in?) for a school project. The sooner, the better, so please get the translated version to me ASAP.

Much thanks

Gabby the Great

Later note- I really am sorry if I came off rude. I never intended to be so harsh, and now that I look back and read it, I was demanding. I really am sorry, but the first person I requested never went through, and now I am REALLY pressed to get it done. So, again, I apologize.
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Havoc/Roy fluff

Title: Cold Feet
Author: ceasefire
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Jean Havoc
Rating: R to be safe
Word Count: 1487
Warnings: Fluff and nudity. That’s it. Nothing of what people usually do when naked in Fanfiction.
Disclaimer: I love Fullmetal Alchemist, but I do not own it.

"For being the Flame Alchemist you sure don’t take the cold well, Chief."

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