August 26th, 2005


English Lyrics XD

Right, this would be Tobu Ishi speaking, amateur translator, fanfiction author and lyricist. Anyone remember the English version of Bratja posted a while back on this community? Our very own oki_chan graced it with her lovely voice and put it here, and I was completely floored and touched by the response it got.

I didn't have an LJ at the time, but I just got one (today as a matter of fact) and thought I'd repost the lyrics under my own LJ name, to clear up confusion, as well as another song I've translated from the series. All my translations are fully singable, and as close to the literal translation as I can possibly get them. I also try to write good, solid, quality lyrics, since that's a big part of what makes a good song. ^^;;

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If you have any questions on rhythm, why I translated a certain bit the way I did, suggestions on things to adjust, requests for songs to translate next time, etc., go ahead and comment. Concrit is my bread and apple butter. ^_^
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[seal] I'm an egg

[Pic] Hughes/Havoc pic

Um. Remember when I said that there was a certain realm of pairings in FMA that I wouldn't touch? Like, certain characters (such as ones who are in *hackcoughwedlockwheezecough*) who are just forbidden territory?

Well, I LIED.

Here for your enjoyment, a Hughes/Havoc (you heard right) pic.


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Atoli ♫ catch the color
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New comm!

XD I made a new comm!! *shot multiple times*

:D Ish for Full Metal Alchemist fanart!!! And by fanart, it can be fanfiction, icons, poems, art, anything!!


Would it be alright to affilate with this comm?

:D Please join if you want~! >w< The artists need a comm~!

I'm in search for help with the comm, as well. :3; Since I have no clue how to make cool layouts and make the userinfo look awesome. So if people are interested, please comment! I need all the help I can get!

Also, I come with a fanart I did for a fic I wrote.
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The Rain Will Stop Soon

I like to spam this community whenever I can :)

For some strange reason, I can't stop writing about Nina... *shrugs* It's how my mind works, don't ask... *skitters off before she gets hit*

Title: The Rain Will Stop Soon
Author: Lain Blackchurch
Rating: PG-13 for Roy's thoughts having swears >.<
Genre: Gen (no romance)
Characters: Roy and Edward
Spoilers: Episodes 7 through 8's prologue
Summary: No, Edward, you can't alchemize me into the alley wall, it just won't happen tonight. Or ever for that matter.

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Title: Vigilante
Author: Lain Blackchurch
Rating: G - PG
Genre: Gen (no romance)
Characters: Roy and Edward from Riza's PoV
Spoilers: Manga spoilers for Vol. 2 of FMA
Summary: Is that how you treat a child? Hit them and let them cry themselves to sleep?

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Tales of Another bittorrent?

Has anyone seen a bittorrent out there for Tales of Another? I've been trying to locate one, but not having much luck (It's about as hard to find a bittorrent of ToA as it is for the Hagaren movie >.>). I just thought I would ask and see if anyone happened to have a reliable source (Or is willing to share). Thanks ever so much in advance (and I'll give you many virtual cookies!)


I've just recently made an icon post and I'd like to share the icons with you all! Please comment and credit! :D

TEASERS: 1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by 3.Image hosted by

[[47]] Naruto
[[7]] Fullmetal Alchemist
[[6]] Yu-Gi-Oh!
[[3]] Inuyasha
[[5]] Harry Potter
[[4]] Gravitation
[[2]] Fruits Basket
[[2]] Peace Maker Kurogane
[[2]] Star Wars
[[1]] Cardcaptor Sakura
[[1]] Kannazuki no Miko
[[1]] Bleach
[[1]] D.N.Angel
[[1]] Kingdom Hearts Manga
[[2]] Random

86 Icons!!!

Icons are here!
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Envy- Monster

(no subject)

Title: Smudging Memories
Pairings: Envy/Maes, Lust+Envy
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: over a vast majority of the series, mostly centered on ep 25
Warnings: Non-con, death, blood, cussing, disturbing themes
Notes: I’ve been wanting to write this for a Long Long time. Kindly do not stone me. Please? It’s really painful.

( Onto Sacrilege )
[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

Movie Book Scanlations

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has scanned the Shambala Movie Book yet? It had different interviews, pictures, and descriptions of the cast and characters. I would love to scan it for people if it hasn't been scanned yet. ^^;

Also, if anyone wants me to try to scan a Roy x Havoc doujinshi, I will.

(I usually ask before scanning because I don't want to waste my time scanning something that has been done before.)
thanx to creator!!!!

(no subject)

Hey People, do you guys want to help me out? My friend found these adorable pics and added to them and made them into an icon... her name is Alaynea... and she thinks her icons suck... so anybody want to comment on this and I will send them to her and make her see that her FMA icons are not that bad?Thanx alot :)

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Al+Wrath Fanarts

The cute was making me ded, so I had to draw them.  The power of the fluff compells me.  Future projections of Al and Wrath, I'd say a good eight years or so down the line.  No spoilers, though. 

And, yeah, they're just fluff; totally worksafe.  (Unless a chaste kiss is offending...)

Al, Moofy, and a Kitten.  One happy family.

Under the fall leaves.  (omg... they're kissing.  *giggle*)

If you can't tell, I was re-reading Mars at the time, so I did some stylistic stealing.

Fake cuts!


I made a video clip using vic's "COLONEL MUSTANG IS DEAD SEXY!" it's lame and cheap and took like 2 minutes but it's lip synched to a clip of ed.

The clip is from episode 49 and the subtitles are still in the clip though it really contains no spoilers.


-edit- Does anyone have the karaoke version of Undo, if it exists?
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