December 29th, 2005

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Anime/Video games
[3] Ah! Megami-sama
[8] Azumanga Daioh
[3] Bleach
[3] Final Fantasy
[7] Hagane no Rekinjutsushi (Spoilers)
[9] Naruto
[1] Sailor Moon
[1] Samurai Champloo

[4] Nana Kitade

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Title: "Surprise"
Author: hola_meg_a_cola
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Warning: Heavy sexual situations
Pairing: Roy/Riza/Jean
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Everything belongs to the Cow in Fighting Panties Hiromu Arakawa.
Summary: Pointless OT3 smut.
Author's Notes: I keep writing these smutty fan fics and I KNOW I'm pissing God off. I blame ceasefire; she's corrupted me.
Feedback: The more, the merrier.

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credit much?

So, I get most of my icons from this community and I saved some of them wrong or they got moved. I'm sure this will come up again, sometime in the future but for now can someone tell me who created the icon I'm using right now and the one below?

¬¬ The other one I don't have credit for is this Collapse )

thanks to anyone that helps.

*gasp* My third Flash x.o, Voice for you: Starring Edward Elric and Ling Yao (Manga Flash)

I just finished doing this flash *I have been doing it like.. 5 or 4 day's ago xD;*

The simple explanation of this flash is in this post: 'Lalala voices~!'

So.. my brain started to work a bit and this came out after some days of work:

Hope you all enjoy it ^^;

(I still feel some n00b about my flash skillz XD; this is my third flash) Sorry about my bad english also :D;

*runs away*

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Please forgive me for troubling you, but I should be very grateful if somebody could upload dj "Est! Est!! Est!!!" Part 2,after page 56 (part 1 was translated by Neutral though they call it part 1&2).

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Since Trisha art is in short supply, and I haven't been posting much art in the comm lately, I thought I'd post this here too. Bonus pic of Alphonse at no extra charge. :P

Just a couple of sketchy little portrait-like pictures, very much work safe.

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5th Candle!

I'm back! and thanks to minusxplusleotp for covering the 4th candle for me.
My previous candles are : 1st candle- Hughes, 2nd candle- Ed, 3rd candle- Winry

But today we have something different.  We don't want to be racist here. Nobody said you have to be human to light Chanuka candles...

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lotti mad

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I made icons again, quick ones

teaser: Image hosted by

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(edit) and if anyone has a good clear big picture of only Havoc, no one else, with a cigarette in his mouth, it would be greatly appreciated if you would link me to it
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River kills feez

Gilded Cage

Here is the next chapter
Warnings: Possible Spoilers, No definite pairings. I tend not to ship. Things could change. I'm letting the story tell this one so anything goes so there might be possible het and slash.

Gilded Cage
Rating PG so far
Summery: General, Action Adventure story that is Post movie. A German duke who wants them to make alchemy work in the real world captures Edward and Al. Problem is, Ed is dying of Leukemia and Al has to find a way to save him as well as find a way to escape back home to the Alchemy world .

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Movie AMV; Spoilers Abound!

Hey there Fandom!

I made a Fullmetal Alchemist Movie anime music video. ^__^ This is my first time presenting a video publicly. The quality is pretty much crappy, since there are A) Subs, B) Pixelation and C) No point intended. =^__^= There are spoilers so don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled to death.

I hope you find it amusing, there are comments as to what the fangirl/fanboy is thinking as she or he watches the movie and the end of Ametris.

Title: Final War
Song: "Haldyn Hotel" by Susumo Hirasawa
Creator: solicities
View Video at this Link:
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