December 24th, 2005

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umm. yeah. I just just JUST got Flash... so as a christmas present to a friend, i made this vid-thing-whatever ->The Edo-Song

It's not at all taken off the llama song. i swear. and the voice in the background? its not singing about llamas because i dont know how to edit it, your hallucinating it i swear. >.~

Tringham vs. Phoenix

This is the most pointless thing ever.

I was just reading manga in Barnes and Nobles and noticed the art book. I decided to start reading commentary and came across the character drawings for the Tringhams. The caption said something like "I was thinking about River Phoenix while drawing Russell".

One google search later, looking through the Russell pictures from the anime I had on hand and almost dying from laughter...

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I also had conversations with friends on this and it somehow then led to a Titanic crossover since Leonardo DiCaprio is often compared with River Phoenix., yeah. They both like roses and wear suspenders. Yes. Um, this is getting dumb. *rolls away* XD;
where's my crack

The Gentle Persuasion 6

No, I know it isn't Sunday yet, but since tomorrow is Christmas and the first day of Haunuakah, I thought I'd post this today. Enjoy!

Series Title: The Gentle Persuasion
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters: Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc
Other Characters: Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang
Word Count: 1,735

Synopsis: It had been four months since he’d had a cigarette. He knew because he’d counted every single, blessed day.

Spoilers: Due to the timeline of this story, there will be spoilers abounding if you haven’t seen the entire anime, as well as some spoilers for mid to late manga chapters. I will do my best to either weave them in so they unidentifiable, or note what spoilers are where. For this chapter, we are dealing with some of the events in chapter 38 of the manga; however, as you will see, in this story, things will go slightly differently.

Author's Notes: Completely AU. My own little private timeline; my own private little world. Pieces of anime and manga woven together with liberal artistic license. This starts roughly after the end of the anime and after chapter 38 of the manga. We’re just going to pretend that the movie NEVER existed, okay?

Disclaimer: We all know I don’t own FMA or its characters. Just thought I’d finally say that. Thanks to The Lady and The Legend for creating such a wonderful world to play in.

Part Six
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Title: Gagged
Author: ceasefire
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1393
Warnings: Crack, roughly based off the Flame Alchemist gaiden/ep 37
Disclaimer: If I owned Fullmetal Alchemist it really would be called Flame Alchemist.

Jean Havoc’s logic left much to be desired. It's a good thing he was lucky.

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EDIT: Link is fixed... *face, meet palm*

We wish you a Merry Christmas, blah blah blouah!

Okay, this is not Christmas yet and my post is certainly a bit late but I still wanted to post these icons. Even if they'll not be useful very long, I'll still be glad if you like them!

Might contain spoilers

[FullMetal Alchemist]
1-Ed and Yoki
1-Envy and Dante
1-Elric family and Envy
1-Hoenheim, Ed and Envy


HoHo Santa is waiting for you behind the (fake) cut!

And Happy Holidays! ^_^

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Apple: Pleasantries

Cosplay picture story - Of Roy's Harem and Three Rizas...

Yes, it seems that I'm an annual poster on this community- I only delurk once a year to post cosplay pictures before returning back to my dark, cobwebbed corner. Oh well, to each his own.

Some may remember me from this post, but other than that, I haven't posted much, save for a few comments here and there. This year, I return with more picture-story cosplay pictures (honestly, I can't think of another way to phrase what I've done), this time with erm......Roy's harem. Yes. Roy's harem.

Interested? Well, click on that shiny little link down there, then...

Early warning, though: Picture sizes have increased DRAMATICALLY. 56k users please BEWARE.

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Credit goes out to (not in any particular order) :

kitsunei - Roy Mustang for MOST of the pictures
doujinsangel - miniskirt!Riza.
_deru - crushed!Ed after being stomped on by Izumi
ithronluin - movie!Ed (yes, give her an applause, guys. She's done a fabulous job :) )
teh_o - The Riza in glasses
futomimii - Winry Rockbell
raincloud_sama One of the many, many Rizas (we were supposed to have 9 this year....about 4 showed up, I think)
lavhire - one of the Eds...
LinChe - Jean Havoc. His hair was green, thanks to a dye malfunction...
honou_no_izumi - one of the Roys
Axtar - Izumi Curtis
Liss3 - Kathleen Armstrong

You guys were wonderful. :)

And just for those who were wondering where all these pictures were taken, it was taken at a Malaysian comic convention, Comic Fiesta. For more info about the convention, please visit their website for more details.

I also apologize for the many grammatical errors in the entire story...I'm extremely tired from the uploading, and the proofreading part of my brain has gone on strike. If anyone can point out anything, though, I'll be happy change it right away. :)

Merry (early) Christmas, everyone and happy holidays! 'o'/

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FMA OST2 Lyrics

I got to open a gift today and it was the 6th FMA DVD that came with the second OST. It contained the actually translations for Ready, Steady, Go! And I typed them up! Also, it came with translations for On the Other Side of the Door. I thought I'd put them up here for you all to enjoy. Hope you like, and Merry Christmas. ^W^

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Christmas Fic!

Here's a Christmas Eve fic for all of you guys!

Title: He Sleeps Alone Tonight
Fandom: </b>Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Havoc/Hawkeye
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2478
Warnings: No spoilers, unless you haven't seen episode 13. Oh yeah, my friend advised that I should somehow incorporate dental floss and mac & cheese into this fic. So I did. O_o
Diclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist. If I did, Hughes would have been much more involved in the manga, and Greed would be in almost every episode of the anime. :D
I also don't own the lyrics to the song "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by The Postal Service.

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Pict - Merry Christmas 2005, Hei/Ed shall bring you a sweet christmas.

MerryChristmas 2005 to everyone <33333

I know that I rarely post things up in LJ, since I'm too obssess with DA :D I still love all of you guys...<3333

Have a wonderful holiday...Comments are welcome :3

you can click on >> for bigger size, since photobucket won't let me upload the image at that big.


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