December 6th, 2005

Dante/Roze Photoshoot

Laendler: Part Two "Mistaken Identity"

Title: Laendler
Chapter Title: Mistaken Identity
Rating (this part):: NC-17
Rating (overall): NC-17
Warnings (this part): NCS, shota, yaoi
Warnings (overall): NCS, shota, yuri, yaoi
Pairing: Mainly WinryRiza with RoyAl and implied RoyEd
Summary (this part): As Havoc drove Al to the Fuhrer
’s residence, the boy seemed to lose part of the light in his eyes; the jovial grin he had worn so well over the past month as a carefree child vanished as the ten-year-old stared woodenly at the rapidly disappearing military scenery.
Summary (overall): The automail changed everything. Her tactics at the shooting range to how she viewed the world.
Word Count: 4813

This is being betaed but I'm posting it now because I'm on crack.

Part Zero "Predictable"
Part One "Reasonable Grounds"

I promise this is a yuri fic. Well, it will be in a couple of chapters. *points to Part Zero, wut!*

( "Mistaken Identity" [Fake Cut] )
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wow, I actually am posting something here! ^_^;

I've been lurking here for a while, debating on ever posting fic, but since I did a drabble for fma500 that received no feedback, I decided I would post it here as well.

Title: Dive to Blue
Author: Kitana
Warnings: PG-13; implied Roy x Ed; Roy’s fingertips are cold, freezing, and almost dead to sensation. 388 words. Slight movie spoilers... I guess.
For: fma500 theme #35 - frostbite
(fakey cut to my writing journal)
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i come with gifts! okay not really but i do come with a simple flash animation! Of Ed, Al, ...and a way contains spoilers i think, i used Blue Bird Illusions charactors so i'm not sure if theres spoilers or not...ether way just to be safe...

Click here for Animation


A Fullmetal Christmas Carol, Part II

You like it! You really like it! Or so it would seem...and I'm so glad. XD Continuing steadily with updates as promised, here's another chapter of...


Title: A Fullmetal Christmas Carol
Rating: PG for profanity and spookiness
Genre: SEASONAL!! ^_^ Also humor, drama, angst, and a bit of romance.
Spoilers: Up to around Episode 30 or so.
Beta Readers: csakuras, niwatorimegami, kawree
Summary: The growing awareness of a weird clanking noise coming from somewhere out in the hallway didn't bother him in the slightest. And the shrieking of the wind outside was of course merely a part of the growing snowstorm, and had nothing to do with the way he rapidly finished off his brandy... Our boy Roy gets an unexpected visitor at an entirely unreasonable time of night, with a message that could change his life...or just whiten his hair.

Previous Chapters
Part 1 - Bah Humbug!"


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not my jurisdiction

"That's not it!" "Where'd she learn that rubbish?" "It doesn't even start with 'I wish'!"

Textless icons are NOT bases. Don't alter them.
No hotlinking.

Resources are here.

12x Quotes
11x Fullmetal Alchemist
10x Labyrinth
1x Chobits
1x Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

"Say your right words," the goblins said. "And we'll take the baby to the Goblin City, and you will be free."
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More Gift Tags!

I saw someone elses post here this weeked with gift tags, and thought I'd make some for the fun of it (and allowing me to blow of school work ^^; )

Samurai Champloo x 1
Inu-Yasha x 4
Fullmetal Alchemist x 5

(This is sooo an LJ-cut...)

x-posted here and in my journal
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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>


A few weeks ago I came across this name decoder: and procceeded to make crack with it (what else would I do with it?).

So here are 13 name decoder icons featuring FMA characters (their names anyway). Honestly I don't blame you if you think they're dumb, lol.

If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about just click on the lj-cut and find out for yourself!


Cyborg: 4
Romance: 4

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