September 3rd, 2005

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The Ultimate Scar Online Resource Guide

Over at fma_scar, I've posted the first draft of my Scar Online Resource Guide. Guide contains links to as many Scar related websites as I can find, including fanfiction and fanart. This is a work in progress, so all suggestions are welcome and will be taken in the fma_scar community.

(comments disabled in order to ensure that all links to new Scar sites are added in the appropriate area, so that even if they are not included right away in the main post, anyone looking for Scar stuff should be able to find it from the one link)
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[doujin] Kimberly/Al doujin page 13

For those of you who saw me at Otakon, this is THE PAGE. The page that, in my opinion, makes this doujinshi what it is.

Title: F@ggot (inspired by the song by Mindless Self Indulgence)
Pairing: Kimberly/Al
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, blood, offensive language, the works.

Due to the subject matter of this doujinshi, it has been kept under a members-only lock. In other words, you must join the community calm_bomber to view it.

Page 13
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The start to a Royai Fanfic I'm doing. :D 

Just wanted to post make sure theres no errors in grammar/ I didn't make Riza some kind of love-struck pansy.

Title: None as of now.

Pairings: Roy and Riza (duh XD;;)

Spoilers: None. There might be some as I right more, but as of now, none.

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ok, so real quick, does anyone have the link to that superly awesome realistic digital artwork of edo?

its on deviant art, but i cant find it again... *sad*

[someone posted about it awhile ago on this community]
artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

Full Metal Crack (manga)!

It's done, the crack version of the FMA manga (the first chapter anyway)! About 1/4 of the diologue is unaltered to keep plot flow...or I couldn't think of anything funny :P I hope you all like it...and aren't easily offended, lol. Please tell me what you think so I know if I should continue or not.


And, if for some reason, you don't want to download, you can just go here:
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Was browsing a couple name sites the other day - started looking up the meanings of the various names of the FMA characters. Several of them don't exactly exist - or are bastardized versions of the original japanese names. Still, it was interesting, seeing how the various names either fit or clashed with the FMA characters. Below is a summary on the meanings and origins of Roy's group of supporters in the military and short discussions on how the names suit them. Enjoy!

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Picture request

So I was going through my files just now, and I realized that I've lost a precious Roy image. *cries* It was a *big* picture of him on that grape shampoo bottle. I think he's winking or something. He's definitely sparkling and looking hot. Can anybody send it to me? I'll love you forever!
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I love the idea of taking the series and drawing it in your own style plus I adore the RoyxEd pairing, ^^ so I was wondering if someone could direct me to a website where I could find doujinshis? This must be asked often, I apologize.
berun hah hah
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EDIT: Seems like it's already 99.9999% not true...*is still hoping for a faster release* But still...LOTS OF ROMI LOVE INSIDE!!
August 17, 2005 ㅡ There tends to be a feeling of unexplained excitement and even a hint of triumph when Koreans cheer about South Korean television dramas gaining growing popularity outside the country ― particularly in Japan.
So when a Korean voice actress won the main role in one of the most popular Japanese animation films, Koreans here were particularly pleased.
Some newspapers pointed out that "Japan's best voice actor was a Korean," while others compared Park Ro-mi, the third-generation Korean-Japanese voice actress, to BoA, a Korean teen sensation who is currently conquering the Tokyo billboard charts.
Ms. Park won the main role in "Full Metal Alchemist," an animation film that remains true to its comic book origins and drew 700,000 viewers across Japan last month.
The same movie was released on DVD in Korea last week, and Ms. Park visited Seoul to promote the film. She had to answer questions about how she viewed "being the first and best voice actress as a Korean in Japan."
"I am not sure if I am the first Korean voice actor in Japan," she replied. "I am Korean, but I was born and raised in Japan. I just try not to discriminate against myself by limiting myself to being either a Korean or a Japanese."

Excerpt from this.





Okay...*calms down* they *might* be meaning the normal anime DVDs, but then why the same movie was released on DVD????

*is confused and anxious*
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