August 17th, 2005

Aru and Heiderich.....

I should blame some japanese fanarts, lira_alicia and her anything-related-to-Aru obsession and bushbaby_sama for doing this pic...

Because of those things I found myself yesterday feeling the URGE to draw Heiderich and Aru together in a pic >O< !!! And so I did =3

Please don't click if you don't even know who Heiderich is and don't wanna be spoiled with Aru's movie goodness =3

We're different.. but yet the same

Hope you like! Comments and critique are totally loved and awarded with aru and kitty cookies X3
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Fanart! (Don't shoot!)

Just sharing a little more fanart - my first doodle of Roy....with ears and a tail. I'm sorry! I'll drop the habit eventually! Anyway, this was actually Ed, and then Movie!Al before it became Roy - why is that? I have no idea ^^; I've never drawn Roy before, so I thought, why not? He kinda looks like a plushie ^^

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Ed Cosplay Stuff

So I recently bought this last night and am patiently waiting for it to arrive. I'll take pictures when I get it, but that's not the point to this. ;\

I was wondering if anyone knew if there are any online stores or anyone online that happen to make the Automail arm or could make the traditional spear Ed made while fighting against Cornello's chimera. Would like to have the look come out as close to the real deal as possible, though I'm havin' some bits of trouble. >_>;

And before anyone jumps on it, yes, I am aware that the watch included is a fake. Though it dun matter since I have the authentic one anyways. :s
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Ekkk Fan Art!

I guess inspiration came from Deji, who drew this really awesome Alphonse and Edward image a while back. -tries to remember- It was for a b-day gift and I though it was cute. ^__^; Still I can't color and I think My Aru isn't as cute as her's either. =/ hahah then again, anyone can beat me on that one. XD

Hhaha, still have a long way to go before I can achieve a decent level of drawing.
Comments are nice, as always :D

EDIT: AH forgot, movie spoilers too! XD

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Winry can shine too (Fan Art)

I though Winry deserve a chance to shine, since after all, she is my favorite girl :D So I drew her in a sailor suit, or at least try...Ah well I will probably will redo this drawing again anyways.

She can shine too

Comments on either site is fine, I just like to see what you all think :D (Although I am so old and drawing so childish must be shameful to those who are 15 and draw a heck of a lot better than me. ;-; )

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Girl - Naughty Girl

The Return of the Roy x Ed Fic Dumpage

Yet again, here is a post with some of my more recent Roy x Ed fics. The following are all fake cuts, and more can be found at my archive. Enjoy!

Title: On True Love
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: Roy makes a decision, and also muses on the subject of true love.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Drama

Title: Helpless
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: Roy watches as Ed suffers. Is there anything he can do to help?
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Angst!Fluff and Hurt/Comfort

Title: The Spaces in Between
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: Roy and Ed's relationship is a highly unconventional one in more than one way, but is it worth it? Can they wait?
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Introspective and Angst!Fluff.

Title: Armed
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: discovers a surprising downside to having a live-in lover.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Cracky humor, and light-hearted.
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Because I like your art...

Good afternoon fm_alchemist!

A suggestion from a mod if you will ^^

bushbaby_sama, pyroh, penfreak and myself have been and will be working on the memories for your comm! I have a little inkling that it's going to end up becoming an extremely large and in depth database of all your guy's creative and informative ramblings (because we're going back through the fm_a calendar to find all sorts of relevant posts). Go us!

However, I offer a suggestion for our resident fanfic writers and artists. I've been going through what's currently in the mems for fanart and have noticed that, more often than not (and I'm to blame for this as well), we have lousy post naming skills... or simply no naming skills at all! I don't know why this is (well, I could hazard some guesses), but with the way I've set up the fanart section we could have some more creative subject headings!

It's your work, if you've got enough courage to share it with everyone, then I'm encouraging you to have more pride in what you've done and gloat about it with a spiffy subject heading ^_^. "I drew Ed!" is fine and dandy, but I'm going to put it in Ed's memory section as "I drew Ed!" and if it's in the "Ed memory section", of course you drew Ed ^_~. So, I challenge the fm_a artists to give your posts subject headings that stand out; be creative! When someone goes through the memories, your heading will draw them to your image (because everyone wants more reviews/opinions/critiques for their stuff, right? You posted so people can see what you've done, and three months later you should still want them to see it!). As well, since fullmetal_info digests your art posts, you'll get better coverage over there too!

Same goes for the subject headings for fanfics. Yes, you wrote a fanfic, and yes, it was great! But, three months later someone's sitting around going "I remember a fic about Roy and Ed doing this and that... I don't know who wrote it... but I think the title was something like..." this poor person's not going to find your fic if your heading is "I wrote a fic :D" (... oh I'm so guilty of this one x.x;;). Tell me your fic title in the post subject line and maybe your pairing or who it's focussed on! Draw some attention to yourself ^_~

And if your brain breaks one night and you can't think up a subject heading worth beans :3 that doesn't mean you shouldn't share what you've done with everyone else. We still want to see it and I still want you to post about it!

Lastly, expect a word from your moderator collective eventually ~ we're working on cleaning up the community's innards before outwardly tackling any other parts of the community we think would improve how this place functions ^_^


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Asch; Smirk; grin

5 Steps to get a five (Fanart)

Well if you take Advance Placement classes then you know what the 5 means (Highest score you can get on the exam). My Psychology teacher made us decorate a five with one side having 5 words that describes yourself and the other side with how you're going to get a 5 on the exam. (Teacher is very competitive and nuts >.<) I started to doodle XD.

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secret promises


Errgh, this is painfully last minute, but I realized my cosplay lacks the symbol on the gloves. x___X Can anyone give me a close up of it? Also, I need a LARGE picture of the flamel on the back of the coat.
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Looking for parody

I know that somebody posted this a while ago, and it's not in the memories (at least from what I can find). There's two parodies for the fourth opening- a flash animation and then a real-life one. I'm looking for the RL one. If anybody knows where to find it I will *heart* you forever!!

Thank you for your time. ^_^
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Gomen! Gomen! I haven't abandoned you guys as of yet!

Hi Gang!

Sorry I haven't been around much the past few days, I've been moving into my new home with my fiance, and we're still in the midst of doing so, so I can only come on the comp once in a while, whilst we're taking a break, to show my apologies for missing out on the crack I bring Ed fanart and two minor crackish icons. The Ed-fanart has been on Deviant art for a while now and I was kinda scared to post it here seeing as some of you are such brilliant artists, No names need to be mentioned here, let's just say I'm DEAD Jealous of you guys who can actually produce art and me..who just doodles when I'm truly trying to inspire myself.

And the crackish-icons XD -

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Employee Ed

One lone icon...

I normally don't even bother to make icons unless I have a specific use in mind, but reading through the manga the first time, I saw this and just couldn't resist. No spoilers, just mildly cracky.

Oh, and as for where the quote comes from, shame on you if you don't know that! ;p

Image Hosted by

Feel free to use, of course, and/or steal borrow the idea for your own.
roses wither away

Movie Icons

...I'm wondering why, when I finished these so long ago, I never actually posted them... >.< Oh well. (Kind of thought I'd posted them, but the calendar tells me otherwise. ^^)

Spoilers for end of series and movie trailers, but I haven't seen the movie yet and have successfully avoided all spoilers for it, so no actual movie spoilers. Please do NOT post any spoilers in my comments? ^_^

This whole mess here stems from when I was at work a while ago, messing around with a new shipment of CDs... I was trying to figure out where to file one, so I flipped it over to see if the tracklist would give me any clues. First song I saw: "SHAMBALA." I still haven't found the song but I did find the lyrics and abuse use them in this...

If you want one, comment and take, and please host on your own server.

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