September 11th, 2005

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Yay for fanfics :D

Mew I know it's not that great in the beginning, but I'm so proud of chapter 5/4 I worked so hard on it X33!

Title: Vampires Kiss
Rating: Mature/NC-17 (meant for later chapters XP)
Warnings: Blood, possesion, smex :O, vampires, gore, lots of stuff like that .... in like later chapters XP

new chapter

Previous chapters:
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(Omifangirlgod) Bondage Icons!!

Love me... o_O for I weild the awesome power of ultimate fangirlism in my keyboard (and crappy paint program) to make... BONDAGE EDWARD ICONS!! (this is the part where you all gasp monotonously)I am presenting 14 Edward icons, all the same base, (Thanks to covet) So, what am I babbling here for?

Clicky Teh Icon Goodness! Only suggestive... Nothing indecent... so ratings would be PG-13
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All except number 1 are lyrics from random Marilyn Manson songs...
Wahahaa ^_^;; Due to equivilant exchange, I ask for any and all FMA FO banners!! (Or I might just make my own.. depending on if I can fight the right image.) Credit and comment always! ^_~
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Programming note for the weeknight reruns.

Just as a heads up for people like me who are picky about these things.

With FMA picking up its run from Episode 27 next Saturday, the weeknight repeat schedule will be altered as follows.

The late Monday-Thursday repeats for this coming week will be Episodes 4-7, as scheduled.

Starting next week, the Monday-Thursday repeats follow this schedule: First 26 episodes are repeated late Monday-Wednesday, and the new episode is repeated on late Thursday. So after new episodes pick up again, it will be Episodes 8-10, and then Episode 27.

I've updated the Broadcast Chart on my website accordingly.
apocalytica jump

(no subject)

Hey howdy hey...
Numbero question... If anyone has any piccys of Aru from the FMA movie, would you kinda please please share with me? You see, I went around the community looking for pics of the loveable Aru, but then... my computer crashed x.x; So I have no Aru... and I'm too lazy to look through the community again. It seems the community is where I found them all o.o;

Well, if anyone could, help out, that would be wonderful. I thank you so much for wasting your time and reading my post. haha X3 Jaa nee minna-san! And thanks again!
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brian/justin gundamnook

Time to pimp community again!!


Started this community a while back and now it needs more love! It's for anything pre-series. Fanfics, fanart, icons, & discussions. If it happens before February 1910, it's in! Like Ed and Al being born, Hohenheim/Trisha getting together, the origin of a Homunculi, Hughes/Gracia first meeting, or Roy joining the military. Anything to that nature. But it must take place before the start of the series.

So if you've been interested in anything that happens before the start of the series, come join us!! We'd love you have you!! ^^
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[seal] I'm an egg

Translations to the letters^^/

Since people have asked for the translations to the letters in "Dear..." in the scans that amikitty posted up recently, I'll post them here so that you guys don't have to dig through the comments for them.

Just so you know, though, some of the translations are probably a bit off in a line or two.

And, of course, these contain SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE MOVIE.

Scan Post Here

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whew.^^ translations by yours truly
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FMA movie pics!

Hi, hi! I hope this is aloud, I took some screenshots from the movie. so I guessed it would be alright to share them here! ^__^  there are allot (and i mean allot!) of pics. ^__^  Oh and I warn you now, Most of them have spoilers to the ending! so yeah.   They can all be found here-                                                                                  

 The same pics can also be found on my Lj account, and I keep adding more so keep an eye out for those! ^___^


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Rose's purple dress

Does anyone have any caps of Rose's last two dresses she wears towards the end of the series? full sized so you can see the entirety of the dress? I would prefer the purple one. but either will do, I'm debating cosplaying as her sometime next year and I haven't seen anyone cosplay as her in those dresses as of yet.

I've also tried at the FMA_screencaps community but no one's replied to my post there.

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(fic) Rosarium

Title: Rosarium
Rating: G, I suppose...nothing really objectionable.
Pairings: Somewhat philosophical EdWin
Summary: Musings on 503, somewhat random, generally poetic. Probably some of the denser stuff I've written, as far as imagery's certainly the most work I've ever put into a short piece, considering how much betaing and proofing we did on it. Enjoy?

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Cloud : Default ; Feeling My Faith Erode

300+ screen caps

If anyone wanted some screen caps in a quick downloadable link, I capped the first part of the movie and zipped it all up. It's on YouSendIt so the link won't last forever, so mirrors would be great.

Spoilers behind the cut, of course. Collapse )
Pensive Bones

(no subject)

I'm posting this in response to the post zrana made earlier. We're looking forward to a new wave of folks in the chatroom. But Zrana's been away for a while and hasn't been kept up to date with all the stuff that has happened so here is just an update on protocol and ettiquette so that everyone can have a good time and we don't have to worry about folks getting into huge fights and so we can HOPEFULLY avoid any wank.

The following post will outline the keyplayers in the chatroom adminstration and moderation structure. Also, it will outline the rules for the aforementioned chatroom. We're looking at a whole new season and a whole new wave of patrons. We're going to have some good times. Let's make sure they stay good times.

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(no subject)

Waoh, I browsed the Chinese forums amikitty posted scans from earlier and ran across another one that [I don't think] was posted here before but omg it made me happy. xD

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Icon Spammage

Up til 3AM last nite ^.^;; Supposed to be working on my HitMix track and I get distracted again.

So here's the 30 icons that I distracted myself with. 15 FMA and 15 BBI. Credit if ya use, hope y'all enjoy!


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And that's that ^.^ Enjoy everyone! X-posted to blubrdsillusion

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KH; OT3; its simple & clean.

Cosplay Help!

Hi everyone. I've got a question for everyone, because I can't seem to make a decision. I've been working on improving my Edward costume over the course of this entire year since I first got it. It's nearly totally accurate, I'm working on adding the last details to the boots and I just can't decide how I want to line the boots. I've been over every piece of media I can get my hands on. The majority of images I find show his boots with red lining, there are some with white lining, and others like in the manga or in the manga artbook don't show any lining ( just a bit of boot glare ). So I have no idea what would look best. I definatly want to line them - but red or white? I can't decide.

Here's a picture of my boot so far, sans the lining:

Poll #568568 Edward Elric Boots.

How should I line Ed's boots?

In red.
In white.
No lining.
Other (post in comments)

Thanks so much guys. ^_^
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Flamel blankie!

Inspired by sky_dark's wall arrays, I decided to make my own little foray into FMA home decor, and thought I'd share it =D Praise me! Or steal my idea. I don't really care. ^_^

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It's very odd for something to seem this easy, and actually turn out that easy too. Even if my flamel doesn't look right all over the place. I'm still proud of it ^_^
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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

Awards Community!

hey guys! i noticed that there wasn't a community for FmA awards... there are many icontest communities (like you nominate one of your icons specific to a theme and stuff), but i haven't come across one purely awards community... so of course i decided to make one. please check it out and/or join hagaren_awards!
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COOL JOKE community

Hello there, all you fine fans of Fullmetal Alchemist. This post will interest those who've seen the anime and not those who've only read the manga, but you manga-readers rock, too.

Anyway, I created a community for the awesome J-rock band COOL JOKE, who did the third opening to Fullmetal Alchemist ("Undo"). If you like the band at all, or even if you just thought the song was pretty cool, join! If you're looking for any of the band's music, join too, because one of the reasons I made it is to spread love of the band more widely by sharing their music :)

artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

Math: true evil!

Hey! I'm back from AnimeIowa, and it was a blast! I took some pics of some FMA cosplayers and the stuff I bought, I'll post them as soon as I get the pics developed.

Until then, here's some crack, I was pretty tired when I made them so I don't think they're as good as my other stuff, but enjoy anyway.


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hat and clogs
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hmm...It seems you people like icons XD. Well Ihavent made icon sin a while but I do havea few stashed away in my black whole I call a photobucket! I dont make pretty stuff. just a lot of joking around for me XD. *hides*

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[Mod announcement]

Good... afternoon/morning/evening/night-whatever-timezone-it-is-for-you-all;

This is just a l'il note telling you that IP tracking has been enabled, after some rather strange anonymous comments were pointed out to us. Anonymous comments are still enabled, however, so the good anonymice can still stick around. ^_^

Remember, if at *any* point you encounter a problem in fm_a - be it flamers, trolls, or excessive pairing/character bashing - let us know.

I would sign off with the words 'I love you ALL' and cookies, but I don't, so I'll keep the cookies. Have fun, and don't forget to play nice! :D

NEW Comm : Blond Guys OT3 : AlphonsexEdwardxAlfons Community

Hi guys~ I'm gonna bring you,

A new community to you on BLOND OT3 Communityal_x_ed_x_al

I am so obsess to Elricest before and after the first seen over Hagaren the movie teaser. I went out like, Heiderich, you're mine :P. I've been lurking around Elricest community for long, but no one has no intention on making this OT3 comm. So, I , nami_go and tsukasa_999decided to bring you out on our OTP. That's how this community begin.

This community aim and welcome for all Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric & Alfons Heiderich's FAN

Enjoy ppl X3

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"In Control" (PG)

I know you guys hate HP/FMA fics. After reading a few, I did too. But this idea was very persistant, it's (supposed to be) funny, and it's not so much a crossover as it is a fusion.
For the record, I believe the perfect Hagaren crossover would be with Discworld. It would be, for lack of a better word, boss.

TITLE: In Control (me + titles = suck)
AUTHOR: Forensic Ninja
WARNING: Some swearing
GENRE: Humour, crossover/fusion, gen
SUMMARY: “Colonel,” Lupin said, holding out the phone as if it were a particularly nasty document, “I believe Lt. Colonel Potter is on the phone, sir.”
NOTES: This is a fusion between Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist, in which HP characters have taken the role of FMA characters. I have tried to keep them as in character as possible for a fusion fic. This all meant in good humour and because this idea wouldn't take "no" for an answer.
Also: the Theodore mentioned is supposed to be Theodore Nott because he was there. Shut up, I know, I know. Believe me, I tried to think of better candidates for the Elric brothers, I really did.
WORD COUNT: 900 (whee)

( All your fakecuts are belong to us )
{ PotC; rain }

FMA Fandom Survey

Without getting completely bashed for this, I'd like to conduct a little survey, so as to get a better understanding of the type of people we have here in our little comm.

I do pray that this is not "off-topic," but if you ABSOLUTELY feel the need to delete it, go ahead.

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PoT / YanaKiri

(no subject)

whee~ icons. ^^ some of these have been rotting in my folder, and some I just made today.. so.. either way.. ^^;; hope you like 'em!

+ Fullmetal Alchemist (14)
+ Naruto (9)
+ Hunter X Hunter (8)

+ Random (2)
~Gensomaden Saiyuki

+ Total -> 33

( click me! )

x-posted like woah.