September 14th, 2005

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[pic] Double Als

Eventho somehow my G-pen rebelled and opted to run out of ink instead of behaving as good as usual, because I am too stubborn when it comes to drawing fits, a pencil and Adobe did the job instead. Mwaha.

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Fic Dump

There were all written for ishnaru's spam post.

Title: Mistakes
Pairing: Elricest, Ed/Heidrich
Warnings: Angst, mild spoilers for the movie
Rating: R
Summary: It's a few weeks in when Ed makes the first mistake, a few weeks in which the newness and joy of the first few days had faded into welcome familiarity.


Title: Going Home
Pairing: Ed/Heidrich
Notes: Minor spoilers for the movie
Wanrings: Angst and stuff
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The doors to the main laboratory lie open, one hanging precariously from it's hinges. Strange sigils are daubed upon them in dark red and he doesn't examine them any closer.

Going Home

Title: Anything
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Angst, Death, mangaverse
Summary: Ed will do anything to restore his brother


Title: Not Complaining
Pairing: Havoc/Watari
Notes: Crossover with Yami no Matsuei
Rating: R
Summary: Whatever Havoc had expected to happen when he died, it hadn't been this. He'd spent enough time in offices while he was alive, he didn't want to spend his afterlife, or whatever the fuck this was, in them too.

Not Complaining
Motoko's eyes // duchess_icons

Multi-fandom post

Just a few icons today that I've worked on over the past few weeks. I've been playing with color effects and various textures lately. Some of these were done for challenges.

Fullmetal Alchemist - 8
Samurai Champloo - 2
Potterpuffs - 2
Total: 12


Comment, credit, textless icons are NOT bases. NO HOTLINKING.

you're a lovelable tin can

x-posted like mad.
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(no subject)

Here we have 75 icons.

29 FMA Manga Bases
18 FMA Manga Icons
28 Inuyasha Sword Of World Conquest Movie Bases

Please Comment and Credit if you take any :
Feel free to alter the bases, but please give covet base credit, and I'd love to see what you do with them.

FMA Previews

Featuring: Ed, Roy, Riza, Envy, Lust, Ling, Havoc, Ross.

Edit: Incidentally, if anyone is looking for an Envy, Roy - or possibly some minor pups if it's a busy game - for a yaoi friendly, reasonably literate (non chatspeaky, ideally story format logs) RPG, please do drop me a line, I've not the first idea where to look.

Fic Dump: Roy/Al, Cliche Roy/Ed and finally GIFTS Happy Ending

Light and Silly first:

TITLE: Dangerous Liasons
WARNING: Semi shota (Al looks 13 but is actually 18), otherwise, holy hell this is CONSENSUAL!!!!

( Perhaps the window isn't the safest place for sex )

In honor of National Cliche Writing Month:

PAIRING: Roy/Ed (the ultimate cliché yaoi pairing)
WARNINGS: Rotten characterization, clichés, fangirlyness, WAFF. ( 524 words)

( Velvet Mace can write like a Fanbrat! )

And finally the "Hollywood" ending for the Gifts Cycle:

TITLE: REFLECTION (Gifts Part 3)( Part 1: Gifts )Rated R,( Part 2: Toy ) Rated NC-17.
PAIRING: Roy!Greed x Roy, Roy x Ed
WARNING: No sex, some mild violence, but nothing hard core. Angst. Plot!

( Roy used to like to see himself in the mirror )
[seal] I'm an egg

[fic (maybe)] "Happy Endings"

This is a semi-fic that devils_devotion yanked out of me cuz she wanted me to write something for her.

Lord knows I can't write. THIS IS PROOF.

Title: Happy Endings
Inspired by the short story of the same title by Margaret Atwood
Rating: ...originally it was going to be R, but eh...
Warnings: Character death and disturbing images?

Many, many many thanks to kaltia for helping me beta and edit this. >_< Thank you thank you.

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Will illustrate some time.
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Shinya - Twins


Title: Threats
Author: chosha_sama
Pairing: HughesxRoy
Rating: Definite hard R, verging on NC-17
Summary: “Oh, you do so love to talk big, don't you? Why don't you act on your threats once in a while?”
Notes: Another ficlet for my pairings list...^___^

( Threats )
BTVS Comic Buffy (kari2001)

Demand for caps

Hi there,

A while ago, I was working on making a screen cap site for FMA. However, I started having trouble with my domain and to make a long, boring story short, I had to abandon the idea.

Now, though, I have everything fixed and hundreds of screen captures still on my hard drive. I know that there are a lot of icon makers out there and the like, so I was wondering if there was still a demand for this kind of site. All the caps are of good quality and have no subtitles. Each episode has almost 200 caps each. I've only got up to episode 9 capped but if I make the site, I'll defiantly continue on with the other episodes.

So, would anyone need these kind of resources or not?

(no subject)

Two day before yesterday I watched CoS and I was less disappointed than I had expected, but still and I wrote this. Then I watched some episodes once more and realized that I was too strict. But I left it as it is because a good dose of sarcasms won't do any harm.
Warning! Spoilers ahead!
Ten phrases you will never hear from the creators of FMA the movie: Conqueror of Shambala
My internet is behaving really weird, so I can't put the proper link (and I can't even look through previous entries!) So here is the link itself
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(no subject)

I know this might prove as an annoyance, but I'm literally shaking (with anticipation as well as caffeine) whenever I check my f-list, because I'm always awaiting the day someone will report that the FMA movie, crappy cam-ness and all, is indeed subbed.

So, is anyone planning on subbing it, or are they waiting for the better version? T____T

-movie raw version whimpers for Erica to at least TOUCH IT-


-slinks away- >.>;;
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artemis; credit to: &lt;lj user=aamalie&gt;

Looking for help

I hope this isn't an odd request.

I'm looking for someone who will work with me to make and FMA amv. I don't have the recources nor the skill to make an amv on my own, but I have an idea that I'd like to do my best to make real (sorry if that sounded corny). So I'm looking for someone who has experience with making amvs, and would be willing to work with me on this.

If you're interested please tell me, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Sketch dump

A bunch of sketches for everyone ^^

They're 10-sec-skets. I started them trying to go as fast as possible. The first few ones kind of suck, but they get better, honest XD I got the hang of it. Most took longer than 10 seconds though, really. The ship ones took more than a minute.

VERY SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR EOS/MOVIE because of characters. Take liberties as to character appearances, but if you really can't tell, it might be a spoiler X3

Separated to sets, so you can pick and choose if you don't want to scroll through all of them. All cuts lead to the same entry though.

First Set: Random (15)

Second Set: Inspiried by Manga (4)

Third Set: Ed-Centric (10)

Fourth Set: Al-Centric (10)

Fifth Set: Ships (3)