October 10th, 2005


Song request

I apologize if this has been asked already, but does anyone know where I can find an MP3/torrent of the non-instrumental version of Kyoudai (Brothers)? I'm missing the first soundtrack, and I don't know if that's on it or not... so if anyone knws where I can find a torrent of that soundtrack (the Hagaren Songfiles would be nice, too, since I only have Al's).

Torrents optional, but I'd really like to get that song. The only versions I have of it are intsrumental, and I love the words to it, but can't find it anywhere.

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I looked through the memories and didn't find this(unless I didn't look good enough), but...

Does anyone have an image of a background without any characters in it? For example:
Roy's office, without Roy(or any of his subordinates) in it. ^^U Thanks a bunches.


Does anyone know what the title for the background music in the Roy/Ed cosplay smex flash (zomg they have smex EVERYWHERE >.>), and where I can find the sheet music for it?


- EDIT -

ZOMG no one's helping at all! XD But I'm getting some amusing feedback for sharing the link, so you're all quite welcome. XD >.>
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Lovely Dean

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Greetings my lovelies, and how are you this fine october morning? I bring to you a few things I had laying around the harddrive, I hope you don't mind. It's simple really...comments are adored, credit is not needed and hotlinking makes us twitch in unpleasant ways. But if you think you can deal with all of that, this is what I have for you...

Includes Chapter 52 Manga icons, could be spoilery to some.

Teaserly things:

(Be Gentle, they're sensitive)
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My first cosplay =3

I cosplayed as Movie!Aru yesterday at an event here in my country, Super Dimensional Anime Expo 2005.
It was really fun, but everybody kept mistaking me with Edo, lol XD

My Boyfriend took some pics of me and other friends of mine who were also cosplaying ^^
(Follow the pics to my journal!!)
Warning: The post is graphic intensive! Spoilers for Movie!Aru's appearance XP
Mugatu ♬ what seems to be the problem

Fic haul <3

In my not-so-spare time, I managed to whip up these bunnies that had been floating around in my head since forever. Please note that I don't write fics on a regular basis, nor am I a writer, so... yeah. That's my excuse if they suck. xD

Got three of 'em here. Not fake-cutted, because I'm just lazy like that. :P

Title: Forever
Characters: Mainly Gracia and Hughes, Elysia for a paragraph or two
Rating: G (It's fluff to the extreme)
Word count: 940
Summary: Hughes spends some quality time at home. No spoilers.

Collapse )

Title: In These Times
Characters: Roy, Havoc, Kimbley
Rating: R (language, blood, violence (This is no Saving Private Ryan, but it's not all fluffy-happy either... T_T))
Word count: 2,400
Summary: Roy and Havoc witness more than they care to see during their time in the war, and they get a short lecture from Kimbley on the meaning of war. Takes place near the beginning of the Ishbal War. No spoilers.

Collapse )

Title: In My Head
Characters: Ed, Al, Roy
Rating: PG (F-bomb dropped twice)
Word count: 1,491
Summary: Ed goes for a walk around HQ after the Tucker incident, and runs into Roy, who gives him a little advice.

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If any of this applys to you (or not)please comment

Warning this contains spoilers... sorry if anyone saw this w/out the warning....i was typing alot so i must of forgot.

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dn - mello

(no subject)

Hey. I have posted link to this fanart some time ago, but it had undergone some editing, so I though it will be okay to show it again... Criticism is welcome ^^ ...and yes, I know that his legs are too long, but trying to correct it only made it look worse, so...

Anyway, here is the link. Enjoy?
[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

VGCats Icons!

Guess what? I'm hoppin' on the VGCats FMA strip icon bandwagon! ^^

I only got two icons, so no real need for a cut! ;)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Artwork credits go to: Scott Ramsoomair, author of VGCats.com ^^
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PETS Chapter 11

I finally wrote Chapter 11 for PETS. I know, I know, it's been like a month since the last installment. My bad.

TITLE: PETS Chapter 11
PAIRINGS: Kimbly/Archer, Sloth/Some nameless disposable OC.
WARNINGS: Non-con. Off camera snuff (Gah I tried. Sloth is just too evil.), Emotional blackmail. Voyeurism. Violence. I think that's it. Tell me if I missed anything.
SPOILERS: (Anime) Pride's secret identity.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

(Few commanders would want to work with Kimbly.)

"Rewrite" OP debut in November

Don't know if anyone have posted this information (if so, please delete this post), but Adult Swim will change FMA's opening from "READY STEADY GO!" to "Rewrite" in November to promote Asian Kung-fu Generation's CD & DVD release in the US. Here is the partial article:

"Lastly, as Full Metal Alchemist fans know, L'arc en Ciel has had a unfair monopoly on the show's opening since it first aired on Cartoon Network. That will soon change in November when AKG's song Rewrite will finally play!"

For more information on this new or the band, go to akfgfan.com and click on "Tofu is releasing Sol-Fa!" or Tofu Records. Very exciting news! ^.^v

FYI, the CD is going to be released next week (Oct. 18).

*EDIT* http://img450.imageshack.us/img450/1499/akfguscdflyer3tl.jpg <- flier from Tofu Records.
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  • starza

Okay, here goes nothing... Need fanfic recs!

On my website, I currently have a section for fanfic recommendations. Right now, the only anime that is really up there is Yami no Matsuei, as that was a fandom I dabbled in for a while.

And now I've been thinking about putting a FMA rec section up. Only, I'd like some help on it. ^_^;;

Currently, I'm going through old posts, memories of random communities for fanfiction, and recs from my own friends but I think asking on the main community by members would give me a better scope on pairings, genres, etc that my friends don't cover.

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And that's about it! Hope to see lots of fanfics to fill up my rec list with! ^_^ *Goes back into lurkdom*
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where&#39;s my crack

Games Without Frontiers, Chapter Six

These two talk way too much.

Series Title: Games Without Frontiers
Rating: NC-17 (finally!)
Main characters: Riza Hawkeye; Roy Mustang

Synopsis: What people do on their own time is their own business, right? Especially when it involves a big bowl of steaming crack, a little black dress, a sling shot, a key and a cigarette, a cup and a saucer, a bandage and a towel.

Author's Notes: AU. Nothing else related to any episode of any kind, except the usage of the character(s) in question. Commentary is certainly welcome.

Part Six: A Guy Like You Should Wear a Warning
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