September 8th, 2005


Oh God, please be gentle with it! ;-;

I wrote this up this morning, and... am... posting it.

Title: Counterpoint
Author: RetsuMatsuro
Rating: NC-17 for secks and angst
Word count: 1,422
Pairings or characters involved: Roy, King Bradley, Ed!Envy, Ed
Notes: There's angst in this story. Serious angst. Especially at the end. And some minor things that hint to sex. If I remember correctly there may actually be parts that involve sex. I don't remember. Yeah... All I ask is that you please be gentle. Please. Please! o.o;

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FMA Fanstuff

Log time lurkerer, first time poster. Never had anything to post. But I came across these, they're really funny, especially the last two. I found them on As you may have guessed, it's mainly a Sailor Moon site, but it's got good other stuff on it too.
I'm afraid my HTML skills are lacking, so you may have to copy/paste. I apologise.
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Ed and Al Melissa

It seems a LOT of people have recently been requesting re-uploadings of both Ed and Al's Melissa tracks. Instead of burying the uploads in an old post, I'm going to go ahead and put it in a fresh post for all to find (for those who have asked and those who haven't heard it yet). Just as a warning: Ed sounds drunk and Al sounds like a sheep XD!! If anyone would love to help out and upload more mirrors, that would be a great help

Ed Melissa & Al Melissa

(I also want to say I have been making more animated gifs/more screencaps from part 2 of the movie, and I should be posting those this weekend ^^)


Title: Dusk
Author: kiwi_kero
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Set after the series, so possible spoilers.
Disclaimer: See the icon.
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Pairing: Suggested Elricest
Rating: G
Summary: *Set between the series and movie* A year and a half after Ed's disappearance, Al is lonely.

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^_^ Please read and enjoy!!
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Wondering where to buy games.


I'm looking into buying the DS game FMA Dual Sympathy as well as the game where you play the theme Melissa (Boss Band I think?) I checked the memories but no one listed website where I could find those =\ I live in Canada and I asked a few game dealers in the area and they all quoted me a rip off price for them (over 150$ CAN) for one game. I of course don't believe it would cost this much. I will check Ebay but if someone sees this around on a site, could you please direct me to it?
Thank you so much =D
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Let's be Bad Guys

Chibi Sparkle Fun Time!

Yes, this is me on crack during my Economics class. xDD I just started doodling instead of paying attention to the teacher yacking on about...uh...something. I dunno, I wasn't paying attention! xD And so, behold, my final version of Sparkle Peace!

Drawn in pencil, inked, and CGed in PS7. Enjoy! *wanders off to figure out what the hell she was supposed to do in Economics*
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Needed: RP player for Ed

Unfortunately, over at omg_alchemist, we have lost our player for IC!Ed. This is a terrible shame, and something that needs to be fixed very soon! Now, I'm sure there are tons of you around here who would be more than willing to play Ed. If you're interested in taking his part, please click the cut for more info.

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Edit: Yay, thank you to all who are interested! Looks like we have plenty of applications for Ed now, but if you're interested in other characters (or if you apply for Ed and don't get the part), we do still need an IC!Winry, an IC!Al, and more homunculi.
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FMA fangames

Following Bluebird's Illusion, I came across a few FMA fangames (PC). Haven't had the opportunity to play them yet, but there's this yaoi one by my favourite artist, so I took a piccy of it. If anyone has the homepage to her work, can they please post it? I lost the link when my computer got reformatted. Thanks. :)

Screenshots and more to come when I get my laptop back.

[Fake cut to my journal]

[drabbles] 'Hat', (Hughes/Roy, G) 'Damage', 'Control', 'Trade-offs', and 'Tame' (all Ed/Roy, PG-13)

I don't know why I've been on such a weird drabbling kick lately. Most of these were written in the comments of velvet_mace's tentacle porn fic. ^^ The psycho!Ed/Roy ones are unconnected, by the way. Completely different AU for each one.

The Hughes/Roy is very fluffly and tame, but the Ed/Roy ones are fairly disturbing, or so I've been told. Read with caution.

For jmtorres, Hughes/Roy Collapse )

All the rest I blame on zalia and velvet_mace ^^

Psycho!Ed/Roy #1 - Collapse )

Drabble inspired by this picture (not worksafe) - Collapse )

Psycho!Ed/Roy #2, this one based in an AU fic of mine which is still being written - Collapse )

Psycho!Ed/Roy #3 - Collapse )

Edit: Fixed the silly format problems.
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Title: Twisted Love (for lack of a better title)
Author: Zalia Chimera
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Warnings: Psycho!Ed, abuse, brainwashing, torture, slavery... it was written in the comments of a tentacle porn fic... doesn't that say enough? Strangely though, no actual sex O_o

Notes: Blamed entirely on velvet_mace and stickmarionette. It's all their fault ^_~ Originally written in the comments of one of velvet_mace's fics.

Twisted Love