September 13th, 2005

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Two doodles--Scar/Al and one Havoc

My one friend just admitted to me yesterday that she's been converted by me into the pairing of Scar/Al XD so to celebrate, I drew a Scar/Al pic (but, admittedly, I don't know how to draw kissing scenes...)

Fake LJ-cut.

There's also an extra pic of Havoc XD shirtless...and all that jazz.
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[fic] Jean Havoc, Matchmaker Extraordinaire (humour)

Jean Havoc, Matchmaker Extraordinaire
Cephied Variable

Havoc decides to play matchmaker for several murky, not entirely selfless reasons. Lots of awkward moments and not-so-wacky hijinks lie in store for him! Written for kawaimae

(He took a exaggerated drag of his cigarette and pointed an accusatory finger in Fury's direction, "Look at you! Those wide eyes! That unassuming nature! Your boyish looks! Fury, my dear man, you are what is commonly referred to as a 'chick magnet'.")

*magical fake LJ-cut and all that*
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I've been on an icon kick, and have turned out a few FMA icons I'd like to share with you guys. :D Comment and credit if you decide to take anything, and feel free to ask for the bases. I can at least send you the caps I used for them. XD

Contents are rated G.
And they contain Havoc icons. :D

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Also, there are some very important character openings over at omg_alchemist still, including OOC!Roy (who really really needs to be filled). If you think you might want some of these characters, check it out! [/shamelessplug]
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Poem - "Father to the Man"

Based on the quote "The child is father to the man". A poem that explores the relationship between Hohenhiem and his eldest son, the Sin whom he created. Spoken by a distant observer, it delves into the meaning of family, blood, and hope. Please R+R.

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For various reasons, I find myself with a whole list of pairings I have to attempt. I was going to do the RussellxEd one, but mistr3ssquickly and chrstphrl are just way too good at it and intimidate me too much. So, I bring little brother fluff instead ^__^

Title: Friends
Author: chosha_sama
Pairing: FletcherxAl
Rating: G
Notes: Little ficlet which is total, unabashed FLUFF.

( Friends )
FMA;;Ed Sulk

(no subject)

I've got some trading card scans; they're sort of big. I got these cards at Borders (of all places) some time ago, but I love them.

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Does anyone want scans of the first DVD's booklet? Yeah, I'm bored. :)
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FMA kari2001

Music Video, Kid Fears

Hello, I just joined and I thought I'd give you all a taste of what I will be bringing to the community.

Title: Kid Fears
Song: Kid Fears by Indigo Girls
MPEG - 41MB Zipped
Windows Media - 19.3MB Zipped
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Category: Drama
Although these kids are barely more than 15, they've seen enough pain and suffering to last a lifetime. Focuses mainly on Ed, Al, and Winry, with a little Nina thrown in. Spoilers: used clips up to episode 28. (As of now, 26 have aired in the US)

Go to my LiveJournal to comment and download
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A new AMV from Safty

Title : "All he wanted"
Anime : "Full Metal Alchemist"
Song : "All You Wanted (Was somebody who cared.)"
Artist : Michelle Branch
Comments : There are some heavy spoilers towards the end of the AMV, So if you haven't seen the end of the series I suggest you avoid this like the plague. On the other hand if you HAVE seen the end of the series or like to be spoiled ( Like me!) Then go ahead and watch to your heart's content. Not one of my best did have a story at the start then it started to center more around Edward rather than both him and Alphonse...bah I'll remake this when I get better footage.
Linkage :

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Madoka ¤ Hurt

Just a quick Question....


^__^ I need thing to decorate my health journal. I was asking on here because I wanted to know if anyone had any gay support pictures of FMA. Yeah.... ^__^;; Weird request, but I figured asking on here would help me. Thanks in advance!


(P.S. It can be any anime thing, but obviously FMA would be super. XD)
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(Fic) Wooden

Title: Wooden
Rating: PG-13-ish for cussing
Spoilers: Up to episode 51.
Summary: In which Edward finds it trying to adapt to his new "situation"...
Comments: This was written right after the end of the series, when it looked like Ed had been living with Hohenheim for a while after he ended up you-know-where. Hence the locale and plot, and the choice of arm (1920s-era prosthetics). XD

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300+ Drabble, Al-centric <3

Just a quick little ditty. :D

Title: Dust
Rating: G
Pairings: None.
Warnings: Slightly angsty and pretty much pointless. Oh, and some insane comma abuse. :S I was too embarrassed to ask for a beta, and it was such a small fic...
Summary: Al!drabble with some minor spoilers for the end of the series, although if you haven't seen it you won't get the references anyway. Al hasn't quite realized that he has anything to remember. It's just a feeling.

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Enjoy! :D Comments and criticism are appreciated.
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[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

Looking For Roleplayers

A new FMA crack!Roleplay is searching for people to take on different characters! This roleplay is only in its mere infancy, so everything is not set up fully. More information on applying as a character is located beneath the cut.

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Thank you~ <3

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[ficcage] If I don't tell you which pairing it is, will you be able to find out?

Title: Dreams and Sorrow
Author: aquabeauty3
Pairing: If I don't tell you which one it is, will you be able to find out?
Rating: G, unless your crazy imagination makes it R
Disclaimer: Did I ever say I own Fullmetal Alchemist? NO~!
Comments: I was listening to Kanashimi no Kizu while writing this, so yeah... It is my very first fic and it's reaaaaaaally short. ;)
Warnings: Your imagination, ineptitude to express myself well in English

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Drabble: Bottoms up! (Ed and Roy, Yaoi)

Consider this a rather twisted nod to 'National Cliche Month'!

Title: Bottoms Up!
Pairing: Ed and Roy
Genre: Smutty Crack
Rating: NC-17
Beta: stickmarionette
Inspired by: A chat with akira_chan
Summary: Your typical mini-skirt!Ed smut... or is it? IE: Kyt has fun with yet another cliche.

( "Your mini-skirt fetish is really damn weird." (Fake Cut!) )

X-posted to fma_yaoi and steelandsparks
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Mod Post: Last one for today, I swear!

Due to the results of the community poll, in-joke posts will continue to be allowed on this community.

However, in order to comply with the new posting guidelines, in-joke posts must contain things that are clearly recognizable as being from Fullmetal Alchemist. For example, a picture of a lightbulb with Envy hair edited onto it would be an okay post, a picture of just a lightbulb would not be okay.

It would be nice to provide a link back to where the in-joke is from in your post as an explaination to those who might not understand, however, it will not be required.

If further clarification of this rule is needed, please leave a comment for discussion.

Also, we would like to clarify that all posts do not have to be 100% on-topic material. As long as the main point of the post is on-topic, your post is probably fine.

As always, if you're not sure if your post is all right or not, you can always contact one of the mods and ask.

That's all for today!
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Question in regards to OST #3

Otay, I've checked the memories, found nothing, and so naturally came crying over here. I've tried using a search engine, but you know how they can get sometimes. They give you everything and its mother...except what you want.

What the heck are you babbling about Shardy?

Well, I am uploading my third OST I just got to iTunes. Oh, it comes with a title listing. The problem is, I can't read a lick of kanji. It might as well be Neptunian chicken scratch as far as my blatant lack of language skills are concerned. ^^;; So, I was wondering if anybody has the title listing to the third OST? It doesn't have to be translated, romanji's fine, doesn't matter as long as the titles say something other than "track 1, track 2", etc.

I will give you cookies...>=D

EDIT: HA! Problem solved! And I got the best of both worlds. ^-^ Thank you very much kensenaixtsumi and raptor_red. As promised, you will now receive cookies.

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A question about the dubbed FMA

With the recent hysteria over Naruto being dubbed, it has gotten me curious about FMA and its original version. I only have access to the dubbed/CN version (because even if i knew where to download the others, my connection is too slow right now), so have only seen up to what has been released here (26 or so, i think). am i missing out on a lot by only watching the english one? should i even bother downloading the subtitled ones? i hope this doesn't come across as a stupid question, since most people appear to hate all dubs, but i find nothing wrong with what i've seen so far (however, i got nothing to compare it to in terms of japanese voices vs english etc, so that can be taken with a grain of salt).

anyways, just curious of other people's opinions. :)