August 29th, 2005


I did it and now I'm pretty much dead. D:

Here's some fanart of mine. Envy fanart.
For some reasons, the thumbnail won't show, so for once, obey me and FULLVIEW. NO, I CAN'T host it anywhere else. YES, it's HUGE. NO, I'm having too much fun with the capslock to STOP with THAT.

NO spoilers here, for a change.

EDIT: I've got a less dark version. But as the dark version took much time to be uploaded, I won't upload it too unless you ask it.
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Devil's Nest

New community. I've seen communities for just about everything, but I never saw anything dedicated to the poor chimeras.


Feel free to join, it's getting lonely by myself. Any discussion, fics, and pics of the chimeras, Greed, or Kimberly are welcome.
Digimon - Fuji TV

Cheap doujinshi and fanbooks for sale

Longtime lurker, occasional poster here. :) I'm selling off a bunch of my books to pay for school and whatnot, and most of it's FMA fanbooks, so I figured I'd link my auctions here in the community. Mostly Royai with some other stuff mixed in. As far as I can tell this post shouldn't break any rules, but my apologies if it does.

Have a look at what I've got here!
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now i'm a scene kid
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Munich : 1923 (yaoi fanfic not worksafe)

Warning: the following fanfic is yaoi, not worksafe and contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

I wrote this fic back in March before the movie came out. Forgive me if I got anything wrong =D

Title: Munich: 1923
Pairing: Edward Elric X Alphonse Heiderich
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Just another afternnon doing research. PWP Lemon

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Also posted at: heiderich_love
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~A Bright Future~ Yaoi fanfic

Warning: This fanfic contains smutty yaoi and may not be worksafe. Also contains spoilers for those who haven't seen the whole series.

((I know I already posted one but I wanted to post another XD)) This one was written the other day out of boredom. (Hah! It's like my new fav pairing >>;; )

Title: A Bright Future
Pairing: Edward Elric X Alphonse Heiderich
Rated: NC-17
Summary: This is actually the first chapter of an ongoing story but I just wanted to post this cause it's pretty on its own. ^_^;; Yaoi

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also posted at: heiderich_love
Chasing a Ghost
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(fic) He Who Searches For Himself ~ Shameless Plug ^^;;

XD; I have no idea how many people read this. gives me an idea but that information is not reliable.

I've been writing a Post-Series FMA fanfic entitled "He Who Searches For Himself", which picks up days after episode 51 concludes. It's the on going journey of Edward and Alphonse Elric as they struggle to return their lives to some resemblance of "normal". It's Gen!Fic, Plot!Fic, spoilerific, post-series, non-movie oriented, and getting rather long ^^;;

I had originally run the fic on but I've decided to move the central location to this LJ (yuuki). LJ > I've only got the first 6 chapters uploaded so far, but I'll be uploading more throughout the week (there's 18 chapters to date, still on going).

So, if you've got some spare time and are looking for something to think about before the movie turns up somewhere on the internet, there's some old meat in a new location.

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One more before I go...

Hey, all! To those who don't know, I'm hopping a flight to Japan tomorrow to spend a year studying Japanese at Tokyo International University. Considering I have no idea how/where/when I will have internet access in Japan, this may be my last lyrics post for a while. I'll be back as soon as I can, which could be any time from 48 hours from now till who knows when. I may try to sneak in a fanfiction sometime this evening, too, since I have yet to post any of those here...

Since I've heard a lot of people requesting the image songs, here's my translation of Ame no Hi wa No Thank You!

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Zacky ; Cutie


I need y'all to help me....

Im working on some journal layouts for my layout community and I really need some pictures of Manga!Rose ive looked everywhere and I cant find any pictures ;_; So does anyone have some pictures/scans or know where I can find some?

Thanks in advance~
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Layout request

If this is spam, you may shout at me accordingly.

I've seen a number of LJ layouts on this community...has anyone made (or is willing to make) an Izumi layout? I'm currently kinda collecting Izumi stuff (because she gets no love!) and I think a layout of her would be spiffy. :) So...yesh. If no one has it, that's fine...perhaps you could point me to a link on how to make them, and I will construct my own? Thanks either way.
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Further Adventures of Roy x Ed Fic Dumpage

Yes kids, it's that time again. You know the drill! Fics below are (obviously) fake-cut, and more can be found at my archive. As a special treat, this dump contains some of my first multi-parter ever, and a bit of OT3 pron. Heck, this post even has pre-slash bordering on Gen! Enjoy.

Title: Trust: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3
Pairing: (Eventual) Roy x Ed
Summary: My first multi-part fic. Al is restored and everything seems to be going well. But Ed is not happy. When he accidentally finds out more about Roy's goals, Ed thinks he's found a new focus in his life. Unfortunately, military conspiracies and developing feelings start complicating things real fast.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Plotty, some romance, angst, and fluff. AU

Title: On Reading
Pairing: Roy + Ed
Summary: Ed is frustrated over what he sees as Roy manipulating events. Roy, however, is a bit frightened.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Introspective, Pre-Slash, Fluff, and some Humor.

Title: Trust and Family
Pairing: Roy x Ed x Al
Summary: Roy is afraid to take the final step, so Al and Ed help him out.
Rating/Genre: NC-17/Introspective and fluffy... smut?! NOT WORK-SAFE.

Title: Ingrate
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: The top brass drop by unexpectedly to find Roy a bit under the weather.
Rating/Genre: R/Slightly smutty crack if you wait long enough. MIGHT NOT BE WORK-SAFE.
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Naked Alchemists Ahoy!

And here's the fic, as promised. There's a lot more where this came from, so if you like this, keep your eyes peeled for other work. ^_^

Title: Jaybird
Spoilers: Nothing major (set around episode 17 in the anime)
Rating: PG for recurrent nudity
Word Count: 1,425
Summary: Fixing his automail was the easy part. Coexisting with him...well, it was a lot easier back when he was six and kept his frikking clothes on... (lightly flavored with EdWin)

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