September 15th, 2005


Fic: Sequel to Roommate Love

Title: Sequel to Roommate Love
Author/Artist: terrierlee
Warnings: Groping, shocked blonds... The usual. Crack :D
Rating: PG-13 for nudity
Pairings: BarryFarman
Summary: Havoc keeps a close eye on two certain roommates, and ends up with a surprise.
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to a previous fic, by my friend samaside, Roommate Love, hence the title XD Link is below if you wish to read it first.

Here's the link:

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FMA kari2001

Music Video - We Still Kill the Old Way

Here's another video I did a while back.

Title: We Still Kill the Old Way
Song: We Still Kill the Old Way by Lostprophets
MPEG - 41.9MB Zipped
Windows Media - 20.8MB Zipped
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Category: Action
Summary: Ed-centric Action packed video. Maybe some spoilers but doesn't really give much away. I used clips up to episode 22. Works as a recruiter video. As far as which version, I highly recommend that, if you have the time and a good connection, you download the MPEG. It's animation and the quality is really so much better, especially if you like to watch videos full screen.

Follow the fake cut to my Journal to download and leave a comment.

My Crack Fluff Angst FMA-RPG Chats.

Okay, so we go out of character. We make up medical procedures. We bend the rules of logic and alchemy. But, hey, at least we have fun!!

This is the lil chat RP I started with my friend I met at AnimeNEXT05. It's cracky, it's fluffy, it's angsty. Maaaaaan it gets angsty. It also has some things yoinked from hime_1999's Alter!series. Gawd we love Alter!series. It also has a few things yoinked from Fullmetal Folly chats and perhaps the actual RP.

WARNING!! These chats have end of series spoilers, movie spoilers (nothing much... things that could be surmised to happen movie or not... most can be figured out from the movie trailers)and spoilers for Alter!series. Proceed at your own will.

So I figured I'd share these crazy adventures of Ed and Al with the rest of the world. Oh, and by request, my friend's sn has been changed. So no, you can't IM her at Ed'sPlayer or Ed'splayer.

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To Lose Control, pt X

Title: To Lose Control, pt X
Author: chosha_sama
Pairing: HavocxEd
Rating: Pretty light, this part. PG we'll go with.
Summary: He thought he would be happy to give up Havoc if it meant keeping Al. But he wasn't.
Notes: In which our heroes FINALLY GET THEIR ASSES INTO GEAR! *Ahem* There is still the obligatory angst though. ^_^
Music: Channelling - The Bleeders

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

( To Lose Control, pt X )
FMA - Miniskirts!
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[fic] He Always Wanted

Title: He Always Wanted
Pairing: Hughesmunculus/Roy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape, torture, spoilers for episode 25/chapter 16
Notes: For the 'Cliche Month' challenge. Mangaverse.

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Inspired by the doujinshi 'Confused Fight', scans of which can be found here and here

For gardensgnome because her smutty comments bunnied me. Thanks to velvet_mace and sky_dark for encouragement. I did tweak it a little, but you stopped me from scrapping the whole thing ^^;

He Always Wanted

Welcome post and shameless fanart advertising

Yo everyone.

I've been lurking for a while, but I decided to finally join and introduce myself. I switch fandoms rather easily, so when my friend gave me the link to some FMA manga, I was hooked instantly. The manga pwns the anime in my opinion, BONES sucks, and I worship Roiai liek whoah.

Insert Riza fanart here.

Ahaha. Be gentle. My biggest critic (my brother) says it looks nothing like her. Damn it.
[UruMani] Nina Sakura

Roy/Ed crack post!

After looking at some of the FMA screencaps which I'm proud to say are all spoilers for me, I found at least three caps from Episode 23 that gave me this certain crack idea. And with all those colour bars scattered around the LJ, it seems like a good idea to make an GIF version of it. ^__^ Due to the largeness of the original version, I removed some of the transitions and cropped the image to make it smaller so I'm sorry if it looked somehow crappy. *bows head* Might load a while for dial-up users. ^_^

(Edited Roy/Ed Crack Post! [fake cut])

Can't you tell I'm on crack right now? XD O_o

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[gdragon] oh~~

winry fanart

Meh.. bored durring school earlier. So I decided to draw Winry. I'm happy with the outcome because IT ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE WINRY. I sware to god, every other time I drew her, it looked NOTHING like her!

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An interesting OC - well, I hope it is XD

September the 14th was my 25th birthday and what did I get...? A brand new little muse. In those 24 hours, I made up all the info, drew, inked and cg-ed a seven-page doujinshi about him and did his charpage. oO I cannot tell if the concept is original or not because I think it was kind of obvious that sooner or later somebody will create him... I'm glad this person was me. XD So may I present: the wicked little twin brother of Cain Fury: Abel.

Note that Fury is in the doujin, too, so... no off topic-ness here...? I hope so.

Doujinshi and Character page - fake cut, don't worry
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