December 9th, 2005

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Every couple of months I get the urge to do fanart, but rarely do I act on it. Which is why I'm rather shocked to be posting what I am.

I can't really explain this picture. It just sort of... came out. I suppose one could argue that I need to affix a warning to this, but I don't really think I should. Feel free to correct me.

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TRC - Syaorans

Little sketch.

Ok, I was drawing some Digimon fan art and decided to try to make a FMA pic.
This is what I did. Took me about...eight or nine minutes, probably, so it's not what you'd call great. But I like Al. He's just cute x3

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Comments are love. X-posted.
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Cool [DS] [Protag]


Most of you don't care, but what the hell. :D

Ok, so I'm doing a Medival History assignment and one of my topics is "alchemy".

I come across this website:

And I find this:

"Can You Name
the early Renaissance alchemist who developed methods for treating syphilis and also claimed to have created a tiny man called a "homunculus" in his laboratory?"

Yay crack.

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[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] EdxAl
[Rating] Nc17
[Beta] vwl
[Spoilers?] Yes. AU. Picks up after the series ends. The movie can bite my butt because it doesn't exist as far as I am concerned. I am also taking a few tiny liberties with series facts, but should not be that obvious.
[Chatter] Al beats up Ed. And I am sorry about where this ended, they are sexxing in the next chapter and I am afraid that might make this a REALLY long post. So you get this for now. :grins: I haven't died, I promise.This could suck though, not sure about it yet. Been suffering some writers block/angst.

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NOM | 三宅健
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Hi. I lurk. And I think too much late at night when I'm supposed to be asleep.

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Just thought it was rather symbolic.
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Temptations: Part One- Memories

OK, this was, if anything, an adventure in writing for me. I wrote it as a response to the "Random Pairing Generator" challenge, and it really tested me because it is so different from what I am used to writing. It forced me to use third-person, try het, write about a girl character's emotions, play with the idea of non-con and violence, and work with an adult's thoughts...gah! The whole time I kept dreaming about working on something fluffy and Elricest..but, was good practice. ;) So, here's the result of the challenge. I'm still open to significant revisions, so please give your honest opinions and tell me how I can improve this piece. Thanks!

Title: Temptations: Part One- Memories
Pairing (s): EdxLust, EdxEnvy, hints of LustxScar
Rating: R
Summary: Lust try to seduce Ed into disclosing information about the Philosopher's Stone, but finds her mind distracted by images of her past
Spoliers: Only if you don't know about Lust's

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A Fullmetal Christmas Carol, Part III

I keep being amazed at how quickly the holidays are passing this year. Time just flew since the beginning of December. I'm not even in a country that celebrates Christmas as I know it...but there are still plenty of decorations and trees around, which at least reminds me to post more...


Title: A Fullmetal Christmas Carol
Rating: PG for profanity and spookiness
Genre: SEASONAL!! ^_^ Also humor, drama, angst, and a bit of romance.
Spoilers: Up to around Episode 30 or so.
Beta Readers: csakuras, niwatorimegami, kawree
Summary: "Hang on!" Mustang shouted, holding out his hands in a plea as his boots skidded across the rug. "I can't go out there like this! I'm not a spirit! I'll fall and break my neck!" Woken from a sound sleep by the first of his three visitors, Roy barely has time to get his feet under him before he's dragged off for a remedial lesson on his own early years...

Previous Chapters
Part 1 - Bah Humbug!"
Part 2 - A Visit From An Old Friend"


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[CM] Hotch incongruity

update to "Vengeance"

Hey all,

Chapter 5 of Vengeance is posted.

Title: Vengeance
Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: When two year old Elysia Hughes is abducted and her father injured, Gracia turns to Colonel Mustang for help. When Roy arrives in Central, he himself pitted against a criminal who will stop at nothing to satiate his thirst for revenge. [WIP]
Chapter Five: Meet the bad guys...


Only posted to ffn, for now. Previous chapters can, of course, be found there as well.

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where's my crack

GWF part 53

Series Title: Games Without Frontiers
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters:Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye
Other Characters: Maes & Gracia Hughes, Edward & Alphonse Elric, Jean Havoc

Synopsis: The one word she’d been dying to say finally crossed her lips and broke the silence with a note of relief

Spoilers: There may be quite a few spoilers interwoven into the next chapters that relate to the end of the anime. I’m not using them as they actually are in the anime, but as they relate to the crack theories developed in this story.

Author's Notes: Completely AU. My own little private timeline; my own private little world. Yeah, and, just to add, my own little crackpot theories. Sometimes I will succumb to unabashed canon rape, but then Crack has issues like that. He’s in therapy, but there’s a long road ahead for him. Nothing else related to any episode of any kind, except the usage of the character(s) in question, though some events in some episodes will be woven in as artistic license warrants. Commentary is certainly welcome and tends to make me go “whee!”

Part 53:And Firey Demons All Dance When You Walk Through That Door
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"Oh Havoc"

Title: "Oh Havoc"
Author: hola_meg_a_cola
Rating: PG-13
Sch-warning: Mmm, nothing too bad.
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Setting: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. It belongs to Arakawa-sensei.
Summary: [Oneshot] [RoyAi] [Past HavocAi] "When she had said that she had previously dated Havoc, he couldn’t help but be jealous."
Author's Notes: This was inspired from ceasefire's recent openness of her love for HavocAi.
Feedback: It's always welcomed.

”Oh Havoc”
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Beta plz

I hope desperately this is not off topic. I could use a beta for my FMA fanfiction. Not particularly picky; just for right now, anyone who I could post/mail my stuff to and they can pick out mostly spelling errors. (Maybe it's an artistic quirk; but spellcheckers drive me nucking futs. I often use made up words, or just terminology (Like much of that in the FMA vocabulary) that most dictionaries don't recognize, so even with my proclivity to typos and not caring to read my own work thoroughly, I don't care for using them.)

I mostly write... anything... lotsa gen, little bit of everypairing but incest, and stuff (and no smut ever, so no worries there.)

Anyone interested? I wouldn't mind just having a few friendly names to know; fellows who are on often and could be depended on for a quick lil' beta-ing. Kthx!