December 4th, 2005

Nascar//In Overdrive

Ficlet/Fan Art

I got bored and drew a doodle. Then I decided to write a drabble explaining this doodle. Which ended up not really being a drabble at all. More of a ficlet I guess. You'll see.

Title: Comisseration
Author: cold_sapphire
Characters: Kimbley, Roy Mustang
Pairings: Implied RoyxKimbley?
Rating: PG
Word Count: 438
Summary: Just another night in Ishbal I suppose.

(Can there really be sympathy between killers?)
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Roy - Is the Smex

Drabble: On Stealing (Yaoi)

I had vowed to do a more serious fic, but ended up doing another short!crack!Drabble. Sorry! ^_^;;

Title: On Stealing
Pairing: Havok x (Secret!) (Yaoi)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: As said, a short and silly crack drabble.
Summary: Havok fears Roy is going to steal this lover too. Roy disagrees.

( "No, Sir. I was just sayin' that it's er... sort of your habit, you know?" (Fake Cut) )

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A Fullmetal Christmas Carol, Part I

Having been struck with a mighty inspiration, I have spent my weekend ficcing madly, and therefore bring you my first new fanfiction in several weeks. And it is...


Title: A Fullmetal Christmas Carol
Rating: PG for profanity and spookiness
Genre: SEASONAL!! ^_^ Also humor, drama, angst, and a bit of romance.
Spoilers: Up to around Episode 30 or so.
Beta Readers: csakuras, niwatorimegami, kawree
Summary: Yes, the Mustang of the holidays was a cold, cruel man, a tight-fisted man, a man known to send sparks scurrying up the hallway to shut up any outbursts of caroling within his hearing distance... It's Christmas in Central City, and Roy is in a foul mood and doing his best to ruin the holiday for everybody else. It may take a little supernatural intervention to reshape his view of the season...but hey, isn't that what old friends are for?

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image request!

Does any one have a version of this Al picture with out all the writing? Anything will do.
And can someone tell me how to credit icons? I have know idea how to do it^^;

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((I'm new so I hope it's okay to do this^^;))
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Screencap request - I know I'm annoying.

Would anyone happen to have any caps of Hughes and Roy together, Annoyingly I've lent my DVD's out so I can't remember which images exactly I wanted. I'm perfectly happy with any from episode 25 though. And any others where itl ooksl ike the two of them are comforting each other somehow.

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Pokémon // eevee winter
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Icon pimpage~

Just one non-fancy icon from a recently posted plate thingy.. today was the first snow of the season in NJ and it makes me happy so this icon is appropriate. X3

Please credit if you take. ♥
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Ed cosplay pics... *sees forks being thrown at her*

Don't shoot me for posting my ed cosplay pics but I've seen someone once made it so here goes nothing ^^; oh and yeah it's my first time ^^;; I forgot the belt -____- and the wig got messed up so I had to use my hair instead x___x

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dont call me shrimp plz. I heard way too many ppl say that today >.<. have more pics but they need to be retouched and damn photobucket making them look small bah.

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artemis; credit to: &lt;lj user=aamalie&gt;


It feels like forever since I last posted something. Get a little more organized and I'll post something different (still crack though).

On an off note, anyone know any good 'character generators'? Like the South Park character generator? If I knew about some I'd go FMA crack crazy, lol.

Anyway, on to the crack!


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Hello Minna-san! ^^

For my first post I bring you... crack fanart! I'm not the best artist, but I wanted to try something new. I hope you all enjoy!

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Fifteen Icons


1 Alphonse/Winry (Pairing or non)
2 Riza
1 Russell
1 Fletcher
1 Salim
2 Roy/Edward (Pairing)
1 Edward
1 Fletcher/Al (Pairing)
1 Fletcher/Russel (Paring or non)
1 Trisha
3 Group (three or more cast members)

Warning: Spoilers for the end of the anime series


Image hosted by

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Comment, Credit, Enjoy!

(don't forget, more fandoms in my icon journal *points to name*)
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N00b with fic gift!

I've been lurking around a bit, sakurazuka_mori let me know about this comm...way back. Oh, she's also posted some of the FMA dialogue crack we sometimes write.

I promise this is nothing similar.

Title: Curiosity Killed The Cat
Credit: Thanks to Patty for thinking up of the title and requesting this fic, thanks to Okamihoshi for letting me know about Alfons' name-spelling.
Pairing: Alfons H/Alphonse E. Alphonse will be reffered to as 'Al' to limit confusion.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: MOVIE SPOILERS!!! Light bondage, dubious consent in some places, smut from someone who can't write smut worth shit. XD Total PWP. Possibly a bit OOC? *shrug*
Word Count: 7,417
Notes: Feel free to critique and the lot, first time writing a PWP so...I don't know what the heck I'm doing.

This is a link. It goes to my LJ. Yay.