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08 January 2006 @ 12:44 am
i've had this small question about Roy and Winry and i'm not bothered to check my DVDs so i thought i'll ask here ^^;;

under a cut for spoilersCollapse )
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08 January 2006 @ 01:27 am
Something short I drew for 30_kisses that's based on the manga side story "Dog of the Military?"

Title: Discipline
Pairing: Havoc/Hawkeye (would be gen if not for the end)
Rating: PG
Word count five panels and multiple speech bubbles
It's not hard to guess what happens.

She always uses a gun doesn't she...

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08 January 2006 @ 02:16 am
Well, after a number of really irritating computer troubles, I bring you the first batch of icons for my Izumi Iconfiend challenge. :D

Artist: flameraven
Character: Izumi Curtis (FMA!)
# of icons in post: 11
# of icons created total: 11/100
Credits: Textures by alaskanicons and hermyowngranger

Credit required
No hotlinking!
Comments aren't required.

If anyone wants to send me some source images (especially from the manga tankouban 6 and 7) it would be much appreciated. ^^


Fake cut! Now with tables!

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08 January 2006 @ 04:25 am
What does Scott McNeil have to do with FMA? Find out in Episode 43.

(Or you could go to zrana's LJ and find out. Shh!)
08 January 2006 @ 09:16 am
Sorry for the delay, please post comments on episode 41 that airred on [Adult Swim] last night.
08 January 2006 @ 10:05 am
So, did anyone else here go to Ohayocon? I went yesterday, and believe me, it was AWESOME. But what does this have to do with FullMetal Alchemist, you say? Well, at 8:00 PM, the dub of episodes 41-44 were shown in one of the panels. I was lucky enough to get in, so I thought it'd be cool if I shared what I learned with all of ya.

Spoilers for 41 and 43 behind this cut~!Collapse )

I also took a few pictures of some FMA cosplayers! I saw a few Eds, one Al, quite a few people in military outfits, two Envys, a Lust, one Bradley, and a Barry the Chopper. I only got pictures of one of the Envys, Bradley, and Barry, though. When I get the pictures developed, I'll be sure to scan them! (I think I saw pictures of one of the Eds and the Envy I took a picture of around here...)

Oh, and you can read more about my experience at Ohayocon on my latest post in my journal... When I finish typing it, at least. o.o;;

Edit: Forgot to Spell Check...

Edit 2: Ag, and that was 41, not 42! >< I also got those cosplay pictures back. Should I put them on another post, or this one?
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08 January 2006 @ 12:46 pm

I'm new here and I hope you won't kill me..........

I just found out yesterday, that there is a radio show for FMA... I got totally exited, and searched all night long, but could only find a few shows (out of 100, am I right??).....
I know, its not that nice to make my first post a request, but I'm already addicted to that radio show.... so if maybe someone could upload just a few shows for me!? *___*
the ones I have are: 1-9, 36, 38-39, 49-51, 61, 63, 65............ T_T ..... I could upload them too, if someone is interested......... !!! (other radio shows I could trade are only Radio Seed, Radio Seed Destiny and a few from Rajipuri)
[I also am interested in the DJCDs, but they aren't that important......]
I would be so glad if someone would answer!! *sigh*

bye Kida

PS: please don't kill me!!! *hides*
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Canadian on Strike
08 January 2006 @ 01:09 pm
I'm working on a fanart of Scar, with his right sleeve ripped off (like it almost always is XD). I'm almost done, but unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding good pictures of his entire tattoo. Does anyone have any?

Thank you in advance! ^__^
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08 January 2006 @ 02:07 pm
Wow! Barely a day has passed and already I have a new little set ^^ Thanks everyone so far who have said such nice things about my icons, and to those that have even decided to use a few ^o^ *many hearts to all*

Artist: lilwhitemage
Pairing/Character: Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Theme(s): #3.Soft, #21.In the Moonlight, #34.Beginner's Luck, #37.Comfort, #43.Joy, #57. Artist's Choice-Bad Hair Day, #58.Artist's Choice-Stealth Al, #59.Artist's Choice-Cardboard Box
# of icons in post: 8
# of icons completed total: 27/100
Credits: A few screencaps/images from here and here

Sneak Peak!

1. Comments aren't necessary, credit IS.
2. Textless icons can be used as bases, but again, please credit.
3. Please upload any icons taken onto your OWN server.
4. Enjoy ^w^

Sneak this way -clankclankclank-

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08 January 2006 @ 02:10 pm
I checked through all the memories and a couple of pages on here and I didn't find any post with this info/question in it. If the Mods have seen a post like this already, please delete mine because I don't want to be a nuisance and give me the link to the post.
I was trying to pre-order the FMA Movie from Amazon.com.jp since someone on here said that it was cheeper and it was. But the thing is, I don't think I can pre-order it because I don't live in Japan (I live in the U.S.). It had the zip code and you had to pick which city you lived in, in Japan.
I was wondering if there was possibly another way to pre-order it, or another site where you could pre-order it from the U.S.?
Thank you.
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alaynea decker
08 January 2006 @ 02:37 pm

well a couple days ago supports_edxroy  drew me a picture at school cause i was sad, and it made me happy^_^ so i thought i would share the happiness by making icons out of the picture. thank-u alannah for the great pic.
icons hereCollapse )

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08 January 2006 @ 04:59 pm
Yes, I finally have enough icons and want to show some off XD that I'm ready to post them. Hope they're liked.

[x2] Ed
[x2] Al

don't steal!

( click the fake cut for more )
Is This Thing On?
08 January 2006 @ 06:16 pm
Series Title: The Gentle Persuasion
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters: Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc
Other Characters: Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang
Word Count: 1,525

Synopsis: Jean gets his answers. But, they only lead to more questions, and he tries to remember that patience is a virture.

Spoilers: Due to the timeline of this story, there will be spoilers abounding if you haven’t seen the entire anime, as well as some spoilers for mid to late manga chapters. I will do my best to either weave them in so they unidentifiable, or note what spoilers are where. For this chapter, we are dealing with some of the events in chapter 38 of the manga and chapter 50/51 in the anime; however, as you will see, in this story, things will go slightly differently.

Author NotesCollapse )

Part Eight
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Alter ego to foreverlight
08 January 2006 @ 06:42 pm
Well, here's the next batch of icons I made.

My mind's iconsCollapse )
08 January 2006 @ 07:43 pm
Hey everyone, finally making a post.....sorry it's not actually contributing anything. XD;

I'd like to know if anyone has/links to icons of Fuery, for an RP journal. ^^

Also, what exactly is his rank? I think I've seen him referred to as both Sergeant Major & Master Sergeant, as well as Private in a manga translation... Which is right? @_@;
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08 January 2006 @ 08:56 pm

My newest video. Careful spoilers ahead. I tried to make the least amount of subtitles possible. I'm trying to get raw versions soon. Please give me feedback.
Hiding Behind a Name
08 January 2006 @ 10:31 pm
Title: A Dose of Morale
Pairing: Havoc/?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, cross dressing, spoilers for Chapter 38+ of the manga.
Notes: Dedicated to timchell for the inadvertant bunny. <3
Word Count: 4,368

( A Dose of Morale )
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08 January 2006 @ 11:35 pm
Okay, more recordings. There is a little odd blip on Irrevocable Sin at 2:52 because of Editing... I'll do it over later, I swear. The other three new ones are just flute. Complete with sticking pads and the sound of me taking breaths. Oh boy... -_-;

I'll post "Asu he no Basho" again for those who didn't see it... I might add "Dante's Theme" to this tomorrow. All are uploaded to Zupload.com

"Fullmetal Flute: Unerasable Sin"
"Fullmetal Flute: Rakuyou"
"Fullmetal Flute: Motherland"
"Fullmetal Flute: Brat’ja"
"Fullmetal Flute: Asu he no Basho"
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