September 24th, 2005

Ed being all sentimental

cosplay question! i need help T_T

i have a question for whomever can help. I'm cosplaying munich!edo, and i need to find arm garters like the ones he wears. There's a pic of them under the cut, so for anyone who can give me a link to someplace that has them, that would help so much ^^ otherwise ill have to make my own -_-;; so yes, please help?

oh and dont worry, there's no spoilers under the cut, it's just a piccy of his sleeve where the garter is ^_~

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**EDIT** thanks alot everyone!!! wonderful suggestions : 3
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KH - OT3

[fic] Resolve

Cause I had this bunny, and it was threatening to leave scars. Plus, I felt like some big brother angst/guilt.

Title: Resolve
Pairing: Tringhamcest
Rating: PG-13 for mild cursing.
Summary: Russell really wondered how he had gone so wrong.

(Russell wasn't sure which was worse, the fact that his brother was asking, practically begging, for him to have sex with him, or the fact that part of him desperately wanted to comply.)
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Lyrics request

Could anyone please help me find the translated version of READY STEADY GO! and Bratja? I know it's here somewhere, I was singing to them endlessly a few weeks ago... But I can't find it in the memories now (or maybe I just missed it, I'm terrible at finding stuff) x_x; *starts digging in the memories again*

samaside wins teh internet. :DDDDD
Madoka ¤ Hurt



I was wondering if anyone could give me some fanart that's just inked? In black and white I mean. I need to print a card for my friend and my printer is only printing black ink. >.<;;

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I bring ye all SMUT!!!... Sort of, anyways...

This started out really interesting. I went to velvet_mace's LJ and read about some meme she did that gave her LJ a 'rank' so to speak. She got seventh place, out of about four hundred thirty something other LJ's, and she commented that it was probably due to half of the things she wrote as being porn. I then replied that if that was the case, then I could get famous pretty fast if I started drawing hot XXX guy-on-guy yaoi porn, and thus this experiment began. It's my first yaoi drawing, so if it sucks, now you know why. It is NOT work safe, and I had to ask velvet_mace for help, who in turn asked youkofujima for help, which in turn spawned the following conversation in AIM as I sketched the picture. Follow the fake cut for the details...

( Not worksafe nor brainsafe(AlxRoy) )

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I really don't like showing my pics, because I think they are not very good, but this time I think I did my best ^^' So hope you'll like them ^^ Please comment =)
Links to my Deviantart page ^^
1. Envy
2. Edo (don't very well remember his automail, so sorry)
3. Ones again Ed^^ but here he kind of chibi ^^
4. I tried to drew with photoshop =( But this is my firs time and I think it's not very bad for first try
5. It's Pride from BlueBird Illusion

Arakawa Hiromu Interview, translated by ZOMGFTA!!!

AIM conversation from this past Monday:

CSakuraS: hey, you have the 2nd perfect guide, right?
Japan 44gou: Yes~
CSakuraS: I've been looking at translations and I'm very curious about the interview with Arakawa o.o
Japan 44gou: ...If I type it up, will you translate it? :D;
CSakuraS: sure! :D
Japan 44gou: YAY!

And that's what happened. READ IT HERE!!! It's kind of long, but please read it! It has a lot of really interesting things in it!! SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA, though.

And it has a picture of Ed with his hand in his pants.

(By the way, that AIM conversation? That's the typical manner in which these projects start.)
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