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Ookame Adakie
14 August 2005 @ 12:31 am
Ever since inu_kun1 told me about the whole WalMart thing I've been thinking of this. So now here it is.

cut for crackfullnessCollapse )
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Loo Loo
14 August 2005 @ 12:53 am
I'm reeeeeeeeeeeally sorry/I'm inept/etc.etc [self-deprication]. >.<

Damnit, sorry x 239478924 I knew I forgot something. (spoilers)Collapse )
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Imagination at it's finest
14 August 2005 @ 01:43 am
Yes I know I posted earlier, but I couldn't help but share the crack X3:

My friend sent me a song that happens to be from Digimon 02 with Ken (Paku Romi) and Wormmon (Takahashi Naozumi) singing a duet called "Hontou no Tsuyosa (True Strength)". When the song came on for the first time, I swore it was Ed and Envy doing a duet and just HAD to draw the crack that my brain was showing me. Even though I know Wormmon's VA ISN'T Envy's VA, the VA got close enough with the vocals to make it work *snickers* (If anyone wants to hear the actual song, you can download the duet here for up to 7 days)

14 August 2005 @ 02:00 am
Yay perspective. I tried at least. =D

Ignore the un-inked heel. I missed it, noticed when I dump pic from camera onto comp, inked it, but didn't retake picture. No scanner right now and all. Cameras aren't the greatest for capturing line art.

14 August 2005 @ 03:48 am
*sniggers* The two oekakis I'm offering up...well, some of you probably have already seen it. XD but I rather liked them, and I turned them out really quickly, so... *shrugs*

Oekakis may not be worksafe.
HavocCollapse )

The next pic is...umm...my method of selling my soul out a Roy/Ed pic. It's not my pairing, but I hope you guys like it. It's going to be sold at Otakon...but...

It's really a piece of crap.Collapse )

Less than a week till Otakon. About three more pics to go.
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14 August 2005 @ 08:58 am
I know this is stupid, but hey... it's about Fullmetal Alchemist--

Who thinks there should be a Roy and Ed duet for a Hagaren CD?
I don't mean romantically, but a silly little thing would be awesome(Like them arguing in between singing or something of the sort lol). Atleast I think it would. XD
Anyone else think of character image song files that you would like to see?

14 August 2005 @ 10:22 am
Here's a pic that I drew for sockren for the 40,000 hits on Touka Koukan X33

Pic is Scar/Al (sorta. More like Scar+Al), just as a warning.
40,000 HITSCollapse )
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14 August 2005 @ 11:07 am
After reading allll the resumes (there was a lot more than I expected) about 3-4 times, I decided on the following 7 people to be the new moderators.

In alphabetical order:


For people interested in knowing how I did this: First of all, I copied all the resumes to Microsoft Word. Except I left out their names. I printed it out, and picked the 2 people who had a lot of experience with working with large communities. Then I picked 5 people who were dedicated, had helped out in the past, and were fine with donating a lot of their time.

If you have any disagreement or questions, email me privately (crazy_alchemist@hotmail.com) and I will reply as soon as I can. Any comments/entries that says something like "why didn't _____ get chosen," or "_____ would've done well," or "_____ won't do so well" will be deleted without warning. I don't care if you're being reasonable to why you disagree; if you post it in public, it will be deleted.

As for why this wasn't decided on voting: I know many people (myself included), would've voted for a friend of mine. That's not fair, as it can potentially create a "friends war" (between mods and members) where groups of friends fight each other based on bias. I tried to make this as fair as I can, and as I've said, I had no idea whose resume I was reading.

To the new mods: Let's do a good job +D+!!!! and email me if you ever have any questions~ <3.
14 August 2005 @ 12:40 pm
I'm glad all thw Wankness is pretty much over ^_^;;*sweatdrop*

Some of these things are not Worksafe >>;;

First up! Some fanarts!Got lots of Movie!Ed ^^

Click here to see the pretty art!Collapse )

Got a few Crack pics!

Click here for the Crack!Collapse )

Tis all I got for now ^_^;;
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those montigo bitches are crazy
14 August 2005 @ 03:10 pm
I made some more. :D

Teasers:Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

teh cut :O!Collapse )
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14 August 2005 @ 03:21 pm
Migraines are fun. xD This is an updated version of the other flashing one I made.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
14 August 2005 @ 03:23 pm
Hello everyone,

I come in peace! I just though of letting you all an opporunity to join a community RP I created. (My first too...so go easy on me) Me and my friend are still in the progress of creating the place so please be patience. ^_^; I do got the characters, story and what's the community allow's. What else... Oh not to be homophobic (Because I am not!) I decide to leave the community only Non-yaoi related. (Sorry...) There is plenty of communities out there with yaoi so please look around because I am sure you will find some! :3 Um...that's it. Just read the stuff around and you will get the image where this is all coming from.


<3 to all,

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Ookame Adakie
14 August 2005 @ 03:53 pm

save me from the scary crack!!!Collapse )

and in case anyone was wondering, yes that is me in my Moofy cosplay. Since I never take it to any cons I figured I should get at least a few pics of it. I'll be taking my Gate Baby around Ota with me while I'm in my normal Wrath cosplay. Fear for your souls! ToT
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14 August 2005 @ 04:33 pm
I just made this Riza wallpaper and I thought I should share.

Click me!

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RW Grimm
14 August 2005 @ 05:04 pm
Six pics for episode 1 crack. The last one is a 'fill the bubble in yourselves' sort of thing, so you choose what they say (it's so fun to see what people come up with).

At least one of Cornello's followers isn't there to see him, and Al parodies a lame ass commerical.


Read more...Collapse )
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14 August 2005 @ 05:10 pm
Last night I was just about to shut down my computer when I was hit with a creative moment! ^_^ And I realized that the only person I have ever drawn from FMA was Edward!!! So last night I stayed up until 5 in the morning just sketching my butt off! LOL! So here I give you my first attemps at drawing Envy and Trisha! Hope you like!!! :D

On to my sketchy FMA pics (warning: kind of big...LOL)Collapse )
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s h a c i
14 August 2005 @ 05:35 pm
So, I have slight... I guess we can call it crack for you?

Pic under cut. Worksafe, but "suggestive". :P

Whoo!Collapse )

Now for something totally different!

Me and my friend singing Ame no Hi Wa no THANK YOU.

Roy -- Me
Riza -- daikenkai

Sorry if we suck. xx; We're planning on performing this at AnimeFest, so we'll improve! I promise! XD Just don't turn up your speakers loud. The music is supposed to be quiet.
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14 August 2005 @ 06:12 pm
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could direct me in the direction of the sheet music for Kaichou? [the orchestral intstrumental for Dante's waltz? The fast one?] Because, I totally want my school orchestra to learn it, because it would be way cool to play it =D

If you know of any more sheet music for anything for an orchestra, I would love you to death =3


Delete if this is not appropriate. I'm paranoid about the rules.
14 August 2005 @ 06:19 pm
Hehe! I was bored. Upload to your own server please!

Teaser: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Clicky!Collapse )
Erm, Hi! I posted some fiction a while back, and now I come bearing ugh, gloating about err, sharing, yeah that's it, stuff I bought today ^^; I think the Al pillow was posted already... Iunno about the necklace or keychain though... Excuse me as I go die in a puddle of fangirl goo now @o@

PicsCollapse )
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⇣ not all who wander → are L O S T ▶ { yukina }
14 August 2005 @ 10:46 pm
I'm working on a story full of short stories around the EdxWinry-ness. Its not like the 100 Themes because they're aren't any themes to these, really. This is more like a collection of random ideas I get, so I write them down in a story. The story is called 'Silkspun Dreams' and I hope you enjoy the first chapter of it. ^_^


(X-posted in Ed X Winry Community)
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14 August 2005 @ 11:08 pm
*gaspeth* What?! I'm actually getting off my lazy ass and contributing something to this community and not just lurking and/or squeeing over fanart and crack?! D: *cough* XD Anyways, here's a few icons spawned from boredom (as is everything I do). They're not anything special, but oh well. Some of them are spoilers for the last episode and/or movie, so be warned.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*super spoilery ninja cut*Collapse )

Comment and credit, yadda yadda. You know the drill. ;)
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Sheryl Nome
14 August 2005 @ 11:21 pm
I've got about 20 doujinshi (most of them are Roy/Ed, some Ed/Al, and THAT idea's Heiderich/Ed). I'll try to scan them little by little, but I'm really lazy girl, so please, be patient. ^_^;

and, here's some Hagaren-related cosplay photos, with Hagaren-unrelated me ^_^

(contains movie!Elrics cosplay, so if it's spoiler for you - don't watch it. it'll make me sad though ;__;)
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14 August 2005 @ 11:34 pm

Does anyone know of a place where I could get or have a Human!Alphonse LJ layout? Or just any Alphonse layouts at all would be great!

Thanks a bunch!
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Moe Shmoe
14 August 2005 @ 11:44 pm
I am incredibly disappointed in the lack of fics with this pairing: So I figured I'd add it to the list.

by Moe Shmoe
Warnings: Manga spoilers- chapter 38 or so
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Shameless Roy x Lust
Summary: She had seen many uses of alchemy
innumerable times before, but for some reason that she couldn't fathom: he
fascinated her.
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2535055/1/

x-posted to FMA_Het
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