August 21st, 2005

Tada!, Ed tada!
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Card scans part 1

I'm working on scanning my card collection, and I'm first starting with what I have from the cards I've been most recently buying from Suncoast. (Which is my main FMA supply stop for merchandise. I'm usually the first to buy something, and when it's something like cards, I'm the last to buy it too. XD I'm obsessive, I know. But it means they keep stocking more FMA stuff. =D)

For those who wish a visual aid, they are the cards from THIS collection:

Collapse )

I can scan any of these cards large enough to be desktops if someone ever REALLY needs such a large scan. My default for my scanner is over 1000 pixels for the width of one of these 3.5 x 2.5 inch cards. (I resized to 400 pixels.)

That's an example of a non shrank card. And my new desktop wallpaper. XD

If the colors or brightness/contrast don't look quite right, blame my non-adjustable moniter. I know things that look dark on my moniter are actually lighter, so I tried to atleast adjust for that.

EDIT: I so could have just made a post with a link to the photobucket account I have these in, but what fun is that? XD

Further Edit: This set has 45 normal cards (most of which are shown here), and 30 sp cards (18 Rare Holofoil Chase Cards, 12 Ultra-rar Holofoil Chase Cards, and no, i can't tell teh difference between them.)

Look for more scans hopefully tomorrow. =D I have cards from 3 others sets yet! (although not many from the photo collection cards I have. ;_; *sniffle*)

Okay okay, I'll just up and go to bed! ._. *has work in 4-5 hours*
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[FIC] 'Through a Glass Darkly' (Al-centric)

Title: Through a Glass Darkly
Rating: G
Spoilers: End of series
Characters: Al-centric, with a side dish of Roy, Izumi and Winry
Dedication: To stickmarionette because she is awesome and talented and prolific and I always like to return a favour. ^___^
Wordcount: 1821

Al, and his journey between being Alphonse Elric, and becoming the shadow of the Fullmetal Alchemist.

(Sometimes people forget that, in his own way, Alphonse Elric is a genius too...)

*fake lj-cut*
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Anyone remember that funimation FMA contest they had? The one where you could win a trip to Japan?

Does anyone know if they ever announced the winners to that?
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Mod Post - Reminder

Just as a reminder (as I'm certain it's already been mentioned), there are NO rips and/or torrents of the FMA movie available for download at the present time. Please refrain from asking about them. Please.

Also, again, be careful about downloading any files that claim to be the movie - there have been a few instances where the file was actually a porn movie, or a whole other anime, or something of the like.


Ficcage! Old ficcage, but ficcage nonetheless! :D

I'm trying to buy myself some time to finish the next chapter of my latest fic. So for those of you who are actually awaiting said update...LOOK!! *dangles re-posted ficcage enticingly*

First off I have some fic rec:

Title: Right Where I Want You
Author: kumiko_kun
Rating: PG
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary: Very cutesy and sweet.
Notes: This is the first fanfic kumiko_kun ever wrote, and I may be biasedcrazy...but I think it's pretty damn awesome!

Title: Not Me
Author: kumiko_kun
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Roy/Ed, Ed/Roy
Summary: A fic about the dynamics of Roy and Ed's relationship. Does Ed really see Roy like he thinks he does?
Notes: Very raw emotion-wise.

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EDIT: I went and fixed the fic everyone should be able to see them now. Thank you to the nice commenters who pointed out my silly error!
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Ok... I was very stupid again. I was making a backup of my FMA music and I totally forgot to save my most precious and favourite MP3... *kills herself*
I've been searching for hours on the earlier entries and the community's memories, but can't find it...

Does anybody have the MP3 of Ed and Al (and I think Roy) singing a rain song? *is addicted*
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Easter eggs?

Hey all. ^_^ I was on a message board earlier and they were talking about easter eggs on the Fruits Basket DVDs, and I was wondering if there were any of the FMA DVDs so far. Since they were both licensed by FUNi, I figured they'd probably have the same kind of thing. So if anyone has any info on it, please tell me, I'd love to see it! Thanks again!
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Big Fight p3

So remember "The Big Fight" from oh-so-long ago? I finally finished the last part ^^;;;;;

Pic info:
Rated PG for light smex talk
SPOILERS for Al's movie appearance

And another pic:
Rated NC-17
Elricest and same spoiler warning
Don't scroll past the artists's notes if gaE smut isn't your thing X3

( Mercy )

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Safty comes bearing a Fic...which is a drabble which she hopes will become a Fic.

TITLE : The Gender Bender Alchemist - Edward Elric ( No...this isn't the official title it's the only thing I could think of right now though so please bare with me.)
PAIRING : None as of yet..although I'm tempted to lean towards Ed/Roy at some point.
RATING : None as of yet, it depends on how this thing will turn out.
SUMMARY: What if the Full Metal Alchemist woke up to find things had drastically changed about him-herself?! Edward wakes up one morning to find himself as a female woman, How is he going to hide this from his brother Alphonse? And what will the military have to say about this? Is Edward dreaming or is this real?
WARNING : Do not read if you're uuber snobbish about grammar, or slightly picky with the whole idea of Gender-bender. The idea from this came from myself randomly drawing and for some reason I drew a female Ed...which I really liked the look of and then took it upon myself to attempt to write fic.

Collapse )

I'd just like to point out, I don't have the best grammar in the world, I have no idea when this fic is placed...I'm only going to use the characters I'm familar with at the moment though seeing as I've only seen up to the first four volumes of the DVD, So forgive me if any details are drastically wrong, they'll be fixed in the future, again this is only a attempt at fic, I haven't written fic in the longest time...And I really need to somehow let my creative juices get flowing if I'm going to start writing properly again. Please comment and tell me what you think.

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Undefined Shadows: Descent

Title: Descent
Series: Undefined Shadows
Summary: What would happen if Pride from BlueBird's Illusion suddendly showed up one day in the world of the real FullMetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: End of series spoilers, Mental Issues
Setting: Hagane no Renkinjutsuhi x BlueBird's Illusion cross-over
A/N: Not as long as the other parts, but good things can't be rushed.

..don’t worry, you are no longer where you once had been..
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Roy & Ed Crack at Otakon!

Specifically, at the Saturday voice actor panel. Someone in the audience asked Vic about what he thinks about the Ed fandom and the Roy fandom. She brought to Vic's attention that Roy has quite a following online. This leads Mike McFarland to ask Vic: "Hey Vic, have you ever seen...."

.... well, you'll have to see this clip (Quicktime file) to find out the rest of that question..... and the crack that followed. Hee hee.

Update: Try this link now!
Happy Tears - Ed n Al
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card scans part 2

Zra returns with MORE CARD SCANS. And because I felt like it, there are a couple I saved LARGE versions of.

For those who wish a visual aid, they are the cards from THIS collection:

(Currently on sale at my local Suncoast, not sure if it's be the same for others. This is the last I'll post from this set, since I don't have anymore from this set.)

Collapse )

Enjoy! Eventually I'll properly scan one of my others collections. I tink I'll try for the photo collections. I have some from both series II and series III. (Which I bought from the WizzyWig booth at Acen.)

Part 1 is here.
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Pic Request

Hey guys!! I'm in desprate need of this image in a larger size! I want to redo my journal layout and I want this picture, but I only have this smaller version. Please, please, PLEASE, does anyone have a larger version? *begs*

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