August 13th, 2005

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It's not as good as porn, but at least it's not wank.

So...Hi. Who's up for some good old crack? I just remembered that I had some photoedits to share (from back in November--I'm quite the procrastinator XD) so I figured I ought to post them before I completely forgot again.

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EDIT Woah, I also just found this on my Photobucket account. I remember making this, but I'm not sure what the hell I was on when I did. Collapse )
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Yes. More crap from me. :D


Title FMA! Fangirl Edition! Chapter 17 - The Things In Which We Used To Believe
Rating PG-13 (for swearing)
Spoilers?If you havent seen past episode 25 (or whats been shown on adult swim), then yes.
Pairing EdxOC, AlxOC, HavocxOC, implied EdxRoy, BrochexOC, RoyxRiza
Summary Ed finds his way into the 'secret room' under the Fuhrer's office... only to be faced with Envy. Of course, fighting ensues.

(fake cut to chapter 17)

(fake cut to chapter index)

Yes, this entire fanfic is a big, fat, joke between me and a few of my friends. I am not expecting you to love it or even laugh at it. However, I do expect you to laugh at its SPORKAGE.

For those of you who care--

This entire thing started when me and 2 of my friends all, strangely enough, had very similar dreams about FMA. as ourselves as alchemists, and all glomping on ed, because, well we're fangirls and we love him. SO. I decided, what the hell, i have no life, I'm gonna make a manga outta this. so we each created ourselves a character, and I started off on this dumb-ass journey to...well...write dumb stuff. XD Then it turned into a fanfic as well.

So... yeah. *nods*
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Survial buttons for fm_alchemist mod wank...

Currently this post is asking if anyone here has any requests? Specific sizes? Characters (please note I only have anime images, so manga-only characters will be difficult for me to get a hold of)? Pairings?

Later, I will come back and edit this post with the results posted...

EDIT: HOLY MUNCHKINS!!! (not an Ed crack)

I was working on my own button and icon to kill some time and eeek! 32 comments? The idea was more popular than I thought.

Okie, dokie, apparently this is going to be a several day project, but that's okay. Here is what I believe I have thus far in compiling a list:

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This is what I made for myself to kill time. Free for usage. No credit required. Just please no hotlinking.

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EDIT #2: Made more. ^-^

(Come to me, children...come to meeeeeee...)
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Kid on the Inside

Icons Ahoy!

Fwee for iconage :D

Beware of some possible spoilers, prolly nothing that we haven't all seen before, but still warning anyways (movie/manga spoilers)


Ya know the rules. Comments aren't necessary, but credit IS. Give it where it's due, yo. And if you take them, host 'em yerselves.

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Chapter 50 Manga Avatars Ahoy!

So it's the middle of the night and I'm bored as hell. What do I do? Make about nine avatars out of the recent FMA chapter in Japan. One of them may be slightly spoilerish, but everything else is safe.


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Hope you guys like. ^^; I'll make more if response is good. I'd also like to ask that if these are used that YOU host them up and not hotlink them. @_o;
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flyer kiwi

*smiles sweetly - see icon*

People? Anyone want me to draw out some fanart for icons? Like the LJ usericon I'm currently using, it'll be drawn in OpenCanvas purely for icon purposes. While I'm fast asleep (look at the time on my post, I'm going to bed and you can't stop me) feel free to comment and post the FMA character you want drawn and a general idea of the 'theme' you'd like.

One icon per character. If someone's pinched the character you want, feel free to pick another. Armour Al and human Al are considered seperate for the reason of appearance.

Right now, I'm up for drawing any FMA character, and will do so in order of the comments received... when I'm awake. Go :D
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[seal] I'm an egg

[doujin] Page 11 of my Kimberly/Al doujinshi

Due to the fact that I am going to be going to Otakon next week, I may or may not be able to update this doujin as scheduled. I will see if I can get an extra page in (cuz the page that comes after this one in the original planning does not have a good transition), get it scanned, and if there will be wireless at the hotel. If they do, they do. If they don't, then sorry, this doujinshi will have to take a one-week break.

But anyway, here's page 11. Same rules apply: Due to the subject matter/title/rating/etc of this doujinshi, it is members-locked. In other words, you must be a member of the calm_bomber community in order to view it.

Title: F@ggot (inspired by the song by Mindless Self Indulgence)
Pairing: Kimberly/Al
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, blood, offensive language, the works.

Page 11

Also, for anyone who's going to Otakon next week, I will be walking around with my manuscripts, which includes chapters 1, 2, and a part of 3. If you manage to catch me, I will let you see it...for a bit of equivalent trade, cuz I'm...bitchy like that XDDD;;;;
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brian/justin gundamnook

Early Icon Release!

Hey guys!! In light of this whole thing, I made an icon that I was going to release when I make my official icon update on Monday. But I decided to let this one go early because some of you liked it a lot. So here you go!!

If you decide to use:
- comment before taking
- credit either gundamnook or gnicons in your keywords, not your user info page!
- no hotlinking

Thanks and enjoy! ^.^
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OMG! I am not writing my OTP of the Hagaren fandom *gasp* But I am attempting a Royai. Yes… you all hear correct. I am attempting a Royai. I say it like this because I know I am better at writing yaoi, but I do enjoy Royai, so I plan to make this a good fanfic. Here we go…

Title: Well-Trained Dog
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Couple: RoyxRiza
Rating: PG(?)
Warnings: Beware the OMAKE if you don't like shounen ai hints. lol.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye walked down the corridors of the military base as she made her way to the lobby.
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[fic] This is Not A Love Song (mild screwed up Roy/Ed, PG)

Title: This is Not A Love Song AKA ‘Wow, Ed and Roy are so screwed up’
Rating: PG (my default setting, it seems)
Spoilers: Episode 25 of the anime and tiny, vague ones for manga volume 6
Pairing: Mild Roy/Ed, gen if you squint the right way
Summary: “Brother…why are you always so mad at the Colonel?” The answer to this question isn’t what you think it is. Why is Roy the only one who knows how to control Ed? The answer to that question isn’t what you think it is either. (for elaboration, see the subtitle). Slight mixing of anime and manga universes.
Dedication: to kytyngurl2, for being a great enabler. Why do I always get bunnied on your livejournal? XD *definitely not complaining* I only wish this fic was good enough to match who it’s dedicated to. XD
Notes: Yes, I love my unreliable narrators and playing with different tenses/segment length. You may shoot me for this. Someday I’ll write non-screwed up Roy/Ed fic, I swear.

( fake cut to weird introspective almost-gen fic )

Cross-posted to fm_alchemist and fma_yaoi
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FFIX - Zidane & Dagger - Lookin' Around

FM_A Mod Wank Avatar

So, everyone is sharing the mod wank stuff they made, so here's an icon I threw together.

If you want to use it, just credit me. Thanks. =D I can probably make more if you tell/show me what image you want.
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Stuff that puzzles me.

Seems like I'm missing out on somethings here. I'm as clueless as hell as to what this whole "mod wank" business is. And I'm still wondering what is up with this whole "lightbulb Envy" stuff is. o_O

Anywho, despite all that, I come with another avatar out of boredom and don't know why I didn't make it before.

Feel free to use. Just give credit and don't hotlink. :P
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Crack Post

Ok, to try and lighten the mood after last nights 'sporting event,' I thought I'd post some back to school!crack -laughs- This was inspired from that post a few days ago that was dealing with the feelings of being back in school. Righ...onto the crack

The images I used are from the latest chapter so yeah....

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Pensive Bones

An Open Post to the Members of FM_A

I'm done.

I withdraw my nomination for moderator. It seems that I'm pretty unwelcome here and I can take a hint. I quess I never realized how contreversial a person I was. The nomination itself by lord_pachi came as a huge surprise. At first, I wasn't even going to accept it. I was going to make a post saying I wouldn't do it. However, I talked to some people and they convinced me that, with all the experience I have with other communities, that I should go for it. So, I figured I would. I didn't think I was a very serious candidate and I didn't expect to get the position.

I doubt I'll be making many posts on this community any more - regarding Hot Topic or anything. Hell, seeing how you folks feel, I don't suppose I'll be making any Hot Topic posts again. Perhaps I should leave all together but I feel too much for this community. This community gave me a place to feel like part of a group for once and it let me meet a lot of really wonderful people that I never would have met other wise. And I'm not going to take any of this too seriously. This is the internet, people. And I still feel strongly for this community.

I'm just sorry it all came to this.

So, congrats herongale. You win. Whatever. I don't care. I'll take this all in stride and roll with the punches.

Now, I don't suppose someone would make me a custom "Victim of FM_A Mod Wank" banner? =P

Much love guys,

My latest fanfic.

Title: And Though The Sky Is Falling

Part One: When Danger Is Better
Author: kumiko_kun

For the lemonaftertaste community

Dedicated To: timchell and her hiccups ^_~

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Pairing: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric x Maes Hughes (HughesxRoy mostly in this chapter, RoyxEdxHughes hopefully soon in next chapter. )

Challenge: 26.) I'm Riddled By You

Disclaimer: FMA, not mine. Ed, Roy, Hughes, Riza, etc., not mine either. The paper that I wrote this on? Nope. Not even that.

Rating: Let's just go with R for now.

Description: What will Roy Mustang do for sex? One way the threesome could have started. This chapter is very fluffy, but stick with it and you'll get your fill of angst and thoughtfulness.

Author's Note: Collapse )

Please read and review. I hope you like. ^_^

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FMA Tribute Video

I recently got into making the AMV things and made a Fullmetal Alchemist one today. I'm fairly happy with it. I used the song "Here To Stay" by Korn. I've made other three other ones. Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, and Gravitation. I think this may be one of the best so far. My favorite is still the FFX one, it was my first. If any of you watch it, I hope you enjoy ^_^

Okay, so YouSendIt hates me and doesn't want to let anything work. So, if any of you are interested in watching it, you can message me on AIM: gaijin assassin or MSN: and I will send it to you.
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Cosplaying Accessory Error

While browsing about on the web a few minutes ago I happened across a pair of Armstrong gloves. Looking closer, I discovered a MAJOR flaw with them.

Look! The Gloves have Roy's transmutation circle on them, not Armstrong's. I mean, unless some how Roy's been working out and now looks like Armstrong and decided that he needs something more manly than just ignition cloth gloves.

(no subject)

So how about Amestris?

Actually I am just posting a cute link to a site.

It's kind of shounen ai/yaoish, but the art is adorable. People may have already been here, but I feel like sharing.

Click Me!"

Beware the under site if you find it XD~

Odd FMA world question

Is there any info out there about the general climate and culture of Amestris, especially the northwestern part? I got bit by the fic bunny and the crack theory aardvark a few days ago, and I want to quench it during the last two weeks I have of summer vacation. Also, if there's any info at all about Creta and Drachma, I'd love to know it! In the guidebooks, perhaps?

Icons For Happy People

Hello everybody! In lieu of all the crazy mod wank, I have made icons for all you wonderful people. :D I wish I had a bigger variety to choose from, but this was all I could muster up on such late notice. Sorry. ^^' Anyways, I hope you enjoy them all as I have. My normal rules for icon yanking apply - credit is required, comments are appreciated, and hot-linking is disliked. Very simple, right? =)

WARNING - Spoilers for Episode 25 and manga chapters 48-49 in some icons


Within the smoldering flames...
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New York City FMA loot

Hiya guys,

Not that I wanted to brag... okay maybe just a little... Here's some of the stuff I got at my vacation in NY... and I still haven't got to Chinatown yet...
Since it includes pictures of my loot... I'll use a lj-cut... some reference to the movie are included so you are warned.

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Fan Art: Movie!Al~

You know, if it wasn't for every other post mentioning wank in some way, I would be completely oblivious to the fact that there even WAS any wank. Ignorance is bliss, oh yeah~ Oh crap I just mentioned it, oh noes.

That said, I return you to my normal post.

I very recently discovered in my brain that I don't draw nearly enough for myself anymore. So I'm sitting there, and my brain tells me, "You know, I really think I want to draw a Movie!Al." I agreed with myself.

And thus, Collapse )
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(no subject)

Title: Burned
Author Zalia Chimera zalia
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: EdxRoy
Notes: Beta-ed by kytyngurl2 and stickmarionette.
Summary: "You're an idiot," Ed muttered as he poured antiseptic onto a cloth. The scent of it filled the bedroom and Ed wrinkled his nose in disgust. He always hated the hospital smell it had.

Follow the fake cut!

Hope You like!

flyer kiwi

Icon Requests (wtf penguins?)

Since I now have completed three of the requested icons, I'm making a new topic in which I can keep track of what's been requested. And to show off. Duh.

I'm still open for more, by the way, and plan on being open for a week. Just go over here for more details. You can request here too, just be aware I only do one of each character except for Al because his armour form looks completely different.

Current Requests
[X] Silverwind13: Hughes
[X] Blumchen: Hawkeye
[X] Littlepen: Ed with penguin plushie
[X] Cryingstar: Happy anime!Wrath
[ ] Driftwoodwings: happy Nina Chimera with cookie
[ ] Sekido: gun-toting Mustang
[ ] Edw4rd_elric: Fury with Black Hayate
[ ] Fuzzyninja: happy loved Havoc
[ ] Kaerran: cute human Al
--- Jkaizer: movie Al (already swiped)
--- Zodiacstargazer: Havoc (already swiped)
[ ] Shichahn: pretty Heiderich
[ ] Wiccat: Envy
[ ] Aguynamedgoo: Izumi
[ ] Jigglygrlcarrie: Sexy Psiren, no mask
[ ] Kuririnchan: Faris (not FMA, but Faris is too awesome to not do)
[ ] Alphawolfjason: Lust
[ ] Kitsuneonna: Schiezka
[ ] Saft: cute Rosé
[ ] Zerstoerung: Den with squeaky toy wrench
[ ] aneko_hosokoawa: Ross with something penguiny
[ ] createdmemory: innocent Fletcher
[ ] avahcado: sexy armour Al with heart
[ ] zarephathcs: air guitar Winry
[ ] thatonefangirl: Barry
[ ] atsuka_chan: Lyla with something penguiny

For requesters, you can add text to the picture if you so wish, but personally I'd prefer if they were just used as they are. Anyone who wants to swipe, please ask the original requester if you want to use it!

The ones with a crossed box are done and can be found (along with their larger versions) underneath the cut.

Collapse )

Hope you like!

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