September 6th, 2005

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Well, I just said to myself "somebody ought to make a comm for the Blondpile."

Then I thought -- "Hey, I am somebody!"

So I made one.


The Blondpile is, for those of you who don't know, a four-way between the Elrics and the Tringhams.

Come on, you know it sounds good...

The SATs made a reference to Full Metal Alchemist!

HOLYCRAPHOLYCRAP. The SATs did a Full Metal Alchemist reference!

Look at the sentence below.

Their ideal was to combine individual liberty with material equality, a goal that has not yet been realized and that may be as --- as transmutation of lead into gold.

[ ] chimerical

[ ] indispensable

[ ] historical

[ ] cynical

[ ] inharmonious

Can you guess what the answer was? XD



...sorry if this wasn't allowed. I just found it too amusing. T___T
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「pokemon」 florae
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*wails pitifully*

Someone, please take pity on my poor weak heart and do a screenshot request for me? I couldn’t get the movie since the torrent killed my internet dead. I have to wait until they get the subbed version out to download it. (If I’m sacrificing my internet for this I want to know what they’re saying!) This, however, is something I couldn't wait for x_x; It’s behind a cut in case of spoilers.

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requested chibis

I promised chibis to anyone who helped me with a translation question and here they are!

Hoju for    youkofujima 

(If you don't know who this is your probably better off not looking!  You'll just be confused. ^_^; )  ...and with the small amount of reference I'm sorry if this doesn't exactly look like him... he makes a cute chibi anyway!

Izumi for  csakuras

She's one angry chibi!

Thanks again for the translations!  (I just love any excuse to draw more chibis


Pocket watch question

Hey all - I don't usually pop up around here except to post my fics, but I've got a question this time.

Thinking of getting the pocket watch off NZ auction site trademe at this auction. Can you guys tell me if it's a bootleg? Admittedly, that might not stop me from wanting it, but it would be nice to know.

Thanks very much in advance, and I hope I haven't stepped on any toes by posting this.

Edit: Have been told by many lovely people that it is indeed a bootleg. Thank you guys! ^^

...I still want it. XD
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Zacky ; Cutie

Zomg o.0!

Okay this is very random and stupid, but im hyper and bored xD

Today when I was doing my Algebra homework (and by "doing my homework" you mean scribbling random Chibi People all over my paper "doing" my homework; then yes, I did my homework) one of the questions had 2 people named Roy and Edward in it and I like started laughing 'cause im a dork xD (The question was about finding the perimeter of an apartment or something o.0) and one of the other questions had someone named Jean in it and I was like "Zomg HAVOCCCCC" such a dork xD Everything in my life somehow has something to do with FMA o.o
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Gen fic: "Bastard"

 ...It jumped me.  I take no responsibility.  Written right on the lj in like, ten minutes.

Title: Bastard
A/N: No real warnings, spoilers, or anything like that
Pairings: None

Bastard )

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Employee Ed

Looking for a fic, any help?

Alright... I've asked three seperate people about this already, and no one's even known what I was talking about, so I figure I'll ask here.

A while back (how long, I'm not sure, could've been anytime within the past 6-9 months), somewhere, someone posted a short fic. It featured Sheska, and was a "pairing" fic with a bit of a twist. It was also absolutely hilarious. I don't remember, the title, the author, when it was posted, or even where it was posted, just that at some point I followed a link somewhere in the FMA fandom on LiveJournal to that fic.

So anyway, can anyone help me out here? It's been bugging me that I can't remember hardly anything about it- other than it was hilarious- let alone actually track it down again...

EDIT: Thank you, kytyngurl2!!
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Scanning FMA Stuff

This has been bugging me for some time now. Feel free to delete this if it isn't acceptable, I just needed to ask.

How do you people scan your FMA books without completely ruining them? My FMA doujinshi has a...harder cover, so opening it wide enough to lay it flat (for scanning) would damage it. Opening the Book in Figure RED booklet wide enough would also damage it. Is there a special type of scanner to get in between pages, or does everyone just ruin their things? Is there a scanning trick? Anything??

Please, I'd really like to know!

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Hehe, i just thought this might be amusing to you guys

Well today i saw a thing in the hallway of my school that distinctly said, "What does your homunculus look like?" I nearly died. My first thoughts, were (obviously) FMA related.

And, also, i'll put this in the same post, as not to clog up the pretty...journal. Yeah thats it

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Just a picture for you all...

Huzzah! It isn't exactly Sailor Mustang or anything like that, but you might still find it amusing. It's just a cruddy little doodle I did, but it's based off of a drabble by elfinears called Bathtime. The whole concept just amused me, so yeah... Enjoy the picture until I can draw more SM!FMA parody pictures...

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pour, emo

FANART: Brothers

YAY! Okay. No introduction. Just...picture. Not edited. Disclaimer...also, if you want to do something with it, just leave a post. First fanart in FMA section. <3

If anyone could edit it for me (I'm Photoshopless), I'd love you forever. ^___^

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Enjoy and tell me what you think. :D

(I hope I did this cut thing right. o_o; )
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ITOSHIKI. worth the fighting
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...because bandwagons are meant to be jumped on and I'm bored:

I've got an extremely long list of fanfiction to write, and I'm very uninspired and generally blah on the creative side right now. So give me a pairing or threesome and a random word here, and I'll spit out a drabble for it! It can be yaoi, yuri, het; I don't care. Just give me something to write and get the creative juices flowing!

I posted this meme on my personal journal a few days back, and here are the results:

Fury/Havoc : Reject - uninformed
( He’d always been soft-hearted. )

Winry/Sheska : Anticipation - liete
( The mechanic blinked, took one look at the bespectacled girl in front of her, and frowned slightly. )

Gate/Edward : Manziere - kiida_ne
( They placed their hands on the dirty basement floor, ready to reach into its depths and find their mother, ready to show the Gate that even if they were young, they were no ordinary alchemists. )

Winry/Edward : Incoherent - yoyo64
( Winry could only sigh and shake her head sadly. )

Havoc/Riza : Water - liete
( From the instant Riza Hawkeye woke up, she knew it was going to be one of those days. )

Well, request away, everyone, and enjoy!

X-posted to __kirisaite, my writing journal.
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pour, emo

FANFIC: Want Most of All {oneshot}

Ooh. First fanfic here. ON THE SAME DAY AS FIRST FANART! Wow...I'm avoiding Chemistry. <3

Title: Want Most of All
Author: Abby- WCD (aka lostmused)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: For end of anime.
Summary: Al questions Edward's beliefs about their quest while lying in bed. Edward tries his best to comfort his brother's armor and convince him of the impossible...but Alphonse still refuses to look him in the eye.

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Tell me what you think. ^-^
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XD // unknown


hey there ^^

I don't post too often here, but I figured I would for this.

Was anyone here at AnimeFEST 8held in Dallas over labour day)? I was one of the people cosplaying Roy at it and was wondering if anyone has, or ahs seen any pictures of FMA cosplayers yet from the convention? (Plus, I wanted to try and find pictures of the FMA twister game I played against Envy XD)

Thanks everyone! ^^
Slerra - You&#39;ll never be alone
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Do do do do do Inspector Mustang!

Anyone up for a little FMA Roleplay...based upon my bizarre "Inspector Mustang" crackage...? ever since I started sketching Roy and everyone else as Inspector Gadget characters I want to write it into a fic or even attempt a fan-comic of my current musings...

For those who haven't seen my crack...You'll seed to see this post here to know what the heck I'm talking about.

I still haven't truly decided who the claw is...

I rather like him as Ed...but the silly twisted side of me wants him to be Al. Also...Furher Bradley as the Chief? XD...Can't you imagine him getting blown up all the time...and uh yea... It kinda fits.

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