December 1st, 2005

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Doujinshi Scans - The Will of Morios

(Note: I didn't see anything against it, but then I didn't see any for it either, so tell me if this isn't allowed.)

Wheeee, two books in three nights (other can be found here)! x____x;; It won't happen tomorrow or the night after

Title: メビウスの遺言 The will of MORIOS
Circle: Aurora Vision
Pairings: none-what-so-ever. Well, just a little allusion to Hoho/Trisha. This is purely brotherly love between Ed and Al.
Comments: Pre-series, no spoilers unless you know NOTHING of the boy's back story (and if you don't, what are you waiting for!? Go watch/read the series! XD). Only wish it wasn't a 'tbc'... Also, if anyone knows if the sequel is out, could you pass me the news? thx!

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[fic] Little Lab of Horrors

Title: Little Lab of Horrors
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Tentacle rape, torture (I got five consecutive "ouches" from beta readers) somewhat cracky
Pairings: None, OCxEd
Author's Notes: I'd like to apologize to my college's Dean of Students, a very nice, hardworking man who sacrificed his name to give life to this OC.

( It all fell into place from this new perspective; the towering pillar rising up from the pit was a tree trunk, one of the bizarre, twisted specimens he'd seen when he'd first entered the lab. )

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Smut -- I mean Fic -- dump

Here are two very different but kinky fics. The first is a continuation of a series of smut fics from several months back.

TITLE: Center of Attention (Contracts Cycle part 3.1)
PAIRING: Roy x Ed x Al
WARNINGS: AU. Bondage, dubious consent, cross dressing and a variety of other kinks. Brotherly fighting.

WORD COUNT: Omg! 10,000 words!!! (ok, 9922 but pretty damn close.)

Previous parts:
Part1.0 The Third Rule Roy/Ed
Part 1.1 Revenge Roy/Ed
Part 1.2 Good Clean Fun Roy/Ed
Part 2.0 Marigold Roy/Al
Part 2.1 Betrayal Roy/Al
Part 3.0 Roy's Turn Roy/Ed/Al

All parts are NC-17, and kinky.

( "What did you do with Al?")

The second is Het, but lest anyone think I might be normal, the pairing is a wee bit unusual.

TITLE: Unhealthy Desires
PAIRING: Riza x Human!Barry the Chopper
WARNING: Consensual PWP with a side of WTF. Discussion of bloodplay, torture and snuff. Kinky. Squick. Not brain safe.

(Barry was unworthy of her lowest attentions.)

Obviously, my fics are not for everyone (some may say they aren't for ANYONE), so be warned, WAFF this ain't. Not even remotely.
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2 Free User S1 Layouts - Ed&Al and spoilerish!Envy

It was just pointed out to me that I had two layouts that I never posted. I have concluded that I have the memory span of a goldfish. *cough* Anyway - Two Free User S1 Layouts. These layouts have been tested in IE, Firefox & Opera. Details and coding can be found in the links below the pictures.

Preview for young Alphonse and Edward layout:
Free Image Hosting at

Coding for above layout can be found here.

Free Image Hosting at

Coding for above layout can be found here. *Contains end of anime/movie spoilers for Envy*

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[Author] Mara D (Watarisgirl/Lady Jade)
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] RoyxEd
[Rating] Not work safe. NC17
[Beta] cherrymelle
[Spoilers?] Yes. It's fairly AU. My take on the end of the series, The movie doesn't exist at all for me.
[Chatter] Well, so we have reached the end. At least, of this story. There are loose ends, and I realize this. This is because I am planning a sequal. A misbehaven sequal that has the possibilities of an RoyxEdxAl. Apparently I am discontent with only the usual levels of hell I exist in. Eh, enough about that though. I have no definite plot ideas for what's coming next. So...enjoy this rather short but fluffy ending?


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Follow Me; A Roy/Riza Fan OST

Myself, kuchenhexe and kawree recently constructed a Royai Fan Album for fanmix. It contains 23 songs by various artists, and we feel all of these songs pertain to their relationship. If you want to see the fruits of our labour, please click the link below! Thanks! :D

Follow Me - A Roy/Riza Fan OST

Please comment if you take any of the songs or the entire album.

PS: you'll need to join the comm to see the post, since all songposts are supposed to be locked for copyright and legal reasons anyhow. Click here to join the Fanmix community!

please enjoy~! ♥

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GWF part 48

Series Title: Games Without Frontiers
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters:Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye
Other Characters: Maes & Gracia Hughes, Edward & Alphonse Elric, Jean Havoc

Synopsis: And who did he think he was to believe that he could sit in that chair and control the entirety of the military, perhaps the entire government of his country?

Spoilers: There may be quite a few spoilers interwoven into the next chapters that relate to the end of the anime. I’m not using them as they actually are in the anime, but as they relate to the crack theories developed in this story.

Author's Notes: Completely AU. My own little private timeline; my own private little world. Yeah, and, just to add, my own little crackpot theories. Sometimes I will succumb to unabashed canon rape, but then Crack has issues like that. He’s in therapy, but there’s a long road ahead for him. Nothing else related to any episode of any kind, except the usage of the character(s) in question, though some events in some episodes will be woven in as artistic license warrants. Commentary is certainly welcome and tends to make me go “whee!”

Part 48: They Live for Him and What He Believes - Rating: PG
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Cookie help

I'm in need of some help.

For Christmas I want to make my friends cookies shaped liked Ed, Roy, and Al. I want to model the cookies after pics, since I know they'll come out better that way, and my mom said they'll have to be fairly simple.

So I was wondering, and suggestions on pics?

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[adult swim] FMA timeslot changes starting in January

The weeknight reruns have been reduced from 4-a-week to 3-a-week as of this week... and starting in January, they may go down to 0-a-week.

In the midst of the [adult swim] changes in the lineup come January 2, the weeknight FMA reruns at 1am ET will be replaced by Lupin III. 12:30am ET becomes a rotating timeslot, while 1:30am ET goes to s-CRY-ed. On Saturdays, the nice, cushy lead-off timeslot that FMA had at 11pm ET/2am ET is gone after December 17; FMA is pre-empted for 2 weeks, and then starting January 7 FMA moves to 12 midnight ET/3am ET.

This is not a good move, IMO. On the one hand, regular viewers will be relieved not to see re-runs of previous episodes during the weeknights; on the other hand, newer viewers will be totally lost not having seen the first half of the series. Also the 11pm timeslot on Saturdays was really nice, soft, and cushy, 'cause it didn't conflict with things like SNL and other Saturday night stuff you watch late night.... with it moving to 12 midnight ET, it's just not going to get as many viewers as it could.

We'll see how this goes. After all, FMA did fine without weeknight reruns the first time around (just that Thursday encore broadcast of the previous weekend's episode)...