January 10th, 2006


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I can't write good fluff to save my life, so I thought I'd try my first serious FMA fic. Later will come my first angst fic...

So, up until I came across a FMA fic writing challenge I was never inspired to write FMA fanfiction. On a similar note, up until I discovered the Mary Sue Litmus test (by hime1999?), I was never inspired to incorporate my own OC into the story. (In fact, I still consider it to be rather... blasphemous. no insult intended to those of you who write good OCs into the story.)

Deciding that I wanted to give myself a horrible challenge, I used the test to craft an Original Character. However, I did not avoid points that the test makes, I purposely used "Mary Sue-esque" qualities in my character, just to see what I could come up with. Amazingly my characters did not get as high as I had figured they would, but there are some things that I can't imagine ever doing. There are two points that I found outside of the Litmus test, I'm not sure where I got them, but one concerned if the character had a sibling - so I made siblings, and I forget what the other one was...

Why the hell am I posting this here?
Frankly, because I need help.

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So far both characters have collected seven points each, for the questions that I know the definite answers for. Some things have still been left undetermined, mostly the stuff mentioned above.
Any help would be appreciated. No flames please.
This started out as a joke, and has become a challenge to myself to write a decent story and give these characters some Mary Sue qualities, without them actually being Mary Sues. Yes, most of the traits [the automail on the older sister, who is an alchemist. One has nothing to do with the other, trust me. And the younger sister being a chimera - are the biggest ones.] they have were intentional for Mary Sue points - don't ask me why I'm doing this, I think I've lost my mind.

[Edit: Collapse )Thanks for the suggestions, and yes some of it did help.]
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FMA Manga Vol. 4 info..

A tad late, yeah. But I finally found the "limited edition" sets of the fourth book that includes either an Ed figure or an Al figure. Anyone who's out there searching for them, don't bother unless you're up for repainted figures you can buy seperately for a cheaper price.

If you have those figures, or can obtain them, don't bother looking for the boxed sets of four. The Ed figure included is simply the Ed that's pictured in this post, except his hair was repainted to a lighter shade of yellow, which he could sorta attempt to pass off as being a Super Saiyan. >_>

Al in the box is the same figure as pictured above, except his loincloth is painted to a light, violet color. His entire body also appears to be darker. Neither appear to have stands, either, which would make it difficult to stand the figures up.

So why avoid them? The boxes cost $19.99. An extra $10 for a figurine. You can get them seperately at Hot Topic, better looking and come with stands for only $6.

Sorry if this is old news. >_> Felt I had to point this out since I found the boxes today and was utterly annoyed at how my searching was for oddly repainted figures I already had and how hardly any site had pics of the actual figures and only showed the box display.
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flyer kiwi

fanart: MASSIVE dump

Okay, I feel a great, immense need to draw attention to myself. With art.

I'm also trying to distract myself from bad things that make me sad.

It's called... well, attention-seeking. I work hard on my art, it looks decent (IMO)... and not many people know where to actually find it.

So, I'm going to attempt to gain attention by posting... the entire contents of my Fullmetal Alchemist fanart section of my website (12 finished pictures), with links to the 'junk' images (20, I think) as well.

I've posted a significant portion of these before, but I can't remember which ones I didn't...

Here goes. The complete pics go from newest to oldest, junk is just random order.

Warnings? The junk links provide warnings for them, but the complete pictures shouldn't really be a problem unless you're really offended by Roy in a ballgown.

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And if anyone's interested, my fanart usage terms are here. My website?

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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

Crack and icons

Some misc. crack, including some new South Park/FMA characters and some characters I made with 'The Hero generator' (Ed looks like a dwarf). And, on the suggestion of 'miserywhip' I made some (41) of my past crack into icons. Enjoy!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Lovely Dean

New Years Hangover

Yeah and this is all I got done. So in 2006, I think I'll resolve to...make more icons. At least I know I will do it, heck I've already done it! So HA! I get to keep my resolution this year! And I don't have to spend big bucks on fancy gym equipment that eventually becomes a good place to dry your sweaters.

In with new:

Rulz: Comments groovy, Credit for ME not necessary (credit Hime however), hotlinking a blatant no-no.

( Or a reasonable facsimilie thereof... )
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birthday komodo

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I finished that illustration for Camudekyu's crackish fic!


Ignore the bad quality.  X____x  I lack a scanner, and had to use my digital camera.

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Elric Kyoudai, Elricest is love

Fanfic, "College!Fic"

Title: The Story Where They're Brothers But Don't Know It... AT COLLEGE (Part 3)
Subtitle: My Story, Like The College In The Story, Has No Name or College!Fic
Title Credit: ryverstar, because somewhere along the line she borrowed my soul and never bothered to give it back.
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Warnings: Swearing, College, omg sexist jokes.
Backstory: See Part 0 for the um, start of the story. ^_^
Written for: rinnia, who asked for "AU Ed/Al. It's alright if they're not brothers in the fic, and it's also alright if they're still related. Personally? I like schooltime fics, what with the drama of classes and all. High school is good, but college is better, especially with the issues of roommates in dorms."
Previous Parts: Part 0 :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Note: And if anyone was offended by the gendered jokes on Winry's class choice: c'mon. It's Winry. Ed's amusement is more than valid.

( It was Tuesday morning at around 11:30, and Ed found himself in what could possibly be described at the Most Boring Class Ever. )

Enjoy! ♥