September 20th, 2005


Icon Fun

Aight, new batch of icons and a song set!! ^_^ I've got 31 icons, all
FMA, with some from the series, movie, and BBI, plus a song set!! XD


Rules: Credit not required, comments adored, hotlinking cursed. All font and pic credits can be found in my user info.

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Roy/Ed/Al NEED

This was my entry in devils_devotion's squick fic contest. It didn't win, but the fic that did ( Chauni's "My Life as Oedipus" )was awesome so I don't mind.

Anyway, the contest is over so I thought I'd put it up over here where others can read it.

PAIRING: Al x Ed x Roy
WARNINGS: Pedophilia, Rape, Bondage, kidnapping, drugs, disturbing sexual content, disturbing imagery, Spoilers for the end of the series and movie, sorta, NOT BRAIN SAFE!

( When Al stopped wearing Ed's clothes, Roy had breathed a sigh of relief. )

[fic] 'Truth or Something Like It: The Making of Roy Mustang', (gen, PG-13)

So umm...apparently this fic won something. Personally, I'm still stuck in 'disbelief' mode. ^^

Title: Truth or Something Like It: the Making of Roy Mustang
Author: stickmarionette
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The makings of a great man is a fascinating study; the makings of a terrible one even more so. You have been called both on enough occasions for it to become believable, so the curiosity does not surprise you. The life and education of Roy Mustang, in six parts.
Warnings: Spoilers for the Ishval conflict and episode 25 (but not those spoilers), slight squick in the second section

( 'You were born amidst the summer storms during a particularly vicious downpour...' )

Cross-posted to fm_alchemist and fma_gen, fake cut goes to fma_eastside
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KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never

(no subject)

[10] FullMetal Alchemist Movie Ed SPOILERS
[3] Envy
[4] Ed
[1] Roy
[1] Ed/Al group
[1] Hughes family

[6] Naruto

[1] Kabuto
[1] Gaara
[1] Shikamaru
[3] Sasuke

[3] Kingdom Hearts
[3] Riku
[2] Gorillaz
[1] 2D
[1] Noodle

[2] A.Cagle art
[2] Yuki
[1] DNAngel
[1] Daisuke
[1] Chrno Crusade
[1] Chrono/Rossette
[1] Trigun
[1] Vash
[1] Tsubasa
[1] Fai

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

(Just FAKE it)

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My own Comic~

It took me a while but I finished it. ^_^ My greatest master piece ever~
My own comic! -dies-

Title: A moment in time
Rated: PG
Characters: Ed and Al.
Pages: 7 (In total!)
Warnings: Eh...none, this is completely different story or ending to FMA. ^_^ (I was bored) Lots of Angst~

Also from Ed POV.

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Comments are always nice :D (Plus is my first time drawing a

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Fic: BarryFarman

Title: The Wonders of Being Stuck in a Closet with a Serial Killer
Author/Artist: terrierlee
Warnings: Groping XD That's basicly it.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: BarryFarman
Summary: When trying to get a chessboard, Farman and Barry get trapped in a closet. Insanity insues.
Author's Notes: This is pure crack on my part. I'm actually trying to get my friends to write more BarryFarman. Until they can, I shall :D

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Dark Reality


I'm a poor entering college student going into the video game design business and I'm in dire need of money. Parents have enough bills to pay and hopefully I can make a little bit of money at least for the gas in my car.

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APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky
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Real Alchemy You can do in Science Class!

Today in my science class we did a really neat experiment based off the alchemical writings of the arabic alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan. In the experiment you can change a copper penny into a penny that's coated in a gold-like substance. The final result is

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:D If any of you guys end up trying this, much luck to you. It's a pretty fun experiment.

(I was a total dork and wore my red FMA shirt with the flamel on the back. No one seemed to get the symbol though.)

Note: This was done in a CP Chemistry class in 11th grade.
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icon beauty

A question...

For those who have seen the movie...

I have got a question. Please NO SPOILERS for the movie. Say your opinion from what you have seen.

What do you think? Will the series continue after that or end for good? *hopes they will continue*
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Asch; Smirk; grin

There was an Alchemist

English XD, well for those who have read the Canterbury Tales, then you would know about the pilgrimage. My teacher gave us an assignment to create another character that goes on the pilgrimage. She said it could be a fictional character...soo...

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To those of Interest

(I went back in today's entries and did not find this information. If I am blind, delete.)

I got the 5th DVD today, and to my fangirl surprise there be a Voice Actor Commentary! With none other than Vic Migogna (Ed), Aaron Dismuke(Al), and Mike McFarland(Havoc). Very amusing.

Gah, people need to stop using Aaron's Bowl!

Also, yes, Barry's spasing Ramblings was fixed to how it should have been ^w^

FIC: Dearest Relations

FIC: Dearest Relations
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Whole series.
Warnings: Angst-o-rama. And violent thoughts.
Genre: Gen-fic
Summary: My interpretation of Envy's backstory. Totally conjecture.
This is kind of an extended ramble I went on shortly after watching the last episodes of the series, trying to piece some of the backstory together in my head. I found it on the hard drive and turned it into a fic.

Having not seen the movie, I don't know if anything is directly contradictory. (Somebody let me know, please?)

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(no subject)

Okay, so... Not to make this a long post and such, but me and my friend anime_gir have created a new community. It's called hagane_no_rolep (Yes we liked putting it as rolep because it's cracky :3) and it is yaoi (and yuri) friendly and, yes, crack friendly. So if you want to join, just follow the instructions on the userinfo page and you should be able to get in. You can have up to two characters so far. <3 However, my fellow mod has claimed Scar and Sloth and I have Kimblee and Barry, so any others besides those are free.~ Just remember: Follow the rules and always have fun! :D

Cross-posted like a h0r

P.S. - Nice to meet all of you! FMA is love! Anyway... like I said, all characters but Scar, Sloth, Kimblee, and Barry are free.~

Edit: Ack. Accidently posted in wrong place before posting here. xx
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Icon Post!!

I bring you some icons from a couple of FMA doujins that I have. :D

-[19] Fullmetal Alchemist

*[1] Love's Second Disaster
*[1] Reverb
*[1] Roy no Mame
*[4] Scarlet On The Tile
*[3] Sinful Contact
*[3] Solitary Cell
*[2] Stigma
*[2] Sweet Silence
*[1] Three Piece
*[1] Tiny Talez Special


1) Image hosted by

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Let me know if you take one, and credit me, blah blah blah, you get the idea.

Enjoy! ^_^
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[seal] I&#39;m an egg

[pic] Al gives Scar

Yeah. So I was talking to herongale last night and then the subject of Scar/Al (my FMA OTP) came up. We were saying how Al would try to push the limits of Scar's stoic willpower by getting into weird costumes and doing seductive things... It bunnied me. TT^TT So.

Warning: Semi Not-Worksafe. Al is half-naked and in INTERESTING clothes...(if you call those CLOTHES, even)

Lap Dance
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I swear to god I don't have too much time.

Just for fun....

Kesenai Tsumi -- a cappella (harmony)
[Link Fixed]

XDD Adobe Audition is my new toy.

(Sing along--it's kind of fun. :D)

Edit: Oh, right. I ought to have mentioned before---comments would be nice. XD So leave a word if it entertained/frightened/sickened you or if you can't download it. :D
(Critique more than welcome too but...uh, this was really just for the hell of it. >D)

Edit: Hopefully the link will actually work now. (yousendit link just in case)
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