August 28th, 2005

Roy Drip (Borrowed from someone)

Beware the Meme Crack!

The Rules: First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

1. Edward
2. Hughes
3. Envy
4. Gluttony
5. Alphonse
6. Roy
7. Havoc
8. Fury
9. Greed
10. Black Hayate
11. Kimblee
12. Armstrong

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Wow. That was special.

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[seal] I'm an egg

[pic] Hughes/Havoc--"Purge"

This was a pic that I drew for the fic/art trade with cosmicbiscuit for her fic "Purge," which I'll put a link for under the cut, cuz then you'll have read the warnings...


PIC IS Rated R bordering on NC-17. NOT WORKSAFE.

(though, I think the pairing Hughes/Havoc kinda says it for itself)

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Lykomg. It's officially August 28. It's my 16th birthday today & I'm giving YOU presents. Well, not really (but kinda), I'm just trying to shove it in your face that I'm finally sixteen & that Vic's bday is one day before mine, yo :D

• Anime!Roy
• Anime!Hughes
• Anime!Izumi
• Anime!Ed
• Anime!Al
• Anime!Armstrong
• Anime!Envy
• Anime!Gluttony
• Anime!Greed
• Anime!Winry
• Anime!Havoc
• Manga!Roy
• Manga!Hughes
• Manga!Ed
• Manga!Al
*Note, if there's anyone you don't see but would like to, let me know. Any fan of FMA deserves a well done colorbar ^^

(Fake cut!)
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[fic] 'One Thousand Ways to Say Goodbye', (Roy & Ed centric, PG)

Title: One Thousand Ways to Say Goodbye
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen, really, although there is plenty of Roy/Ed subtext if you want to see it
Summary: 'Ed peeled off his remaining glove and dropped it to the dusty ground. That took care of some of the smell, but there was no helping the rest, splattered all over his previously pristine uniform.' Ed has some curious encounters while on patrol and finds some resolution at last. Angsty, with mild mindfuckery.
Music: Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry & kd Lang
Dedication: to tir_synni, because this is actually supposed to be her birthday fic, after all. I'm sorry it's probably not what you had in mind when you asked for Ed hurt/comfort XD

( the beauty of the light upon this earth and the sweetness of the leaving )

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Sonuva... X(

Yup, you guys were right. There was a stanza missing from UNDO. I typed it up from memory and without an MP3 for reference, because I transferred all my files to an external harddrive last week and somehow they got trapped in it and I couldn't access them and...yeah. Anyway, that's fixed now, and here are the real lyrics for UNDO.

Yurushite ne. ^_^;;
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ARGH. THERE. I've drawn it.

See, in the manga of Neon Genesis Evangelion, they've finally caught up to episodes 23-24-ish of the anime. So in that episode, there's a new angel that appears and just kinda...infests into Rei's body, you know?

But in the manga, the angel looks...more tentacle-like than the one in the anime, cuz it has more than one

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Alphonse emotes?

Hi, I'm Kristin, usually a lurker, I'm also a Ranger. I come wth a question...

Does anyone have a collection of Alphonse emotes? There are a few diffrent ones (blush, confusion, anger, crying...) but I can't manage to find screen caps of any of them... If any one can supply me with some I'd love them forever and give them a cookie. Anime or manga would be snazzy.

<3 Kristin
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a question...

x__x a while back, someone posted somthing about the 3rd FMA video game soundtrack or somthing. (i think thats what this is...^__^;;) and i made a sig for a forum out of the cover.

but i would like to know, who is the girl? XD;; i dont think anyone said somthing about her. anyways, the pic is behind the cut.

if anyone could help me out, that'd be awesome. ^__^;;

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RO - Angel SHIN /lv Neko-Jo
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Photoedits. You know you wanna look. :D

Photoedits once again. I come with two this time, check them out please? <3

Not sure if many people have made this connection before but if anyone is familiar with Suikoden III, then you should know of the Flame Champion. I don't need to say much more really, the word flame always leads to the same thing in this fandom.
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The second one is a little more confusing. Even I don't know where it came from. But I remember, all the way back in December last year, someone was talking about Instant Yaoi or something. Anyways, I started this in December 2004, and only now did I decide to finish it. Go me. :3
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And now. I'm making connections between Alphonse and Ted. causetheyrebothsuperhawt Excuse me.
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Year of the Mustang

I swear this isn't spam. (But if this isn't allowed please delete. ^^)

This is just a bit of Crackish Information. ^^; While looking for something to watch on television, other than dead old people singing. I turned to channel 26 WETA and I see the title "Year of the Mustang" appear on the tv. I squee thinking...OMG Mustang Mustang...nehh =^_^= Well I'm sure everyone understands? Well after that shot...A *LOAD* of horses (mustangs) appear on the tv. Running wild and free and I just imagined Mustang (a bunch of Roy Mustangs) running together. o.o; It's a documentary on Mustang. (hahaha omg It's like the episode where Roy's group is watching him.) XD Then the documenter says something about a Mustang on the cliff and he was shot by a hunter and fell off. (This was literal insanity. I imagined Hawkeye chasing Roy down and then shooting him. XD

Then my Mom said...Is there anything better to watch?
Me: NO! XD Heh...So I hope others will find this amusing...or I might need to get my brain checked. >_
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Help? :D;

'Kay, so sometime this year, I'm going to cosplay as Mei-chan from the manga. (At Halloween, and, if I go, Oni-Con) I've been looking around, but so far all I've found is this. So, I need some reference pictures, preferably in color.

Please and many thank-yous if you can help. :)
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Lyric dubs~

Well, as tobu_ishi is posting her lyric dubs, I figured, why not, I have a few stored on my comp xD

I come bringing Hagane no Kokoro and Ame No Hi Wa No Thank You. Hope you guys like them~ Comment if anything sounds odd or with requests (I take all anime requests, but I need mp3 if I dun have the song xD)

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If anyone wants to look at my other anime dubs (not many) go to animelyricdubs. Also, if anyone wants to post dubs there, check the userinfo for how you can get posting access.

Paku Romi community!

Um, yeah. Hi all! :BB I just created a PAKU ROMI community!! :OOO (She voiced Edward in case you didn't know. :O)

So... if you're interested... please join. :D I have MP3s! And cookies!!


:DDD Okay that's it! *hides away to continue editing manga*
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CN Anime Photos

I just came home from the convention a few hours ago, resized and uploaded all the photos. (Not many though, sadly) and I wanted to share some FMA cosplayer pics with everyone here! ^^

It seems that this time around, the FMA hype is rising! There are more FMA cosplyers! w00t! No really, on Saturday, someone did an Edward in a mini skirt! Haha! Well, enjoy the pics.

Last note, you can hit me cause I missed out on other FMA cosplayers on Saturday... ;___; *hits self for being too lazy and also hopes that the pain will remind her forever and ever to make a costume with footware being comforable on her feet on a long con day*

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omg.. I was at the streets and saw this.. poster thing from the PRI xP;; *politic*
Hahaha the last name of the Candidate was Hughes and I couldn't resist myself XDDDDD
so I took a photo and...

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