August 31st, 2005

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Does anyone have any paid-account custom style layouts and friends only banner? Specifically of Roy, if possible.

Btw. The layout I'm asking for isn't for this journal, it's for my greatestjournal of the same username.
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[seal] I'm an egg

[pic] Tentacle!Al/Ed FMA/EVA

Okay, now THIS one needs explaining. But I can do that under the cut.

Generally, it's Tentacle!Al (yes, Alphonse as a tentacle) and Ed.

So...anyone not into Elricest, yaoi, or tentacles--stay away.

Done as an art trade with miss_arel X3333 ♥

NOT WORKSAFE. (maybe. Just to be safe. Oh, and spoilers for EVA)
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Negative Concepts: Banter

Title: Banter
Series: Negative Concepts
Summary: Military, shmilitary.. Just because something looks good on the outside doesn’t mean it can’t be bitter once you take a bite
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Adult Language
A/N: Gomen to all for taking so long on part 11. College has once again started for me, and my time has been rather limited. Hopefully the next part will be along shortly (And please do comment if you are actually enjoying this series. I just want to know if it is worth me continuing this series). Click on the series link for previous parts if you are not this far along in the storyline.

The more you talk, the less I see of myself in you. You really need to shut up and quit making it worse on the rest of us..
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The death of the seven sins...

(no spoilers here ^__^)

I just lost all of my database >__< and I don't find again the few posts about how the sins die in the religion (not in fma, even if the manga could....) ! So.... please, can someone tell me again how they die or give me a link of a website :0 ? *lost all of her adress*
Thank you if you can~~~ ! *give cookies and chocolate*
KH - OT3

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I, sadly, didn't get a chance to go to otakon this year. However, my friend Sarah did, and she was telling me that she saw someone cosplaying Fletcher Tringham.

Sadly, her camera was broken.

Did anyone get a picture of this cosplayer? Was Sarah just making it up?

If someone does have pics, please share them with me! *is so totally in love with Fletcher*
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Fanfic contest voting

Hello, everybody. The military_nerd's fanfiction contest is officially closed. We recieved five entries. The links are below, please, take a look at all of them then decide, which one do you like best. You can vote by commenting on this entry or the others crossposted on military_nerd and fma_yaoi

Thank you for the contestants for submitting their work.

The entries:
mija711: Secret Lover

mistr3ssquickly: Without words

alleyb: Can you love me too?

embyn922: Ducks

chrstphrl: In the eye of the Beholder

Voting ends on the third of September. Thank you.
White tern

Pic request

Sorry for the spam, but does anyone have a better version of this pic? (Movie spoilers, beware.) I can edit out text, but if anyone has one without the big crease through the middle, that would be great.
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Help ;_;

First of all, sorry for spamming XD
I'm making a Roy layout and I'm looking for a certain picture.
I looked around the memories but I couldn't find it. Or maybe I suck majorly and completely missed it.

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Christmas has come a bit early...

-allherglory slinks in, hiding behind her Al plushie-

This is my first Full Metal Alchemist drabble - well, fic, in general. Advices and constructive criticism are welcomed!

Title: Colonel Roy Gets into the Christmas Spirit
Summary: The title speaks for itself. (; Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13 for the word 'bastard'?
Word count: 826 characters.

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-runs away- >.>;;
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Chibi and you know it

RoyxHughes video crack!

Found this on, and I wanted to share it for those that aren't members.

It's not actually an AMV because there's no music in it whatsoever, but it's a hilarious download of Hughes giving Mustang the Friendship Test. It just SO fits these two characters SO well. Enjoy!

Mustang & Hughes: The Friendship Test

EDIT: Link fixed now! REALLY! It's fixed!!! Try it! :) :) :) And if you have an account, here's the page for it.
As a matter of fact...- Shigure

Riza Colorbar!

Me + Riza pictures + cupcake + bored + hyper + PSP + cupcake = RIZA COLORBAR! =OOO (But only four of those things are important!)

This one is the first colorbar I've ever made ^^; And it was actually kind of fun o_O But I wonder if I could have done any better XD;; (I don't like my pathetic, shrimpy stash of piccies that smells like shrimp...)

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{ PotC; rain }

A fic...kinda?

Hey all. My friend choleric_ amazes me sometimes. The deal is, she's not too crazed about FMA. I tried my damndest to get her into it, but she never did. She knows the characters and the plot and every so often we do some random cross-over RPs, but I have failed to corrupt her fully.

That aside, she amazed me by writing a short FMA/xxxHolic crossover fic. Somehow, despite the fact that she knows next to nothing about FMA, she managed to get Ed and Al down pat. So, I'm sharing it here.

Title: Mistakes
Rating: Bordering PG, but nothing bad
Author: choleric_
Summary: General fic, FMA/xxxHolic crossover one-shot. Ed and Al decide to pay a visit to Yuuko, to retrieve what they have lost.
Spoilers: None for FMA, and nothing really for xxxHolic. You don't even have to know that much about the plot. (I don't.)

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ITOSHIKI. worth the fighting
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EdWin; Touch

I come bearing somewhat aged, het fanfiction. Het? From me? Who'da thunk it.

But, yeah. I'm not a totally crazy EdWin fan (being that RoyEd is my OTP), but I do think the pairing is cute.

Title: Touch
Rating: PG
Pairing: One-sided Winry/Ed
Genre: Angst, Musefic
Notes This was inspired on how Ed seems to be extremely wary about being touched in the series.
Length: Oneshot

( Winry was thankful that he was sleeping. )

X-posted to fma_fiction, fm_alchemist, fma_het, and the writing journal, __kirisaite where all the cool cuts hang out at after school. Also posted at ed_winry.

I was at church...

And I FINALLY got these lyrics.

Now the first time I EVER heard this song, Greed and Kimblee popped into my head. And they were doing naughty things while I was singing so I started looking around with shifty eyes, trying to not draw attention to myself.

Here are the lyrics, see if you see Greed or Kimblee.

Like a lightning bolt, running through my hands
Like a blazing fire, shut up in my bones
Like a prisoner, who's been released
I have been consumed, and I have to scream!

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