September 28th, 2005

I am the fool - GKC

Long time lurker, first time ficcer

I have been lurking this community, as well as other FMA journals, for a while now. Post a few comments, read a ton of fics, you know the drill. Never thought I've ever actaully have something to share.

Well, this was inspired in a haze of sinus-induced sleep-sickness. A single scene that is in the following story played so strongly in my head while I laid in this half-sleep, that I literally jumped out of bed and started typing it out furiously. From 15 words yelled in my dream, this thing has expanded into what will be a three parter. I'm not really sure where this came from, or how it came to be, but I'm rather shocked and proud of it, and hopefully you kind readers will think well of it.

I present the first part.

Title: The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Roy Mustang, State AlchemistPart 1: The Rise
Pairing: *sweats* as if I haven't made this story long enough! It's long enough! no. Pairing free.
Rating: PG

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[fic] 'South of the River, East of the Sun' (Ed/Ling, PG-13)

Title: South of the River, East of the Sun
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed/Ling
Spoilers: None unless you don't know who Ling is.
Summary: The first time they met, Ed had no idea who he was. That was refreshing and amusing, so Ling pretended he had no idea who the blond was either. It wasn’t like he had been getting Ran Fan to track the Elric brothers as soon as he got wind of their presence in Xing. Nope, nothing of the sort. Ed's obsession with his brother's cure claims yet another unwitting victim. Set loosely in the same AU-verse as Everything You Want, read that first if you want the full experience, so to speak.
Notes: To give myself a break from the unrelenting plot-fest that is my Ed/Roy fic, and out of the goodness of my heart, of course I decided to write sky_dark some Ling/Ed…or rather, Ed/Ling. Angsty Ed/Ling. Yep, you read that right.

( If he hadn’t been broken by the pressure of his own intense dedication and guilt, he had at least bent in strange and frightening ways. )

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Lovely Dean

Coup D'etat of Adolescence

Here is a contest fic I entered at steelandsparks. My theme was Proving His Independence and I was on Team Fluff. What this really comes across to me like is the Long Lost Mini-Chapter of The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher XD You guys tell me what you think.

Title: Coup D'etat of Adolescence
Pairing: RoyxEd
Warnings: No Spoilers
Rating: PG
Summary: Rebellion comes in all forms

(Coup D'etat of Adolescence)
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[Legend of  Zelda] Camouflage

It's amazing what you can find when you're bored...(FMA downloads)

I was browsing the [adult swim] site a few days ago, and I came upon some interesting FMA downloads.
This link has a 4 part Q & A interview with Chris Patton, Greg Ayres, Michael Sinterniklaas, Mike McFarland and Tiffany Grant. It's pretty interesting.
This link just has downloads of clips of each episode that has aired. (And a clip from the episode that will air the following Saturday!)

Sorry if anyone else already made an entry like this. Just wanted to share this with all of you. ^^
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Motherland (english) mp3

Fellow procrastinators, I bring you another recording.

Motherland (English)
(with accompaniment)

English lyrics by tobu_ishi.

I really like this song a lot more now that I know what it's saying and have sung it so many times. It's also made me like Winry a lot more. ♥ Must be hard having to wait for Ed all the time and then, of course, pretend to be mad when he shows up unexpectedly. ^^ ( More comments under this fake cut )

Again, tell me if you can't download it! ^^
Asch; Smirk; grin

The Alchemist's Tale

OMG! ok for those who remember my post on "The Alchemist" that was due for my English Class, she wants us to make our characters tell a story!! *legasps* These characters aren't original though!! << crap. oh well I'm stuck with Ed and Al so I might as well get it over with. Ep 1 and 2 based.

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I had to rush at the end, becuase I already went way over the required lines. (40 Lines, but mine's 94 Lines @_@) I hope it turned out alright. ^^

Does anyone else have this problem?

So I bought this necklace at the PMX convention a few weeks ago (for half the price, wheee), and though I love it, I am also exceedingly annoyed by the comments it seems to generate. I'm pleased it's a conversation starter, but when people inevitably say 'Ooh, nice pentagram' or worse ' that a pentagram?' and I reply 'Actually, it's a symbol from my favourite anime series' the blank stares (or condescending ones!) are really just so vexing. I guess I shouldn't go on to say things like 'it's an Alchemic array' or try to explain that a Flamel is 'just like the Cauduceus for medicine, except with one snake' thinking they might actually understand that one. Alas, no. Blank, patronizing smiles are all that I receive, even after attempting to enlighten their ignorant little minds. Le sigh. ;-)

Of course, sometimes I enjoy confounding people, and say Hagane no Renkenjutsushi and other japanese words really fast and giggle when no one understands what I'm saying. Tee hee. *grins impishly*

I just needed to vent. And smirk a bit. Cause I'm like that. *chuckles*
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game of thrones } bad decisions.

Image Request

Hey y'all!

I'd like to know if anyone has rather large scans of the DJCD covers (or whatever they're called)? I'd like as much different covers as possible (I don't know how many CDs came out yet).

Pretty please? *puppy eyes*
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mushishi ginko pondering maho&#39;s case

Fellow Mourners: NaNoWriMo practice...

Read, and laugh at it with me. ^o^;;

Written simply because I did this fanfiction inspiration thingy and needed to finally go through with my word (even though I only ended up using one of the three words I needed to include; "sun"), and ALSO because I am gearing up my writing skills in preparation of National Novel Writing Month! That means I did this without ANY EDITING. Seriously, guys. 0_0 Bad bad bad.

So, be kind, and let me know what you think, keeping in mind that this was made up on-the-spot and is completely un-edited, just as my NaNoWriMo thing will be... 0_0

Title: Fellow Mourners
Author: minako134
Warnings: Spoilers up to Episode 44-ish; G-rated
Genre: Drama
Pairing: Ross x Hohenheim
Disclaimer: This was written in 34 minutes in an effort to see how much I could make up on the spot and write, so I could rehearse before National Novel Writing Month. It's SUPPOSED to be crappy.
Summary: Lt. Ross visits the grave of the woman she never knew...

( stand before the resting place of she who loved and was loved )
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Colorbars ~ From _joha

Heyyy ~ How's all the FMA fans :D Right now, I have 44 colorbars (Yeah, only 2 more than last time ;_;) I still have 9 more requests to fill. But I'd just like to say thanks to those who requested and are waiting patiently! Behind the cut will be a list of what I have an what will be on the way :)

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To Walk a Mile: Part 5

Title: To Walk a Mile (Part 6)
Genre: Body swap
Rating: R (for language)
Warnings: None besides adult language
Summary: "Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes" has often be said to make you try to see it from someone else’s perspective. Well, what would happen if instead of saying it, it actually happened?
Word Countage: 1,724
Total for fic so far: 9,679
Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

I wonder if something crawled in here and died.. Wait.. I don’t want to know..

(Side Note: This is the post for both part 5 and part 6, so please use the corresponding link to arrive at each part)