September 17th, 2005

When Philosophy and Alchemy come together

TITLE: "The Essence of Jaded"
RATING: M for mature
GENRE: angst
PAIRING/S (if any): None
SUMMARY: Everything in life has meaning one way or another. What's done cannot be undone, or can it? What can harm you can help you. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, or does it? Who's to truly say that these time-old proverbs can depict the true knowledge of life? One soul-seeker aims to find out, and with the help of the Elric brothers she may just get her answers. Yet can she too give them the answers to their questions as well?

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Please comment... I've gotten myself into yet another rut where I end up planning the climax and ending first. Then I want to write about them so badly but I am unable due to the fact that I haven't any idea of how to get there in the first place. Ideas? Suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

If you would like to read the Prologue to chapter 3, check out the following link.
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I've finished my episode 48 version Wrath and I come with pictures. ^^

Oh ya, spoilers for those who haven't seen eps. 48 . . . duh . . .

makeup test 1
test 2
test 3
the finished product . . . is very shy

I'm gona have better pics later once my friend sends them to me (ya for Hughes cosplayers with good cameras) and I also have more of my makeup tests, but I figured those are only interesting if you really like the style so I didn't post them. ^^
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Pic Reguest

Im working on Posters for the anime club and my good friend Momo was like "You should make a "I WANT YOU! To join anime club" poster. and I was trying to think of a Character that would fit that and whenever I think of that poster I think of The Military and whenever I think of the Military I think of Roy XD
I need pictures of Roy pointing XD. If its a fan art I will credit like crazy.
Please help. *bows*
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[doujin] Kimberly/Al doujin page 15

I'm wondering if I should just stop at the end of this chapter, since I think we're about 5 pages away from the end of this chapter. Just leave it at "Kimberly raped Al..." cuz I am looking at my workload for homework and I'm in two writing-intensive courses...

So if anyone's willing to be my assistant to help me with toning, please speak now, it'd be really appreciated. TT^TT

That being said, here's page 15.

Title: F@ggot (inspired by the song by Mindless Self Indulgence)
Pairing: Kimberly/Al
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, blood, offensive language, the works.
Note: As always, due to the content/subject matter/etc of this doujinshi, you must be a member of calm_bomber in order to view.

Page 15
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Ed - Not Short!

Drabble: Cupid (Envy x Ed)

Dedicated to lykomancer, OTP open-ness, and the bunnies.

Title: Cupid
Pairing: Envy x Ed
Rating: PG-13, mostly for Envy being Envy
Warnings: SPOILERS UP TO THE END OF THE SERIES. BEWARE! Not beta-ed yet. Shorter then Ed.
Genre: Dark, Introspective, and 'Eep'.
Summary: Cupids should be romantic. Well, not in FMA!
A/N: Hah! Take that, all you cutesy Hallmark cards!

( "Then show me your real face!" (Fake Cut!) )

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Multifandom RP pimping

Hey, all! I hope this isn't against the rules, but I've seen RPs pimped here before, so...

Anyway, I started afterlife_rp, which centered around the idea of Bleach's Soul Society(no prior knowledge of Bleach is required, by the way) as the afterlife of every other fandom(it's kind of AU for the fandoms that have a set afterlife). Anyway, there's a breach between what seperates the world of the living and the world of the dead, and everything starts from there. You can find the rest of the information in the userinfo.

Yaoi, yuri, and het are all accepted, and cross-series pairings are also encouraged!
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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

Fic dump!

Title: Soundtrack Drabbles Volume One

Rating: T

Number of drabbles: 33

Warning: Spoiler warnings for whole series.

Summary: Thirty-three drabbles based off the song titles of the first FMA OST.  All are either Roy-centric, Riza-centric, or RoyAi.  Genres vary from angst to humor.  For those of you who go to, you might've read these already.  Enjoy

A fun fact: I did these because my mind went brain dead trying to do the RoyAi100


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{fanart} Well, I AM an obsessed little shit ... ; D;

My first "big" painting with watercolours, featuring Roy and Ed.
I spent about 5 days on this, 1-2 hours a day. I tried experimenting with the colors and am quite a bit satisfied with how it turned out.

To look at it, click here -

Roy & Ed - Eternal

The title is lame, I know. ; D; +SOBS+
Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it. Comments are appreciated, as always. LOL, how greedy D: +shot+
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41 Icons

Fullmetal Alchemist
» Ed [x14]
» Al [x7]
» Al & Winry [x2]
» Ed & Al [x11]
» Roy & Ed [x1]
» Envy [x1]
» Wrath [x3]
» Hughes [x1]
» Havoc [x1]

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(no subject)

fun stuff. basically our new ceramics project is we get to make a chimera. (of course the teacher didn't say chimera but hey)
O_O woooot!

my first thought was, of course, that I wanted to make Nina. But right after I decided that, sensei said that it couldn't be another artist's representation.
I was thinking maybe I could draw a picture of her and if the teacher asks for the picture I based it off of I could just lie and say I made it up. I don't want to have to make my own and Nina gets so little fan art. Besides, I probly wouldn't want to keep it otherwise.
So, should I break the rules and make Nina? because it would still be MY would just be fanart.
or should I make up something on my own and end up throwing it out?

btw, if this is too off topic, feel free to delete it
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