September 10th, 2005


Ohkawa Tohru in Hachikuro - total crack!

Well, it's a spoiler for Hachikuro anime, vol. 21, but it's so CRACK!!! ^__^

Ohkawa Tohru (Roy's seiyuu) is seiyuu for one of the brothers in Hachikuro, who are gays and in love - they are presidents of company, where is Nomiya working. Ohkawa is Mario (the oldest one).

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I thought I'll die from crack ^___^;
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Ed-  Love me?

Stupid Question Time!

After searching around I decided I wanted to make some WRATH icons, however I can't find any good screencaps of that cute boy anywhere! If someone could direct me to a site where I could find some I would love you long long time. Google hasn't been very much help. (( Google.. has everything but what you need, same as WAL-MART ))

*heart* thank you in advance!!!

(( Oh and I wil post the icons here when I make a few! ))
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Hoping for the fans' goodwill


So, we all know RL is a bad thing. Very bad. It just ate two of my beta-readers. The problem is, one of them was the official beta of the comm I'm co-moderating. It's dedicated to an FMA AU fanfic and we _really_ need a beta for those chapters posted there. So please, any of you who's interested, come and help us! We'd be grateful if you just pointed out the biggest mistakes! It is a good story (at the moment, there are loads of juicy/fluffy HughesRoy smex) and we don't want to let it be ruined it by the fact, that none of the two authors are native English-speakers.

The offers would be greatly appreciated on the fma_mercenaries.

X-posted on fma_yaoi & betas_guild
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[doujin] Kimberly/Al doujinshi

Our Kimberly/Alphonse community calm_bomber has reached 100+ members and 14 weeks of serialization of the Kimberly/Al doujin X333 YAAYY

So here you are, page 14.

Title: F@ggot (inspired by the song by Mindless Self Indulgence)
Pairing: Kimberly/Al
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, blood, offensive language, the works.
Note: Due to the content, subject matter, etc of this doujinshi, it is members-locked to the members of calm_bomber. Therefore, you must join the community in order to view the page.

Page 14
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Mood Theme

Hi Everyone!

The other day I got a paid account, and I wanted to make my own FMA mood theme, so I did.

I thought it'd be nice to share them with everyone.

Follow the link to see the preview and the link to download it via

( FMA Mood theme! )


(no subject)

Ohayo minna. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good links that have locations of stores that sell manga, anime, and j-rock cds? You see, I live in ND and was wondering if any stores in the state might have imported versions of the FMA anime, manga, and soundtracks, as well as other animes. If this isn't allowed, just tell me and I'll try to delete it. ^^;

FMA Movie Translation


I have been working on a translation of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie for those who have the RAW but do not understand it. I'm not very far as yet but it's a work in progress and will be updated as I work on it.

To the Engrish!

Edit: Have updated, it's on the same link. Next update will possibly be on another post in my journal, will keep notifying of updates here
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 I have icons for you all~!  Please enjoy!

(May have movie spoilers!!)

All Fullmetal Alchemist!

Alphonse Elric - x4

Ed & Al - x3

Other Charactors - x2

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[fic] The Water-Stone of the Wise - Chapter 2

I really don't know what I'm on, half the time. This chapter's shorter than the first, but there's more characters. And, um ... yeah. Don't kill me, I like my limbs. Most of them.

Title: The Water-Stone of the Wise
Genre: Action/Adventure, Crossover
Spoilers: Fic takes place after the movie contiunity, but no knowledge of the movie is necessary to read the fic. Minor movie spoilers so far (aka, if you haven't seen the end of the television show, what the hell are you doing reading this?); also is an AU so just because you read it in here, don't take it for granted it happened in the movie.
Warnings: None. (Fake-cut to my journal)

(2: Paris, France)
JoJo Dio coffee =D

Anime Boston 06' Cosplayers needed

I Know it Might be Kind of Early to be thinking of Anime Boston 06', But There is going to be a skit put together that will most likely be 'FMA in 2 minutes' We Need all the characters we can get to make a complete set( or close to it at least) And im wondering if anyone here is going to be Cosplaying as any FMA Character next year to Anime Boston.

To my best knowledge we have: Ed, Al, Roy, Hughes, Sloth, Scar, and Lust(Me).

We need to fill in the other characters though.

If you are interested Please contact through AIM: NeoCrimson1  or E-mail him @   ( Note: Those are not my Aim or Email but the person that is putting the skit together and is going to be Roy)

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Roy!Greed x Roy (with a dash of Ed) GIFTS

I don't think I actually posted this fic up here. It has two parts so far and will have a third concluding part as soon as I've finished writing it. It was originally meant to be my squick entry for devils_devotion's squick contest, but it failed in that it wasn't actually squicky. It is however very very dark and angsty like WHOA. And kind of sad.

TITLE: Gifts (part 1)
PAIRING: Roy!Greed x Roy
WARNING: Rape, bondage. Torture. Theft. Mind games. Spoilers to Ep. 50 of the manga. Spoilers in the authors note for late 40's of the Anime.

( Part 1 )

TITLE: TOY (Gifts Part 2)
PAIRING: Greed!Roy x Ed x Roy
WARNINGS: Oh, this is just fucked up. Angst, discussion of torture, rape. Mindgames.

( Part 2 )
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Two New Yonkoma?

I was browsing through the GanganNET website, and I came across an advertisement for the "Tankoubon 12 Limited Edition". In the ad, there are two yonkoma (or 4-koma) featured that I'm assuming are new and made especially for the book. The quality isn't very good, but I have a clip of the them here. (The one on the left is too funny!)

I just wanted to share, basically. ^_^

Please don't direct link or I'll have to do spooky things to you while you sleep. *wink*
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Pic Request

*headdesk* Okay, I feel terrible about this (I hate making these kinds of requests) but I went through the memories AND the calendar and couldn't find this image. (Most of the old movie scan posts have broken images now anyway).

I'm looking for a movie scan (I think it might have been from a magazine) that has a really nice image of Winry and Riza. Winry is carrying her big case thing over her shoulder and she's (I think) walking off of Pinako's door step.

Could anyone help? I'd really appreciate it. I'm so very annoyed because I remember saving it. >__> No idea what happened.
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Fanart Dumpage :D

I come bearing more of my sucky fanart :3 Its 3 this time though...

***Slight, slight, slight, slight spoilers if you squint really, really hard....and its for if you dont know what Alphonse looks like in the movie...which I would hope you all do seeing as your in this comm...*** O.o;

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And the only reason their big is (1) Im too lazy to TRY and resize them. (2) Even if I TRYED, they'd come out grain'y. And (3) I dont even know HOW to resized them right X_X...

(Oh and if I made a mistake with the HTML, Ill get right to it and fix it)
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