January 11th, 2006

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It's been to long

Oh i'm so happy i'm back. I missed out on so much. I am so upset cause last week my whole computer crashed and i lost everything. I lost all my Fullmetal Alchemist pictures, music, the movie, manga, music videos. And i had the Bluebird's Illusion game on it and now its gone T_T. I'm so sad. So i must go on a search to get everything i lost back. I need all the luck i can get.
River kills feez


A short angsty fic about Munich Ed


Yes I know, I'm starting to fall in love with the Ed/Alphons H thing. Heavens they make a cute couple....

I tried to edit this, but beware I might have missed something.


Warnings: Slash overtones, lots of angst.
Shippage: Ed realizes he loved Alphons
Summery: A discussion between brothers.
Characters: Edward, and Alphonse Elric.

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Chapter 55 translation COMPLETE!

Hay guys, I'm working on translating of chapter 55 (should this be friends-locked?). I know we're just asking for trouble having ZOMGFTA's editor take up job of translator, but bear with me. XD It's been going good so far...

If you're interested, the translation-in-progress complete-but-sucky translation can be found here!

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Hello :D

The story behind this little comic is short. My friend gave my absolutely wonderful tea... and wonderful tea usually does strange things to my little brain xD

So, if you're not scared of brainless comic with a hint of Edo/Envy yaoi (nothing graphic, though), click [here]

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Quick Question

So, in eh 'preperation' for the new chapter, I reread the manga over the last month.

It's been fun picking up little hints that have unravelled in the last few chapters. Arakawa-sensei is a master and crafting foreshadowing. But there is someting I noticed way back in chapter 31 when the original(?) Greed is boiled in oil.

( So here's my question )

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