September 9th, 2005


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Okay, a question for UK people. :3 Do you know if any of the FMA ps2 games have been released over here?
It's rather confusing; claims that the first was released in July. The gamestation website claims that the second was released in July - but neither can give much info. When I've asked in Game shops they never seem to have it in their databases. :/
So... was it supposed to be released, but then never was? Apparently it can be ordered from amazon, but they do have a habit of claiming to have things in stock and then just delaying your order forever. Gamestation claims the game is out of stock.

Anyone have it/any info on it? It's so confusing. ;_;
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edward vi is love!

Hagaren Movie OST?

Mods, please feel free to delete this if it's been asked somewhere else (I looked through the memories and didn't see anything), but I'm curious to know whether the movie OST is out? I thought I'd heard that it was, but I haven't heard anything about it for a while. So does anyone happen to know where I can download and/or buy it preferably cheaply? (I live in the U.S., if that's any help.) ^_^;

Thanks very much in advance! (Sorry if this is a very obvious question. I haven't been around the community in a while, so I'm probably very behind.)

(P.S. Almost forgot... does anyone know who created my Hagaren mood theme?? I can't remember where I downloaded it from, but I'm pretty sure it was in this community! Again, thanks in advance and my apologies to the creator for not crediting! ^^;;)
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[Fanart] Ed 'n' Al

The OTP *bows in respect*

Pretty light though; it's stomach-able if you're not an Elricest 'shipper X3

Pic info:
Ed and Al
Not exactly spoilerish for anything; it's just regular ol' restored!Al
Rated PG, I guess? Obsessive fluff
Done for shiome because she's so frickin awesome XD

( Embrace )

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P4: It's breathtaking moments in life
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Fic: Stray Dog - Chapter Five

So finally, after 9 months, I have finished this story. ^^;;; Er... hope you guys like the ending. ^^;;; If anybody remembers the story... XD;;;;;; *hides*

Title: Stray Dog - Chapter Five
Author: Izuro (Dejiko Mew Mew at
Pairing: Havoc x Fuery
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: Shounen-ai/Yaoi
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To Lose Control, pt IX

Finally, it is here ^_^

Title: To Lose Control, pt IX
Author: chosha_sama
Pairing: HavocxEd
Rating: PG/R for nekkidness and some language
Summary: There's no point in thinking of the 'what ifs'. Whats done is done, and now you have to deal with it.
Notes: Woo! Angst like you wouldn't believe, and fairy godmother!Breda. ^_^

Previous Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

( To Lose Control, pt IX )

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25 Manga based icons today!

Please comment and credit if taking. It really isn't hard to do and it helps me know what's popular.

Feel free to alter the bases any way you like (I'd love to see what you do with them) but please don't alter the actual icons. :D This set features Greed, Envy, Lust, Roy, Riza and Barry.


step this way...
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Survey Time!!!

I was just wondering if this community leaned towards Subs or Dubs. Just FMA, don't kill me!!! If you could just comment and tell me that would be great! Remember, please be mature. Thanks in advance.
Shinya - Twins


Thought I'd take a bit of a break from "To Lose Control" to do some...odder...pairings. Not crackish, but weird for me anyway. So, here we go with the first one ^_^

Title: Dominance
Author: chosha_sama
Pairing: FuryxHavoc
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This is really just an excuse for Fury smut ^_^
The song that goes with this is "Time Is Running Out", by Muse. 'Cause I loves them.

( Dominance )

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My immense apologies if this has been asked before. But I could not find the answer.

Does anyone know when Fullmetal Alchemist will resume with new episodes on Adult Swim, or if they will be continuing to play it on Cartoon Network at all?

Thank you for your time.:)
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FUNimation Contest Winners Finally Announced!

Straight from the FUNimation website:

The Fullmetal Alchemist contest came to a conclusion and here are the winners!

Grand Prize Winners
Jennifer S of Ohio
Romona H of Maryland

Runner Ups
Patricia L of West Virginia
Jim C of Pennsylvania
Kate W of California
David L of Missouri
Stefanie L of New Jersey
Bethany C of North Carolina
Amy J of Tennessee
Christopher H of Illinois
Janet M of Washington
Rachel N of Ohio

We want to thank everyone that entered our contest and took the time to write an essay. Each winner has been notified and their prizes will be shipping soon. Watch our website for reports from our top 2 winners as they head out to a great trip to Japan!
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Fanfiction ~ RoyWin


OMG First RoyWin fanfiction I written....
Don't kill me. They are tooo cute to say no.
Beside who says Ed is the only one that gets to have fun too?

Title: 10 RoyWin themes
Rated: From PG-R, For Roy dirty mouth.
Characters: Roy, Winry and Implied Edward.
Summary: They are themes? XD Just read them. Also SPOILERS~ Cuz after the movie, RoyWin got cute. XD

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Please comment, it makes me feel like my writing worth reading. ^^


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Tank Girl - Sub Girl

Fic: "Thirteen Coils" (NotYet!Greed, smut)

Thirteen Coils
by Melissa the Sheep

Summary: Dante's lover wants more than she can offer.
Characters: NotYet!Greed, Dante, Envy
File under: Pastfic, smut, Don't Try This at Home

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to Arakawa-sensei, Square Enix, Studio Bones, Funimation, Viz, etc. No infringement is intended.
Feedback: melissa [at] hippiegoth [dot] org

Distribution note: Linking is welcome, but please do not repost without my permission.

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*dances* I'm gonna get to go to Anime Weekend Atlanta from the 21st to the 26th of this month. My mom called me to tell me that she and my dad agreed that I could go! If anyone wants to meet up with me there, I'll be the crossplayer dressed up as Dim from Decline of Video Gaming, or I'll be the chic with the Ouroboros symbol on my left cheek. I'll be toting an FMA bag, and will also be carrying a Sesshoumaru plushie, and maybe a Bean!Ed Pillow...

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Zacky ; Cutie


Before I even write this entry, im letting y'all know that my grammar is the suck3rz today, seriously...I cant spell anything right today @_@


I have a HUGE favor to ask!!!!!!!11 For my anime club at school, we are thinking about going to the Anime Reactor con as a group, and for me, this is kinda short notice >.< So.....Im going to cosplay as Martel (because I was stoopid and chopped off my uber-long hair a few weeks ago and now its kinda short and I thought it'd be good to cosplay as her 'cause she has short hair but I kinda wanted to cosplay as her a long time ago but my hair was always too long) OMFG im rambling!!!! SORRY!!!!11

Well anyway does anyone have a picture of Martel that shows *most* of her body? I also need a *kinda* close-up picture of her tattoo! Its so hard to find pictures of her!

I'll love you forever and ever and let you have my gatebabies if you can help me out!!!111eleventy111
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artemis; credit to: &lt;lj user=aamalie&gt;

Al the pickpocket!

What exactly does Ed want to touch? Also, the dangers of eating too many doughnuts!

Tommorow I'm heading down to Des Moines for AnimeIowa. I plan on taking lots of pictures, and I wanted to know (this is pry a common sense question and I'm just being dumb) should I ask a cosplayer if I can take their pic before doing it, or do they not care, or does it just different from person to person? Forgive my naivity but I honestly haven't a clue about this kinda thing T__T

On with the crack!


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RADIO DJCD Hagaren Hosokyoku TAKE 4

The RADIO DJCD Hagaren Hosokyoku TAKE 4 CD details were added to the official website today. Apparently the characters featured this time are Jean Havoc and Greed(?). Also, the special bonus track is a "Honey love version" of BOY FRIENDS! (That sounds... interesting, if anything.)

I just thought I'd make a post about this. *shrugs* Oh, please don't steal or direct link to the above image. I'll have to hurt you, and I really don't want to.

EDIT: Oh, and it's scheduled for release on October 19.
[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

More Nazi!Roy Fun

Title: Dominance
Author: Shadow
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: NAZI!ROY, Sadism, Dirty Words, YAOI
Pairing: Nazi!Roy/American Soldier!Hughes
Writen for: marionettegirl
Summary: This is a pre-Schadenfruede drabble that gives you a little more insight into what Roy Mustang's character is like in my twisted universe. It was requested by a friend of mine.

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[Edit] I don't want to spam the comm with a new post, so if anyone wants to roleplay RoyxAl with me, PLEASE IM or MSN ME. *attaches* I'll love you forver and give you presents of cookies and pr0n. ;_;

Aim- Koori no Miko

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A little OST song question here...

I was just watching the first episode of "Piano" (the preview DVD that came with my Newtype) and in one of the scenes I absolutely SWORE I heard "Wakare no Kyoku" piano solo from the 3rd FMA OST playing in the background; I just listened and it's definitely the same song. The "Piano" music was done by Hiroyuki Kouzu, not Oshima, so it's not a re-usage of songs or anything. Buuuut it was definitely the same song. Can anyone elaborate?
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[fic] The Water-Stone of the Wise

Despite the fact that I'm busy as all get out over in fandomhigh, I still have time to be bitten by crack!bugs. Well, I think it's crack, but then again I point at my dog, laugh hysterically, and yell "crack!" so I'm not one to judge. Or that could be the kahlua talking again.

*coughs into hand*

Title: The Water-Stone of the Wise
Genre: Action/Adventure
Spoilers: Fic takes place after the movie contiunity, but no knowledge of the movie is necessary to read the fic. Minor movie spoilers so far; also is an AU so just because you read it in here, don't take it for granted it happened in the movie.
Warnings: None. (Fake-cut to my journal)

(1: Connecticut, 1937)
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Fanfiction: More Request Drabbles

After having a minor explosion at my writing journal after I posted the first set of request drabbles and the meme itself, I come bearing the last (and presumably final) set of request drabbles for everyone!

Roy/Ed : Shock Collar - l_envyxedward_l

( Fullmetal had always had a problem with obedience. )

Izumi/Seig : Cookbook - wildvision

( Inexplicably, they were a match made in a heaven that neither believed in. )

Hughes/Gracia : Universe - treesock

( From the moment he looked into her impossibly blue eyes, apologized for bumping into her, and helped her to her feet, this woman, Gracia, his wife-to-be, would become Maes Hughes’s everything. )

Edward/Winry : Stupid Teenage Boy - violent_aki

( "Why are you looking at me like that?” He’d asked, sounding somewhat disturbed. )

Roy/Alphonse : Uniform - ignipotent (SLIGHT MOVIE SPOILERS)
( The blue brings out the bronze in his eyes, the soldier thinks, smiles, and runs a hand through Alphonse’s hair. )

Roy/Riza : Sunflowers - st0kedness
( The blonde started, one hand instinctively landing on the holster of her gun, the other planted firmly on the desk. )

Russell/Edward : Bees - sailormac
( It begins to rain as Russell takes Edward’s hand and leads him through the grove of lemon trees, talking quietly and probably unaware that the smaller boy behind him isn’t listening. )

Riza/Lust : Void - wolfbrotherjas
( The homunculus smiled, leaning in to lap the blood from bare, pale skin, taking an almost sadistic pleasure in it. )

Roy/Edward : Carnival - l_envyxedward_l
( Ed grabbed the hammer from the man and successfully won them a stuffed kitten. )

Enjoy~! ^^"

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Fanfiction to all..

Title: You have always...
Author: miki05
Rating: PGsh?
Warnings: Movie Spoilers!~ (Major ones!)
Pairing: Eh...if you count Ed admiting he cares then no. XD But yeah directed to all Alfons/Edward fans. (My FIRST fanfiction on this pairing! OMG)
Summary: Small, short drabble that pop in my head. Set after the movie ending. Dedicate to you Alfons/Edward fans. (Pick me!~) Just go easy on me, first time trying this pairing.

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Comments are nice :D


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