August 23rd, 2005

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Picture Update

Everyone wanted "Brotherly Love" to get colored, so, in my half asleep, Roy deprivedness, I decided I was in enough of an alchemist mood to actually do somethin about it.

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Fic and art for a theory

Hi all ^^

Here with a few things. Firstly, a note about something from the end of the series. Then we have three seperate theories that spawned from this observation. All the links below lead to different parts of the same entry, FYI =\

*** SPOILERS!! *** for ep 48-49

( Did anyone else notice? )

Fic info:
Title: Before the Storm
Author: Akiya
Rated: G
Pairing: None
Word count: 457
Warnings: SPOILERS for FMA, eps 48-49
Disclaimer: FMA not mine ;_;

( Theory #1 )

Pic info:
Spoilers for EoS
Rated PG for language and... stuff
Warnings: Cracktastic

( Theory #2 )

( Theory #3 )
[seal] I'm an egg

Semi-con report with PHOTOS.

This year's Otakon wasn't as exciting as it was during the last two years. The anime they played were all old ones, and their musical guest wasn't as big as TMRevolution or L'Arc (though there are rumours that next year we might get AKFG). The cosplayers are also getting worse, in my it cuz I'm getting old?

But the good thing was that I got to meet the director of the FMA movie/series XD and he signed my EVA artbook (cuz he directed episodes 5-9). I spoke to him in Japanese, but his translator made me speak in English O_o; wtf. I also got an autograph from Vic, the VA for Ed...but I really didn't give a damn about him...

I got to meet up with shinkuu, syerubi, laylah, jpegasus, miss_arel (whom I saw in line for the FMA autographs and recognized by her sketches XD nyahahah.), kytyngurl2, sailormac, vikki (by accident) and bard_linn.

Three of my four pics sold, and as it turned out, nobody wanted the "Unit 503" pic XD; (that's the EdWin).

But anyway, you guys must be waiting for the photos!

Please tell me if you do not want your photos shown here, and I will take them down.

FMA STASH (I was disappointed that I missed both FMA photoshoots...oh well)

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I'm baaaa~aaack...X.x With Thirty-nine FMA icons this time! Even split up by character..!

Warning: Episode 25+ Spoilers & One contains Al-movie-appearance spoiler

xCardcaptor Sakura
xFullmetal Alchemist
-3 Alphonse Elric
-7 Edward Elric
-4 Envy
-10 Fletcher Tringham
-1 Lust
-3 Maes Hughes
-1 Riza Hawkeye
-2 Roy Mustang
-1 Sloth
-2 Trisha
-1 Vato Falman
-1 Winry
-1 Wrath
-2 Misc.

xYami no Matsuei

Image hosted by Image hosted by

( Need Sleep )

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picture request

greetings! I'm relatively new to this comm, but not to fma. so, uhm, hi everyone! *waves*

alas, my first post is a request: where might I find a scan of a particular picture in the manga - it is the front page of chapter 33 (Japanese volume 8), the one with Al playing with kitties and Ed laying in the grass behind him. here's the catch: I would like the b&w version from the book, *not* the color one. and yes, I've searched the photos in the msn group and couldn't find it.


thanks! ^_^

ETA: GOT IT!! Thanks so much! ♥
Naruto - Minato - Gwyn
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Crackness and a CrackFic

Because THIS killed me of amused. But then, after I saw that, my brain wouldn’t stop looking for a X/FMA crossover until 4 in the morning.

So... well, just read. I swear, I was cracking up as I was jotting this down, and saying "Oh, God, This is so WRONG XD" :x

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*dead, shot* roflmfao XD yup, still funny as hell XD

Also a Crack Fic - PillowPlushie Brothers For west_haven

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{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

(no subject)

Pimping another multi-fandom icon community. AND MY ICON. LOOK AT THE VIC AND GIANT ALPHONSE.

The community is doujin_awards. It's a community solely for Doujinshi/fancomic icons. The contests are weekly, but we currently have *no* members.

So everyone join so we can get started!

Crack fanart- Armstrong/Ling (like Armstrong/anything isn't crack)

After reading the original posting of that Armstrong/Ling story, Sabotage, by fireun, I got an image in my head that wouldn't come out no matter how hard I scrub.

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Never ask me to draw Armstrong naked again, even if his naughty bits aren't visible. I almost broke my own hand in punishment while trying to capture the playful quality of his buttocks. O_o
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Music request... kind of.

I was wondering if anyone has (or has the talent to make up for me) guitar chords to go along with Bratja. Seems that is silly and I'm not sure if they have it or not.

Thanks a bunch ^.^

[Fic] Tools For Transmutation (Divergent Series, Part 1)

This fic comes as a direct result of inspiration from the 'Warped Mirrors' and 'Negative Concepts' series by catystorm and dragontrap, respectively. However, while theirs are mostly light and humorous pieces, this one is considerably darker. The reasons are twofold: (1) I can't write comedy very well and (2) Dark stuff is fun. My 'Divergent History' series will also differ from theirs in that it's set in the parallel world and will not (at least initally) involve characters from each world meeting each other. Originally, I hadn't planned it that way, but I came to realize that I wanted to explore the world before I considered bringing the characters we all know into it.

This and future installments will eventually be found in my community for the series, divergentseries, which will run much like faulty_wish. That is, anyone can write in the universe, but I hold the ultimate decision on whether to make it part of the canon. I'll only rule it as a divergent plot if it directly contradicts other ideas I have already (of course, there's also the possibility of me liking the not-me version more than my idea). I'm doing it because I have no illusions that I can cover a reflection of the entire mirror world by myself. So just keep your eyes on the community for specific rules and details if you are intrigued by this first installment.

Without further rambling from me, my first foray into the 'Divergent History' world:

Title: Tools for Transmutation
Summary: The 'Divergent History' series takes a look at a dark reflection of the FMA world. This installment examines the parallel of one of the key events from the real FMA world: namely, the attempted resurrection of Trisha by Ed and Al. Except in D!World, Hohenheim is still around and is hardly the remorseful man we see in the series.
Genre/Rating: AU, no pairings, PG-13 (for goriness related to the transmutation)

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On an unrelated note, I've moved to El Paso, TX, so if any of you are in the area and want to hang out, feel free to get in touch.

That said, I'm out!
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My evilish plan worked today. :-D I'm a musician, I love FMA, and I <33333 the FMA OSTs. ^____^ Today, I brought in the first disk today, and asked our director if he could play the first track on there to tell me what the drum pattern name was near the end of the song [Kiro]. Instead of playing it in his office, he played it over the HUGE sound system in the band room, he LOVES the music, and the name of the pattern was a mix of a bolero and an ostanato (sp). ^^ Anyway, just thought I'd leave this in here as well as in my journal. Ja ne!
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Madoka ¤ Hurt

(no subject)


♥ I was brought into inspiration for writing this by Frou Frou. The music is great. LISTEN TO IT. ^__^;; Anyway, this is just a cute little one page elricest I did. Enjoy it, there is always room for more. ♥

Title:Emotions and Memories
Rating: G
Pairing: Ed x Al (Elricest)
Writing Music: Frou Frou, Breathe In
Summary: Sometimes, it was good to dwell on memories....

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(Crossposted to elricest, fma_yaoi, and foxkaiyafics.)
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Zacky ; Cutie

VA Crack!Icon

After seeing that picture of Vic kissing Scott, I had to make this icon @_@ I was really bored and on crack and I had nothing better to do xD

Oh common, you know its true >:0

*scurries away to hide somewhere*
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Fanfic- Satin Gargoyles

Title: Satin Gargoyles

Rating: PG (13?)

Character(s): (Insane!)Rose, Dante

Supplement to "Stigmata".

Summary: The dolls were her joy, her creation, the objects of her constant devotion- she loved them as though they were real- she had to.  She believed raising them with love could change the world, if only she tried hard enough.

They cried so loudly...

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FMA Doujinshi! Yay!

*Total n00b when it comes to live journal, please tell me if I dont something wrong... and how to fix it.*

I recently found a a site that has been translating FMA Doujinshi, the real kind, not the online fan ones. has 19 translated (4 non-yaoi) at the moment and has 8 upcoming (2 non-yaoi). I can't download them myself due to my 56k conection with limited time and no IRC (96MB torrent for all of them ;_;). But tell me how they are, and enjoy!

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More than once, there's been mentions of how a FmA "dictionary" was needed, for all the random phrases and such that we use.

Well, I've finally done it.

I give you the ShrimPedia.

Using the MediaWiki software, it's an online encylopedia, like WikiPedia, except for only FmA.

This will hopefully a useful project that people can benefit from =)

(no subject)

Hello people in the FMA community~!

During Otakon, I have been selling bookmarks from FMA ^^ I have a few left and I want to get rid of them :D so I'm taking this chance to see if anyone outside of Otakon is interested ^^

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One!Shot: Maybe

Title: Maybe
Series: Just a One!Shot
Warnings: End of Series Spoiler
Summary: Questions
Word count: 222
A/N: Nothing really, just a bunny that bit me before going to sleep.. And this short, even by my standards (Anything less than 1000 words is short to me X3)