August 22nd, 2005


drabbles of various pairings and characters (resulting from the request meme)

There's quite a few of these (11, to be precise), so if you want to have a look at all of them, I'll provide a link to the post itself, here.

Individually, though...

For allherglory - movie!Al and movie!Ed ( with "Brother, do you condition your hair?" )

For wired_lizard - SquishyOTP (Hughes/Ed) with handcuffs. Watch me add Roy/Ed and Ed/Winry subtext and totally fail at the handcuffs. )

For leasspell_dael - Dante gen, with crossdressing. I went strange places with it. )

For dragontrap - Envy & Snape with "You know, you really do suck at this game...." )

For lykomancer - Hohenheim/Ed with the words 'all I can do'. Watch out for the wrongness and Ed being a vindictive little bastard. )

For zodiacstargazer - Dumbledore/Hohenheim, with "Why, that is utterly fascinating." )

For sky_dark - Roy and Ed, with "When you said, 'disaster in the making', what did you mean, exactly?" )

For allhisengines - Roy/Ed with this Chuck Palahnuik quote: 'Sometimes the past seems too big for the present to hold.' )

For cosmicbiscuit - Archer/Havoc, with the words 'He was always fascinated by the possessions of others, and the marksman was an attractive possession indeed.' )

For psi_neko - Edward and Roy from my WIP, Far As You Go, with "Why have you been stalking me?" )

For snarky_kat - Scar/Lust, with "The moon is full of blood tonight." )

Some of these cross-posted to fma_yaoi, apologies for the length of this post.
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Cali, Armstrong
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Lotsa Fanarts Stuff

It was really early in the morning, my playlist was full of Alchemist music.. I had just heard Vic speak my favorite line that I think will ever come from his mouth, and I had a new sketchbook and one bit of lead left in my pencil. And for some reason.. I wanted to practice the Anime style of Ed. It started well enough, but soon I hopped from 15 year old Ed to young Ed from Misc. moments before Trisha dies. I figure I may share them with you.. Of course one of them is older Ed, but he's too pretty/drunk looking to ignore. ._.; The pictures are kind of big, so beware.

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Maybe if you pick one you like most I'll get off my ass and color it, add it to my long to do list, at least. x_x;

Enjoy them!
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Solitude / Text

A Bene Placito-- consensual Envy/Ed

Title:  A Bene Placito 
Pairing:  Envy/Ed
Words: 3,100
Genre:  SMUT! 
Rating:  NC-17 
Spoilers:  For “that person”
Warnings:  slight BDSM overtones, masturbation, rough language, phone sex, consensual
Notes:  This isn't going to make much sense unless you've read my Conquering drabble arc and its sequel, Memorandum, and it might not even make sense then. I'm comfortable with that.
Dedication:  For ultrasushi 

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For anyone who is willing to help out a fellow AMV making member here.

I have a really big favour to ask for anyone with FMA episodes on their PC to be able to rip me some clips of Edward and Roy, Various scenes, Comedy some deadly serious and some fighting as well...See I was listening to some of my Monthy Python clips on my PC...And I came across "The Black Knight" which I really want to do over (With Roy as King Arthur and Ed as the Black Knight and possibly either Riza or Alphonse as Patsy.) the thing is I don't have a DVD ripper of my own to rip the clips from my own computer. If anyone would be willing to help me out with this project I'd be really greatful and will be also credited also at the end of the video.
The ripped clips must also be in MPEG form since my computer is really picky about what it plays, usually it's not a problem but since Winamp decided it didn't want to work for me anymore I'm stuck using Windows Media Player until the problem is resolved.

I don't know whether this sort of post is allowed or not it's just that I know a few of you make AMV's of your own and have really good quality clips. So please contact me either on here or via AIM. My screen name is Saft Chan.

Thanks Guys

- *The Creative Alchemist, Safty :)

*Currently working on Fics, Fanart, Icons and AMV's... @_@
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Sakura Silk - refreshisama

Help With Dialog Tracks Again

Due to a problem with my computer a week or so ago that caused the loss of files (deleted or otherwise), I am now short a great deal of the dialog tracks I was trying to upload to my music post in my LiveJournal here:

I was wondering if I could get some help again. Does anyone have the following files in their collections and could they upload them for me?:

- Hagaren Housoukyoku No.6-13, 14-17, 18-39
- Fullmetal Alchemist Drama CD Ogtare of the Mist Part 2, track 3 (this is one of the shorter drama CDs, with only four tracks, if that helps)
- Fullmetal Alchemist Drama CD Scars of the Unforgiven, tracks 2-7 (this was shared by amikitty before, do you still have it?)

Sorry to bother the community about this again, and thank you as always for being such a tremendous help. It's really very much appreciated ^.^

(While I'm at it, anyone seen the Hagaren Housoukyoku Take 2 CD files around anywhere yet?)
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Book in Figure BLUE

I just got Book in Figure BLUE today, and it came with five postcards. Two of them had new illustrations, so I scanned them. :DD

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PS: BLUE also had a gaiden about Roy and Hughes during the war. ZOMGFTA will have it scanlated by this evening if all goes according to plan. :DDD YUS!!
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[gdragon] oh~~


Yeah yeah, more icons for me. I've only really posted icons. I do have teh FMA arts, maybe I'll post later?

But I know what you're really here for =/..

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Please... Help my sanity!


I know... I'm sorry to ask for this but I have those two song stuck inside of my head and they won't get out until I hear them in full ... yeah my brain is like that. I've been looking to get the CDs but I couldn't find them in NY city and well NO ONE is going to have them here.

Could someone PLEAAAAAASE send me the MP3 of Melissa (1st opening) and Rewrite(last opening)? I'll give you cookies... I'll draw a fanart for you but PLEEEEEEASE... I've been having those two song incomplete in my head for 3 weeks in a broken loop. I swear if I find the CDs I'll buy them and listen to them religiously...

Thank you so much to help me with my rambling...

EDIT: Thank you so much for helping me=D I got all that I needed thank you so very much!!!
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Heiderich icon contest

We're having a Heiderich icon contest over at heiderich_love. :3 If you're a fan of Heiderich, please check out the community and if you're an icon maker as well, you should enter the contest~ =D

Mods, please delete if posts like these aren't allowed~
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【don't cry】

Hopefully a Movie Release?

While I was at the mall earlier today I read this one anime magazine that had an article on Fullmetal Alchemist. I can't really remember the name of the magazine but the article was talking about the new season of Fullemtal Alchemist that will be airing this Fall in the U.S. While I was reading that,I came across a little section that was talking about the FMA movie that was currently released in Japan last month. The article said that there is no exact U.S. date when the movie will come out in English but it did say that it will be shown on Adult Swim around 2006 in which the last episode of FMA will air. I don't know about the release of the movie DVD but this kinda made me think alot about it in a way.

I wish I could've bought the magazine and scanned the article but sadly I didn't. I'm very stupid. Sorry.;_;
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Royriza: internal affairs
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(no subject)

Hi :) I'm new to the fandom and have been obsessively making bases to fill the gap left now that I've finished watching the series.

58 bases here. Please comment + credit, feel free to alter them but I'd love to see what you add :)

I'll be making more at some point, so make requests for any specific scenes now and I'll try and get to it!


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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

Goldfish are people too!

Even if the FMA world YuGiOh has a cult following...and, also in the FMA world, teenage boys are hormonal, perverted, and for some reason choose pictures rather than real women. ;)

Also, I'm going to my first anime convention next month. As lame as this sounds, I wanna know if there are any tips or suggestions for a first convention.


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Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury


I have an icon that I just made for all you Moofy fans out there, including myself X3 ...voila? Nothing special, but it's my first Photoshop icon...

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By: mokona_modoki ;D

I'm new, and come bringing a fanfic! :D

This is just a little drabble I made for a contest.

Title: A Weird Fic
Author: may_jiihiro
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or places, I just own the storyline, blah, blah, blah.
Summary: Ed meets a girl named Mirage Koas (from Star Ocean Till The End Of Time) and uh, they look a lot alike. And theres a giant wineglass involved. O.o This is a crossover, just letting joo know. :x

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Maps of Armestris

Hey hey hey! I was just wondering...does anybody have a map or overall birdseye veiw of Central City? Even if you dont have Central, but got others...could you PLEASE post! Any maps will do! You see, Im gonna draw up a doujin ...normally I say Im gonna do things, and dont, but ill try...anyway, I dont really know Armestris well, and I need to to do this doujin you, yeahz...
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{fanfiction} + {fanart} - This is probably about as offensive as fanfiction can get. D:

Title: Begierde (transl.: "Desire")
Author: vanitas_mundi
Rating: NC - 17
Pairing: Roy x Edward ( ... with a twist. )
Genre: AU, Drama/Angst

IMPORTANT: This fanfiction takes place about 1942, in Nazi Germany, more directly in a "Napola". A so-called "Napola" (National Political Education Institute) is a special institution for gifted boys to turn them into the Nazi elite. Their days consist of military training and indoctrination; they are forced to lose all pity and become ruthless servants of the Führer. The cadets are considered the superior breed and the elites of the Germans, destined to be future generals. Roy is one of the officers of the SS (the Nazi elite force) who run said "schools".

Warnings: Non-con, blackmail, tons of angst and a tad of violence.
Notes: I bow to theblackscorpio, my beloved beta-reader. Thank you, dear ♥.
Also, I want to thank the people who commented on my previous fanfictions and encouraged me so kindly. I thank all of you! : 3
To look at the fanart it, just click on the link in the text, it's are direct links to the picture. (Again, made by me.)
Summary: Edward makes a grave mistake and is at the Colonel's mercy. Can Edward save himself without breaking?

( On to the fic! [Fake Cut] )
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My first attempt at a smut fic...^_^

Title: Peachy Keen
Author: timchell
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Al/?
Rating: Hmm...I have no idea. (You'll understand why once you read.) But if I must...I'd say R-rated.
Words: 350 even...I think. ^_^;
Dedication: kumiko_kun
Notes: Something that randomly came to me while trying to type up the next chapter of my fic. I blame you Jenn...again. Completely unbeta-ed, so let me know if you see anything wonky. :D
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Head in snow

Otakon 2005 Pics

Ahaha I went to Otakon with angiechow and come bearing cosplay pics involving making out, humpage, hugging, and movie cosplay pics (though no spoilers for what happens, just for appearances). And to top it off, the making out and humping was all consensual. xD They are work safe though so no worries. x3 I also apologize ahead of time for some of them being blurry. :x

Very picture heavy. Dialup users be warned.

(Edit: Sorry everyone! I had a small html mistake, but all fixed now.)

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BLUE Gaiden translated!

Okay, we got the Book in Figure BLUE Gaiden done!! :DD

His Battlefield Once Again

Again, since AOL is stupid, you may have to copy and paste the link. Blah.

It's also on the projects page of the ZOMGFTA website, and not under password-protection since it's only like ten pages. (But if the mods still think this should go under a friends cut say the word and it will be done!)
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The PIC.

Because this image had to be shown to the world, I present to you Vic kissing Scott (Duo VA) In case this has been shown before, sorry! If not Enjoy! :D This is at the Otakon BTW. XD

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I Cometh forth with the Cracketh!!!

A couple of icons I made today out of sheer boredom. enjoy and comment if you decide to use either of them.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

On another note, If anyone saw my post from earlier today and has clips I'll be able to use I'd be much obliged, And I'll try and do a favour for a AMV request, Icon request, Drabble request whatever...Just please? Help a poor gal out! ;_;

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