August 30th, 2005

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I don't even know why I care.

I'm watching the English dub which I hate with the passion of a thousand sharp pointy things and I got a question: is Envy supposed to be female or male? In the original and best Envy's seiyuu is a dude, but in this one, Envy's a chick. What's the dealio?

Edit: LOLS I got pwned. Envy's Japanese seiyuu is, in fact, female. SO SORRY.
And to show my complete ignorance, I've even seen the entire series. Have your way with me as you wish.
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Drabble Dump!

I did that meme where people suggest a pairing (or threesome) and a word and you write a drabble and well this is what followed..

( Greed/Hughesmunculus/Roy, grin ) Rated R. Warning implied Rape
( ED/AL/AH, underpants ) Rated PG-13 Adult content.
( Envy/Ed, Tenderness ) PG-13 Warning Brutality
( Hughes + Havoc, knife ) Rated G this one is actually gen.
( Hughes/Havoc, knife ) Rated NC-17, Rape
( Ed/Al/Scar, gauge ) R, Adult themes. Angst.
( Ed/Lust/Scar, gauge ) R, adult themes. Crack
( Russel/Ed/Al/Fletcher, fever ) Rated NC-17 PWP
( Roy/Al, unnerving ) R, non-con, shota, squick, angst.
( Humunculus!Ed x Kitchen Sink, facsimile ) R, crack!

And more...

( Ling/Roy/Ed, Juxtaposition ) R, Adult themes.
( Ed/Al/Scieszka, bookmark ) NC-17
( Havoc/Roy "woobie"-- sorta ) PG-13, Adult themes.
( Havoc/Roy, woobie ) R, non-con, angst.
( Hughes/Ed, brilliance )R, adult themes, angst.
( Roy x Ed x Al, Pillow Fight. ) PG-13 Adult themes
( Envy + Ed + Roy, Socks. )Rated G, gen.
( Roy + Scar, donuts. ) G, gen.

And that's ENOUGH!
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Written at 11:30 last night when I got a suprise plotbunny attack. Not that great, not that long, but thought I'd share anyways :)

Title: Going Home
Pairing: Implied AlWinry at the end
Rating: G

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(no subject)

Yet again! Another real post from your resident icon lurker. I have a question!

I've been plotting evil debating for a few weeks now, and I decided I would, in fact, do this weird outlandish idea I have. But! I need help! I'm trying to cast FMA in Wicked, and so far, I don't have many links. What I do have is the obvious stuff (Ed as Elphaba, Al as Nessarose I can't think of anyone else)

Any help would be sexed up with slashy affection appreciated. Thanks in advance.

FMAxWicked OTP dammit!

x-posted to fma_sanity

Any and all changes to the character list(and potential character listings) can be found here
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In the Fullmetal Alchemist tankoubon, is there always three yonkoma or is there sometimes more/less?

Also, does anyone have any scans of yonkoma that are NOT found in the tankoubon? I would love you for a long, long time if you would share.

Ed being all sentimental

hiya, question-ness!

well, ive spent the last some hours looking through memories of several communities, including this one, and i wanted to ask, does anyone have th elink to the ganbare tama chan! mustang amv? or at least the song itself in a file? i've been dying to hear the song again, and for some reason at, it will not give me the option to download the video TT_TT im very sorry if it is in fact in the memories and i maybe missed it, but im pretty sure i didnt, so is much appreciated ^_^

rock on


wooot i have been helped. thanks much! ^_^
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Winry and Al fight

No matter how many times I draw it, I can't seem to be able to draw people from side point. I am forever doom on that....-cries- I have no idea why I decide to draw Winry fighting with Al...It always seem to me that way between the two after Ed suddenly banish of the face of the earth. (Movie spoilers?) Since everyone likes Al/Winry, though of giving it a try. (It's cute...but...too romantic, EdWin is more....I will hurt you, thing. XD)

Characters: Al and Winry
Rate: PG
Time taken: Eh.... A LOT.

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No, I don't think so.

Back on track?

FullMetal Alchemist:
[x] Ed - 1
[x] Envy/Wrath - 1
[x] Hoho, Tricia and Ed - 1
[x] Ed/Winry - 1
[x] Scar - 1
[x] Lust - 1
[x] Greed/Kimbley - 2
[x] Sloth [and wrath] - 1

Along with some Ai no Kusabi, Paranoia Agent, Loveless, YYH, Fight Club and other shit.

NOTES: there are spoilers for FMA [thirties and up], and I guess the end of the Sensui Arc [YYH]. And some animations might be choppy due to size

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I have decided, that I should start a RP. But not just any RP, Oh no.


Just for tonight. XD People, hurry and claim, 'cause IT WILL GO FAST. XD

Everyone's free 'cept Al.

So c'mon, and uh.... let's have fun! -rhyme- XD

EDIT: S/N's FoxKaiya. Eh-heh. ^__^;;
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(no subject)

Sorry to emerge from the dark corner where I lurk, but I have a burning queston. There's one song from the Edward Elric Songfile, and I'm confused as to the title. Sometimes people call it "Asu he no basho" and other times I see it named "Ashita he no basho" I know that sometimes romanized spellings vary, but this seems like a big variation to me. Can someone please tell me what the correct title is? Thank you very, very much!!
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34 FMA icons :P

Bwehehe. Lookit what I'm doing instead of getting ready for school which starts tomorrow~ X3

- Fullmetal Alchemist x34
- Gensou Suikoden Series x18
- Bleach x4
- AIR x9
- Tales of Symphonia x7
- King of Bandits Jing x6
- Shaman King x9
- Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar x8
- Fruits Basket x4
- Kingdom Hearts x3
- .hack//whatevah x4
- Final Fantasy X x3
- Yakitate!! Japan x4
- Bleah x6


They're all over heeeyaar. Check 'em out plz. :P