September 18th, 2005


[drabble set] 'Divine Comedy', (Roy/Al, implied Roy/Ed and Elricest, PG)

Title: Divine Comedy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Roy/Al = pedophilia, also implied Roy/Ed and implied Elricest
Notes: First one was written for devils_devotion, who requested Roy/Al with the phrase prompt "We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge and wisdom." from John Naisbitt. The second one was written for velvet_mace as a sequel to the first one. The last one is just to round things off a bit.

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~ Icons :D

Got a few new icons.

[+] FullMetal Alchemist (Anime) [16]
[+] FullMetal Alchemist (Manga/Art) [6]

[+] Naruto [3]
[+]Games (Tales of Symphonia, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Final Fantasy X/X2) [15]
[+] Big Brother 6 [4]
[+] Misc [4]


(Faked :))

*For those who requested colorbars. I AM working on them :) Just so you know and won't think that I'm dead :p
[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

Schadenfreude [Chapter 3] -- RoyxAl fic [Set in WWII Germany]

Title: Schadenfreude
Author: Shadow
Pairing: RoyxAl
Warnings: AU, Nazis, Sadistic!Roy, ANGST.
Rating: R (For now)
Summary: Alphonse Elric, a half-jewish boy living in the Warsaw ghetto is offered the chance to be "saved" by the high-ranking Nazi soldier Roy Mustang. With the desire to live and locate his brother, he accepts, not knowing what lies as his payment.
Chapter: 3/?
Previous Chapters: One Two

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FMA Screencaps

Hey, sorry for spamming, somebody rightfully poked me with the Common Sense stick. :)

26 caps of Episode 26

19 caps of Episode 27

10 caps of Episode 28

51 caps of Episode 29

18 caps of episode 30

19 screencaps of episode 31.

12 screencaps of episode 32.

10 caps of episode 33.

14 caps of episode 34

15 caps of episode 35

"Undo" Intro

Each episode is in a different entry on my journal to make sure nobody's computer dies. ♥

Edit: Finished posting them all, woot!
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Dub/Sub Question

Recently a friend of mine and I were pondering dubs and subs, and somehow we came up with an interesting discovery. Our theory is that depending on which you hear first (original language or a dub) is usually which one you perfer.

Our example being ourselves. Recently I got my paws on a subbed verison of episode 37 and we watched it together. My friend turned to me and said that she kind of perfered the dub more. Which got me to thinking that maybe which one you hear first has a big effect on which you end up liking more.

So, my question to people who have seen both the sub and the dub is this: Which one did you see first? Which one do you perfer? Why?

Just thought I'd start up an interesting discussion.
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[PKM] Chatot

Image Request

I'm working on an animation project for school, and I seem to be lacking reference. ^^;

I was wondering if anyone have images of Al in his fighting stance? Either manga or anime is fine, and preferably in his human form if possible. I'm mostly looking for side and frontal views in full-body shots.

Thank you!

(Progess of animation work will be posted up on invokefeather)
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hughes knives

(no subject)

Title: I Might Be Wrong (Part VIII)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Hughes
Spoilers: through 51
Summary: Roy hasn't learned from other people's mistakes
Previous Parts: Prologue | Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Tag filter
Notes: First off, many thanks to tatooine for the beta-ing. I know it's been a really long time since my last update (seven months exactly, omg), but I have finished writing the rest of it, I just need to finish editing and getting it betaed and such-like.

( Part VIII )

Troublesome Feelings

Title: Troublesome Feelings
Rating: PG-13 to be safe.
Genre: Angst/Romance
Author's Notes: I’ve been writing a whole lot of angst lately and quite frankly it’s disgusting me. I hate angst. But, I need to relieve stress from school, so here ya go. My extremely shitty fic. I'm disappointed in myself. I'm not sure whether Riza is out of character or not. I believe she is. Wrote this to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”. Funny. I loathe Prince. Oh, sweet irony.
Feedback: Make me happy and review.

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HitMix Project - Fullmetal Alchemist Track

Hey all,

My sister (Takefuji) and I have completed the FMA track for our HitMix project, so we thought we'd share it. The download link is here (YSI). The first half was done by Takefuji, and the second half was mine ^_^

Note - the video is encoded in xvid, so you will need the codec to play it. If anyone has any problems, I can upload the icky mpeg version.

Yes, I suck at compression.

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FMA kari2001

New FMA Site!

Drum roll please...

Announcing, a new site from by Kari2001, Captive, a Fullmetal Alchemist screen cap site.

I have up to episode 13 capped and the total cap count is in the hundreds. So go now, and please remember, this site, like so many things in life, is a work in progress...


Now if you'll excuse me, all that work has made me tired. I'm going to try to get to bed now, even though I'm extremely nervous.
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