September 5th, 2005


Ok I have been a lurker for a long time and I figured why not post now...
So a while back someone posted the FMA Kitties. I cannot remember who made them nor can I find it in the memories.. Please if someone could post the artists name or the link for me! Much appreiciated!
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63 Icons: FMA, Parakiss, Nana, FLCL, I.N.V.U., Petshop of Horrors, MacHall, etc.

Hey guys, sorry I didn't get this together before school started!

[63] Icons Total
[28] Full Metal Alchemist
[3] Godchild
[3] Paradise Kiss
[1] Shutterbox
[9] The Tarot Cafe
[1] Furi Kuri
[3] I.N.V.U.
[1] Petshop of Horrors
[2] MacHall
[3] Nana
[9] Nightmares and Fairy Tales

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pic request

Sorry to be a bother, but does anyone have a bigger (like, really uberbig) scan of this image, from uh... one of the DVD covers, I forget which... ^^; (edit: it's from the 12th DVD.)

Image hosted by

I don't remember ever seeing a bigger version of it, and I've been lurking the comm for several months, but if I'm an idiot and just missed it somewhere, please don't hurt me. ._.; I've also checked pretty much all the fma image/screenshot galleries I can think of and don't remember seeing it there either. Anyways, if you can find an uberbig scan of it, I'll love you forever and give you muffins. :B
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(fic) Wired

Because it seems to be what I do around here...more writing by me. XD A fanfiction this time, because my translation of "Link" has decided to baffle me indefinitely. Somewhat old, not as IC as I would like, but recently given a tune-up to make it at least suitable for posting. Slightly off-color, as far as that goes with my writing, which isn't far. ^^;;

Title: Wired
Genre: humor/one-shot
Rating: PG-ish for unorthodox use of automail and a bit of cussing
Summary: The trouble with not fully understanding one's own automail limbs, is that one never knows what will get tweaked in the course of routine maintenance...

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Something A Little Different

Okay, had to share this with you guys before it goes up on my music post:

A very kind person named naomier was wonderful enough to share with me a bit of a rare treat. I didn't know about this (only heard about it on the community recently) but apparently a while back, a drama CD was made for the first novel, "Sareki no Daichi" ("Gravel Earth" by the fansubbers, "Land of Sand" by Viz), which was the novel upon which the storyline involving the Tringham brothers, the two-parter in the anime, was based. I'm guessing this drama CD was made before the anime cast was set, however, because in this drama, Ed and Al are NOT played by Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie (but Russell and Fletcher have the same voices they had in the anime). I kid you not. Instead, the cast list looks like this:

Edward Elric: Minagawa Junko (Eichizen Ryoma, Prince of Tennis; Aoyagi Ritsuka, Loveless)
Alphonse Elric: Kusaka Chihiro (Shirai, Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch)
Russell Tringham: Okano Kousuke
Fletcher Tringham: Arakawa Minako

This is seriously one of the weirdest things I've ever heard in my life. XDDDDDD Ed sounds more GIRLY and Al sounds older and more masculine. It's totally, totally bizarre. Not BAD, not in the slightest, just BIZARRE.

(Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie will always be Ed and Al to me XDDDDD;;;)

Anyway, I know a couple of people on this comm were looking for this specifically and I thought everyone else would like to hear it too, so I've got a YSI link here for ya and I'll start working on another one in case this one runs out:

(Even though YSI was being a stupid @#)$*)%# this morning >.<)

As a note, this is the first volume in a series of drama CDs (the same one that The Scars of the Unforgiven belongs to) that Shounen GanGan put out. The rest of the drama CDs have the regular anime cast. This drama CD and the second in the series will be up on my music post very soon (as soon as I get all the html'ing done). The Scars of the Unforgiven is already available for download there, along with two other dramas (which I think were specials(?) put out by Shounen GanGan: Ogtare of the Mist and The Crown Jewel of Heaven):

Enjoy the weirdness! XDDDDD;;;

EDIT: Oh, and while I'm posting, I'll announce here that on, they have a FOURTH Hagaren Housoukyoku CD (Take 4) listed for release on October 19th, which will feature the voice actors of Greed and Havoc as guests and have a remixed version of "BOY FRIENDS!"


And now I'm done XD
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(no subject)

I need a good map of Amestris as a reference for a fanfic I'm writing. I know there were some posted here before, but I can't find them.

Pictures or links would be good. I need town names, in particular.

Thanks in advance!
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For youkofujima

While probably not as good as velvet_mace's, I come bearing a fic that is several things:

1. The first thing I've written in a long time.
2. The response to youkofujima's challenge.
3. As it was with velvet_mace, the squickiest thing I've ever written.

SO. On that note, be CAREFUL with this fic unless you're prepared for a brain-burning or just like tentacle!rape which is okay because I do, too.

Title: Growth
Pairing: Plant!Thingy x Human!Al
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,478
WARNINGS: Rape, tentacles, squick, and one line that's a tiny spoiler on the movie, I believe.

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Images Request~

Heya~ I kinda need FMA pictures for something I'm working on, but I can't find good images of some of the characters that I'd like to have featured. I was wondering if anyone had any images or knows a really good gallery I could grab pictures from? The characters I'd like more pictures of are:

- Maes Hughes
- Scar
- Any and ALL of the Homunculi (Especially images of Sloth, Pride, and Envy since I'm not too happy with the ones I have now.)
- Pinako
- Dante

And any important character that is hard to find pictures of. D:

Please keep in mind that I can only use official images and not fan art. I'd also like a clear shot of the character's face, please. :3
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"Bratja" Nokia Ringtone

Hey everyone! glorfindel posted asking if anyone had an FMA ringtone, and I wanted to share mine! Last year I sat down and figured out all of "Bratja" on my Nokia composer. So, if anyone wants to use it for their phone, I say the more the merrier. I don't know how many phones it will work on, but feel free to give it a shot. If I ever hear my ring on your phone in person, we can be best phone buddies ^___^

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Okay! Listen up people! Since there is now a raw of the movie available, we are going to do like we do with episodes.

All commentary and discussion from people who have seen the raw will go in comments in this post and this post only.

Any and all separate posts made on the movie will receive a comment from the moderators linking back to this post, and then will be deleted.

Anyone who posts any spoilers outside of this post, especially without an LJ-cut, will be automatically banned for a week and possibly longer depending on the size of the problem caused.

Please abide by these rules, as there are people who are no doubt waiting for the fansub and don't care to be spoiled, and also the community does not need to be flooded with separate posts.

Thank you and have fun.

EDIT: There WILL be movie spoilers in the comments this post, just to reemphasize that. I appreciate the "thank yous," but if you're waiting for the fansub, you may want to be careful commenting here.

EDIT 2: Also, please don't make multiple posts for direct download links. Once ONE post goes up with direct download links, please post further direct download links in the comments of that post only. I'll update this post with a link to any further posts so people will know where to go.

EDIT 3: Post any direct downloads in this post:
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before i became a good member of lj, i went taking icons without crediting but now when i wanna use them, i find that i can't find who made them :( so, under the cut is some icons that i've taken over these months, hope someone can tell me who to credit ^_^;;

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if this isn't allowed mods you can delete it ^_^;;
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(no subject)

Anybody from North Texas and went to the AnimeFest at the Hyatt in Dallas? I BOUGHT PRINTS, from some nifty talented college students, and won a bid on another matted Fullmetal Alchemist print. This one artist did alot of Naruto, GundamWing, and FMA fanarting, but she'd anthropicize all of the characters. ^^ Alot of them were really cute! I think that she's done some fanfiction for either the Recasted Com or Inverted... But I really don't know. Her lj address is lj2dogmatix_san... I think. But I need to look that up to!*can't cite for beans*


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[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

Schadenfreude [Chapter 2] -- RoyxAl fic [Set in WWII Germany]

Title: Schadenfreude
Author: Shadow
Pairing: RoyxAl
Warnings: AU, Nazis, Sadistic!Roy, ANGST.
Rating: R (For now)
Summary: Alphonse Elric, a half-jewish boy living in the Warsaw ghetto is offered the chance to be "saved" by the high-ranking Nazi soldier Roy Mustang. With the desire to live and locate his brother, he accepts, not knowing what lies as his payment.
Chapter: 2/?
Previous Chapters: 1

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