January 3rd, 2006


kimblee crack

Well..upon watching the episode commentary on DVD 7 for episode 25....I was compelled to draw crack. (like with the last commentary)
They mention that Kimblee's english VA also does Yuki Sohma (the rat) from Fruits Basket. Instantly my brain was hijacked by an image of kimblee in the pink dress Yuki wears at one point in the show (about the only thing i remember about what i saw of it)
So all in all....click the cut for Kimblee in a pretty pink dress (and not so happy about it)
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(Fic) He Who Searches - Part 21

Story: He Who Searches (He Who Searches For Himself on ff.net)
Chapter: Delirium Ghosts (Part 21)
Rating: PG
Beta: AmunRa
Spoilers: YES
Warning: Not particularly.
Previous: Chapter list for Part 1 thru Current
Genre: Gen!Fic; Plot!Fic; Post Series; Series based, not movie based (AU!Movie?);
Summary: The story continues on where episode 51 left off. Edward and Alphonse's ongoing journey to return their lives to 'normal'. The fic includes the main cast, support cast, a sprinkling of guest characters and a few extras. For series spoiler reasons, a further summary is availiable under the following fake cut.

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p4 ●

(no subject)

37 Edward Elric
15 Alfons Heiderich
15 Alphonse Elric
8 Alphonse & Edward
8 Alfons & Edward
8 Roy Mustang & Military(Havoc and Breda)
5 Various(Edward and Noah, Edward and Hughes)
Total of 96 A record for me o_o

I haven't capped the whole movie yet, just a few of my favorite scenes.
They can be used as bases, as long as I get credited, because it may not seem like it but I actually worked a lot on those.

Oh, and, obviously, movie spoilers.

Teasers: 05.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 48.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 56.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Dante/Roze Photoshoot

Just a bit of crack with salad...

I don't think I've x-posted any of these, but I might have a few. All are fake cuts. First two to the same post, last two to two different posts.

So, Havoc was pissed off at all the hooplah Roy was getting over his fanfiction. So he wrote this. Of course, it wasn't nearly as well recieved, but what else can we expect?

( Rivalry )

And who else but Yoki would think he could benefit from a little fanfiction writing. I tell y'all, he just wants a little bit of love. And money. And power. And by love, I think I mean power.

( A Hero's Reception )

Black Hayate felt sad that he can't write fanfiction.

So Riza got him a stamp pad.

( Untitled )

Written in the style passed down the Armstrong family for generations.

( Uniforms )
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big gun!

Time for cosplay of a different variety...

I don't know how many of you have heard of this before, but there is a form of cosplay called Kigurumi (Wiki) cosplay. The goal is to look as much like a doll of a certain character would. People that do this are sometimes referred to as Dollers (Wiki)

I was browsing through iichan just now and someone on the Azumanga board (sorry if you're seeing this again) when someone linked to some Azumanga Kigurumi costumes. I browsed further, and found the gallery.

Main Site

Yes, the site is in Japanese, but they use Romaji/Romanized names/English liberally, so it's navigable. Though I suggest that you have your Japanese language pack installed, so it doesn't pop up covered in squares.

And the point? They have an Ed in there. *nodnod*


I've heard the style called "Creepy" before, but for me, it intrigues me. I hope I haven't scared/scarred anyone for this.

ETA: one thing that makes it creepier, is that while the characters done are usually female, the models are usually male. Crossplay to the next level.
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deru deru

A quick question...

Does anyone know what the words inside the human transmutation circle are? (At least I think it's the circle for human transmutations. It's the same as the one behind the cut.) I was looking at my new FMA hoody today and noticed that it had words inside the transmutation circle, but they were written so small that I couldn't read them. If anyone could tell me what they say, I would be eternally grateful.
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wear fanart

hiya! I made these Alphonse fan art shirts for Anime Next, Otakon, and Onnafest. I love when Al makes those wacky anime faces!! I have quite a few left over and was wondering if you guys were interested in buying them.

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Icons and Art

Here are some icons and whatever art I used that was mine to create them. Chapter 54 spoilers.

2 Ling
3 Lingreed
1 Ling/Ran Fan
3 Kimblee
2 Martel
1 Dorchette

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-Dende-sama was here.

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Edo Cosplay

Umm... this is the work in progress Edo cosplay I'm putting together for Anime North/CN Anime this year. I'm very, very excited since we have all of the sins plus a Winry and Roy... We even have a cute lil masquerade skit that we hope everyone will enjoy! XD

No waist down because I broke the trial version of the boots... XD Forgive the crappy wig... It's a work in progress. Automail is on it's way...and I'm kinda fugly!

Edo Cosplay 1
Edo Cosplay 2
Edo Cosplay 3

Should I get yellow contacts?