November 13th, 2005

Tada!, Ed tada!
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Youmacon Report

Zrana went to Youmacon, and there IS some info on FMA hidden in it.

Okay, I won't make you dig. Vic and Caitlin (mainly Vic, cuz he's so much more boistrous XD) told people how Funi has sent a request to Aniplex for permission to add his Fullmetal Fantasy as a DVD extra somewhere along the line (cross your fingers!). And also, aniplex is wanting to do a THEATRICAL release of the movie when it's put out in English.

And if the 2nd PS2 game doesn't sell better, we might not get the 3rd game released here. No news on Dream Carnival though. (The referred to the 3rd game as Dream Carnival, but we explained how there's a 3rd RP game that is a sequel to Broken Angel, and Dream Carnival is the fighter game--and there were talking about the 3rd RP game.)

For those going, wha huh eh, Vic=English Ed, and Caitlin=English Winry. Figured I say that just to be on the safe side.

Edit: Mind you, a theatrical release could be a VERY limited release. (And seems the most likely to me as well.)

Edit2: screened some stuff cuz I started talking about a business thingie that I was told not to talk publicly about. Oops.
Dante/Roze Photoshoot

Apples, NC-17 EdRoy (Devotions Universe)

Title: Apples
Pairings: EdRoy
Rating: NC-17 (may I say PWP?)
Word Count: 3099
Summary: “I love you, Edward,” he said softly. “But I want the first time we make love since you came back to be while you’re sober.”

A/N This is a subtle tribute to a few things. This is set in the Devotions universe, but is about ten and a half years before Devotions. This is a tribute to my mother and father and their marriage proposal. This is also my silent misery at the fact that Prop 2 passed in Texas. So I wrote porn.

( Apples [Fake Cut] )
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Jean Havoc Trading Arts Figure

A Jean Havoc Trading Arts figure will be featured in Gangan Trading Arts Vol. 1 (along with 6 other Gangan comic character figurines) due out in Japan at the end of December. This figure is similar to the FMA figures that were in the Trading Arts Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 lines. It is unknown if Havoc will be featured in any upcoming FMA Trading Arts collections, but it looks like this is the only place to get him for the time being.

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Important Dub News

This is for those who're following the dub. In case this hasn't been said before, FMA will now airing at 11:00pm EST starting next Saturday.

Again, FMA will be on at 11:00pm, not 11:30pm next Saturday. The new InuYasha episodes have ended and FMA will be taking its place.

[adult swim] Saturday's line-up is as followed, starting next week:

11:00pm - Fullmetal Alchemist
11:30pm - Samurai Champloo
12:00am - Boondocks
12:30am - Ghost in the Shell
01:00am - s-CRY-ed
01:30am - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Array [Riza Hawkeye]
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Attention all roleplayers~

I've been mostly lurking in this commuity for, I don't know, over a year and a half, and I really don't usually have anything to contribute. I'll comment every once in a while, but that's about it. Sad, isn't it? ;_;

Anyway, I've finally got something to add to our fandom, and that is another roleplay~ ♥

A few weeks ago, I came up with the idea to make narukorp. It's a Naruto roleplay with reversed genders. We have been having so much fun there that I've decided to also make one for FMA.


As of right now, we have the Elric sisters and that's it. The community is set up and ready to take applications. There is no set timeline yet, but once I'm able to discuss it further with my partner in crime co-mod, I'm sure we'll decide. ^_^

The userinfo is still under construction, but the only thing left to add/change is the character table. We plan to do it in the same way we have it at Narukorp.

I hope to see this community grow and thrive~


I will now return you to your originally scheduled community. :3
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Searching for an episode

Erm, I must confess right upfront that I never finished watching the anime. Even thought I'd love to watch the arc where Roy's rebllion unfolds... I just couldn't make it past episode 26. Apparently nothing stuck to memory. Thanks to lorei for answering my first question.

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Sorry, for being such a beggar. If this post is against the rules, I'll delete it. ;_;

(no subject)

Out of curiousity, I was wondering and wanted an estimate of which you perfer:

Do you perfer the manga or the anime better? And why?

If this is asked often or not allowed, let me know and I'll delete this entrie or go ahead and delete it.

In my opinion, I like the anime, but much rather perfer the manga due to events that have occured. I like how the manga is evening out much more then how the anime has. As well as character development. :D
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Doctor/Rose 1950s
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On crack and pairings - Edited! (contains SPOILERS)




Yup, says it right there... Hence I shall present you with this crack-ified icon and of course a little bit more crack on my standings about FMA pairings.

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(no subject)

[Title] Written
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] EdxAl (No real mention of it yet, but it’s coming.)
[Rating] R so far.
[Beta] vwl
[Spoilers?] Yes. AU. Picks up after the series ends. The movie can bite my butt because it doesn't exist as far as I am concerned. I am also Taking a few tiny liberties with series facts, but should not be that obvious.
[Chatter] This is an experiment. It could go wildly wrong, or I could love it to pieces. Hard to tell which yet. Angsty Alphonse warning. This is a little plot bunny of mine, wondering just how much I can push Alphonse until he becomes like his brother in behavior and temperament. My Al is going a little off the deep end, but that’s okay. I think that once he sees Ed again and punches him in the eye, everything should be okay. ^_^

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More chapter 53 icons!

I jumped on the bandwagon and made just a few Chapter 53 icons. These were done while I was listening to Atomship, so naturally the lyrics ended up on the icons. XD

Total Icons: 6
[2] Alphonse
[2] Edward
[1] Furher King Bradley
[1] Ed/Al


Spoilers for Chapter 53, obviously.

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FMA Fic - 2,000 Miles - Chapter 1

The open road is a great place for two people to bond.

Title: 2,000 Miles
Summary: Two thousand miles and more ghosts than that to haunt them.
Pairing: EdwardxWinry.
SpoilersPost series, so yeah. A little bit of an alternate ending. No movie though. Doesn't even exist.
Rating PG - NC-17 This chapter: PG
FMA does not belong to me and I make no profit from any of these tales. Any further archiving of my fiction is strictly prohibited unless cleared by me.

“I need to go.”
where's my crack

[fic] The Gentle Persuasion, Prologue

Series Title: The Gentle Persuasion
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters: Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang
Other Characters: Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc

Synopsis: Winry is forced to face something she’d avoided for a long time. But, is it actually what she believed it to be?

Author's Notes: Completely AU. Pieces of anime and manga interwoven as needed for artistic license. This starts roughly after the end of the anime. We’re just going to pretend that the movie NEVER existed, okay? Just for those who have their squick meters on high and are preparing to scream...Winry’s age at the beginning of this is 18 and Roy is 32.

Disclaimer: We all know I don’t own FMA or its characters. Just thought I’d finally say that. Thanks to The Lady and The Legend for creating such a wonderful world to play in.

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Roy/Ed Fic: NC-17

Title: Down the Cooking Aisle
Author: destinydivine
Category: Smut, Fluff
Pairing(s): Roy/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: language, smut, NOT WORKSAFE!!
Spoilers: none
Disclaimers: I own nothing
Summary: sex in libraries.  That’s about it.
Dedication: to astizya.  I blame her for this...this thing!!  ^__^
Notes: born form the funniest crack conversation I’ve ever been involved in.
Word Count: 2,256

Location Was Not the Issue Here

Lemme know if the link doesn't work.
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His first name intrigues and bothers me. I happen to find 'Maes' a terribly orgasmic name [excuse the language] but I just can't figure out its origins.
Havoc's first name is obviously French, Breda [Heymans, right?] German etc. How about Maes? Anyone has an idea which country this name originates from? At some point I thought it was German, but it just doesn't sound right. >_> [and I read it sometimes transcribed as 'Mars' -which is perfectly fine- but the official spelling is still Maes, right?]

I know, I'm too curious and asking a lot of useless questions. Someone kick me on the nads and I'll stop.
Naruto - Minato - Gwyn
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This is what heppens when me and my friend have booze, (mostly me cause I'm legal)

Uuum, HI! remember me? I brought you crack the last time I was here. and guess what?

Yup! I bring you more of this addicting drug!

(BTW, this is mostly FMA related, but there are bits of Petshop of Horrors and very slight InuYasha in it so, dunno if that's okay...?)


this is utter crack and I urge you to RUN FOR THE FUCKING HILLS BEFORE IT GETS YOU


thewolfplush AKA co-conspirator: ....I dont think ANYone can enjoy that.
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