January 15th, 2006

River kills feez

Gilded Cage

Title: Blood, Pride and the Gilded Cage
Main summery: Ed and Al are held captive by German noblemen who wants Ed to make Alchemy work in the real world. The problem is Ed is dying of Leukemia and its up to Al to save them.
Chapter 11
Warnings: Ed and Al Whumping AHOY! Violence, metaphysical WHO-HA and EVIL ALTER/ROY.
General Action Adventure FIC with LOTS of hurt comfort and angst.
Summery: Ed realizes he's being poisoned and envy might be responsible!
Crossover with Doctor Who and Torchwood (Cardiff Wales, and Jack )
Characters:Ed, Al, Noa, Alter Roy, Envy and Jack Harkness

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(Fic) "Hometown"

Title: Hometown
Rating: PG
Beta: gundamnook & zrana
Characters: Winry
Word Count: 999
Genre: Reflective drabble
Prose: First person
Overview: Episode 17 is set over a span of three days, this is the morning of the first day.
Note: I've never written something first person before *jumps off a new cliff*

( From what I gathered, the weeks worth of rain was... )

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Counting the days. . . (some fan art)

I finished this painting a little while ago. But since the movie will be out on DVD soon I thought I'd finally scan it and post it. Not a spoiler really, unless you haven't seen Ed in his movie clothes. ^_^ Watercolor and gouache again, but a little smaller than my usual (the actual painting is about 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches). I just love painting Ed's eyes! ^__^

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Dante/Roze Photoshoot

Some more short stuff...

If you're one of the people asking what happened to Devotions, Chapter 9 is in the works. It's just taking a while and these little things come quickly.

Title: Sublime
Word Count: 347
Rating: PG for alluding to sex
( "Sublime" [Fake Cut] )

Title: Preventing War
Word Count: 336
Pairing: MaesGracia
Rating: PG
( "Preventing War" [Fake Cut] )


( Power, by Winry Rockbell )
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TRC - Syaorans

Sorry to bother.

I swear I looked in the comm. But I couldn't find the post.
I'm looking for Fullmetal Alchemist mood themes.
Could anyone be so kind as to link me to any, if they exist? :3
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I'm in desperate need of help.

Does anyone know when the second FMA novel is out in America? I went to my local Barnes & Noble and I even asked them to check at the info booth. Land of Sand and the third novel came up on the search but Abducted Alchemist didn't.

Any help on knowing when it's coming out? They have an ad in the fifth manga volume but I don't see it anywhere D:
the madness
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to the mods (and everybody else): somebody is stealing our layout oh noes


That comment was me.
So her friends say that she obviously made the layout, etc. etc.
Except I edited the image specifically for the fm_alchemist community and believe me when I say I know my own edits. So let me just ask the community what I should do now, since it's not my layout -- it's ours.
I'm not angry. I'm being very reasonable: I'm going to be changing the current layout anyway with new graphics, etc., etc. sooner or later. So is it all right with you guys if I just don't pursue this further? Because I'm not in the mood for graphics drama; they're just pixels. Nobody really cares.


After some deliberation I decided to just let the issue drop. I don't have the time to pursue the topic; RL already gives me enough stress. However, since I'm rather irked by having an identical layout to ours (one that's been edited so poorly too!), I'm in the process of making a new one. Please be patient; it should be up sometime Monday.
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(no subject)

Viola! The result of Techno listening to too much Linkin Park and thinking of the crying cliché is here. It's a tad dark, but it still ended up being yet another mix of fluff and angst. Habit, I suppose.

Title: Refuse
Rating: G
Genre: A mix of fluff and angst.
Pairing: Roy x Ed.
Warnings: Yaoi, but it's light and there's no other warnings. ^^;

( But despite it all, Ed still refused to cry. )

Crossposted to steelandsparks, fma_yaoi and fm_alchemist. The usual. ^^;

(no subject)

I don't know how many of you have seen anything for the Da Vinci Code movie, but a trailer was recently released for it. From this trailer another trailer was made using FullMetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala video set to the sound/music of the original trailer, and I thought any FMA fans might enjoy it.

It can be found here. I invite you to check it out.

Umpteenth request...

This has probably been asked a million times, but I need to know something.

What's the gun that is used by the Military in FMA? The handguns? I need to know for cosplay reasons so I can get airsoft versions of the gun.

Thank you for your time?

AMV Requests

Okay, as of now I will be taking requests for fma-oriented amvs. If you'd like one done, please reply to this post with song, character(s), theme, and any other specifics you feel I should know. I don't expect there to be any delays on the completion of any of the vids, but if there are I'll let you know about it. Most vids that I do are completed within 1-2 days.

Hmmm... I think that's about it.


Sing For Me- Conqueror of Shambala AMV

I just acquainted myself with my video editing program, and was able to stick together my first AMV. 

This video containa MAJOR movie spoilers!!!  The song is Canta Per Me from the Noir OST.  It is Italian, and the lyrics are subtitled by yours truly (Be warned also, I majorly raped the translation.  In a big way.)

Sing me a song of farewell...

(That's the subtitled version.  Here's a sub-free, in case you'd rather have that.)

It's on YouTube, so no downloading neccessary.


Since it's my first, I'm quite eager for comments.  :)  Please?

flyer kiwi

fanart: oekaki art dump

*scratches head* Okay, so when I did my art dump of DOOM earlier, apparently I forgot the majority of my oekaki art. So I'm gonna dump that lot now >.> I'm not including pictures I included in the previous dump.

There's spoilers for the movie. Character appearances only (Ed, Al, Envy). Oh, and an end of series spoiler for a very inaccurate rendition of Envy's anime true form. There's mild Envy/Envy going on here... er, yeah *hides*

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There's a bunch of others on my Oekaki Board. There are a couple I'd love to show that, due to the two month auto-deletion on accounts, don't show on the actual board anymore... but I can't get hold of them to ask permission @_@ But there are some lovely ones on there, particularly by Rhel and Chouffette <3

Oh, and as always, terms of art usage are here.

New artists are always welcome, just acknowledge and obey the rules :P
[dw11] gutters and stars

Question from a new person!

Hello! All the usual, long-time lurker, first-time poster. And, annoyingly enough, my first post is a question.

My Dad was transferred to Switzerland, and I have had a horrid lack of FMA since. Been here for 3 months, and speak limited (very limited) German. So, to my question. Does anyone know if FMA airs in Switzerland in English? It'd be great help if I had an answer, even if it is 'no'. XD
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17 Movie Screenshots

It should go without saying that there will be movie spoilers in this. Yes, there are subtitles and the images get a bit blurry, but some is better than none. If you plan on using these for icons, please credit me for the screencaps when you post the icons. Also, no hotlinking.

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crackish fanfiction

Name: Hagaren Business World
Rating: General
Characters: Roy, Ed, Al, Bradley and Hawkeye (in this chapter, overall it should span pretty much the entire manga cast)
Word Count: 3,256
Genre: Crack
Overview: The employees at King Corporation carry out the tasks given to them by their boss, King Bradley. (the most useless overview ever)
Note: Also includes Illustrations by me~ XD
Note2: A good majority of this story was written when I was hyper. But that does not mean it lacks effort. Has been pre-read by two other people and underwent small editing sprees many times before I got brave enough to post this here.
Dedication: Thank you to my good friends Jen (racheal02) and Katrina for your support and help.

Anyway, follow the fake cut below for the story...or at the very least, for the random illustrations.

Chapter 1 ~Employee of the Month~
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Ed being all sentimental

(no subject)

Hi all! Made icons for my character journal in a roleplay, but I figured I'll share them just for the heck of it. Pretty much all of them were just edited in MS Paint, except for the color.

All are Fullmetal Alchemist, no spoilers, or at least none that I can see ^^ Hope you like!
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