November 17th, 2005

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[fic] Bathtime

Because chiharu_octavia bunnied me with her Tringhams as little children fanfic and I had to write one of my own. Their mother is all my creation. Feel free to borrow her, if you like, but return whole and recognizable if you do.

Title: Bathtime
Rating: G
Pairing: None.
Summary: “I gave them dinner and washed their hair. You can put their pajamas on and put them to bed.”

(Bethany Tringham loved her sons, she really did. They were the greatest things she’d ever done.)
Sex God

FanART request.

Anyone who can draw me Envy as a Turk from FFVII is my hero and will get lots of love...

This is my vision of Envy the Turk as I am playing him at FallOfJupiter (LJ Comm)

Blue pants that fit just right.

Black military boots

Blue Zipper suit caot tied around waist by sleeve.

Formal white undershirt on body but unbuttoned.

Anyone who can draw this will be my hero!!!!!!!
APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky
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Two Edward and Alphonse LJ layouts

Behind this fake cut are two Edward and Alphonse layouts for S1. Anyone may use this layout, as it was designed with free users in mind.

A few rules.
-Credit me on in your user info.
-Comment if you're using
-Don't mess around with the code if you don't know how to code a livejournal. Results can be nasty.

( Tell me with the rapture and the
reverent in the right - right. You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright
light, feeling pretty psyched. )
Girl - Naughty Girl

Ficlet: Too Much of a Good Thing (Al x Ed)

Trying something different today! Hope it's not awful!

Title: Too Much of a Good Thing
Pairing: Elricest (Al x Ed)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluffy humor, little else.
Beta: None so far. T_T
Summary: Ed discovers that one can have too much of a good thing! And that Al can completely pwn him, but he already knew that. ^_^
For: liete, as part of our trade, a late birthday present, and in hopes it makes you feel better soon! Get healthy again!

( Good morning, Brother! (Fake Cut) )

X-posted to elricest, fma_yaoi, and fm_alchemist
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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

Harry Potter/FMA crack

In celebration of the 4th HP movie coming out tommorow, I made these body edits. Beware, some edits are crappy beyond all reason.

However, I have found that Ed looks damn sexy in glasses, lol.

And keep in mind this is crap, not all of these had a lot of thought put into them.

I'd also like to thank everyone who helped me out with this, you were all a great help!

Only slight spoilers if you don't know about Wrath


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