August 12th, 2005

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I was thinkin'...

You know what we need? Some kind of FMA fanspeak dictionary so people who are new to the series, like me, will have some kind of idea about what you all are talking about.
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Just wondering....

Are there any songs that make you crack up when you hear them because they instantly make you think of FMA? I can only think of one "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel...because it reminds me of everyone's favourite Flame Alchemist, I so have to make a Roy AMV even though he's not a particular favourite of just screams...Roy at me XD Also sorry for all the posts today, It's just fun to talk to a bunch of people who share my obsession. My fiance gets annoyed after a while XD. Me = Hughes Everyone else = The poor people who has to suffer when he rants how amazing the loves of his life are.


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Cosplay reference?

Hullo there~

I was just wondering if anyone here knows where I can get my hands on some official images of Ed in the military uniform, if they exist? I've seen some fan images about, I just would appreciate an official one, if it's at all possible, preferably one that has a clear shot of the color bars that would be on the left side of his coat.

I need it for reference for a costume I'm going to be making to emcee a masquerade this spring, so any help would be muchly appreciated!
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Homunculus cosplay and a question

I was browsing around online and found this way awesome pic of my homunculus group. I don't usually have pictures of my group, cause I'm the one holding the camera XD So anyways, question is:

Does anyone here cosplay Gluttony or know of anyone who does? O_o He's the only one we're missing. Must complete the collection, y'know. Gotta catch 'em all and stuff.

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me as ed

(no subject)

Ok! in regard to my last post about the Ed and Al are the managers at my Walmart.

i just found out who the Al manager is. He helped me with my fabric and is really big and tall.

Ed on the other hand if i remember correctly helped me with a fish that i was trying to get. he is an older man and is shorter than me and has blonde hair.

just more FMA crack.
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PETS Chapter 8

Oh boy, dudes and dudettes, this chapter is nothing but hard core smut from first to last word. Please note the rating, it's there for good reason. This chapter is HARSH (hell the whole fic is). If you loathe the idea of Roy getting hurt, then you probably should avoid this fic.

PAIRING: Al/Roy, Greed/Roy, Flashback!Hughes/Roy.


WARNING: Rape, lots and lots and lots of rape. Consensual bad!sex. Humiliation. Bondage. Sado-masochism. Domination. Spanking. Toys. And tons of swearing. PWP.

SUMMARY: Part of Roy just couldn't, absolutely wouldn't, believe it. No one could possibly want him so badly as to go through all the effort of kidnapping him… not for the purpose of rape.

Fake cut: ( Earlier Chapters )

Fake cut: ( Chapter 8 )
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RoyEd Theme Drabbles 10-12

Well, after all this time of lazing about and getting married to tobira_no_mukou me being busy, I've finally returned with more RoyEd theme drabbles! =D

Title: 45 RoyEd Themes Drabbles
Rating: G, PG-13, and PG-13, respectively, for this set.
Pairing: RoyEd & EdRoy
Genre: Fluff, crack, angst, romance, the like.
Warnings: Yaoi, language, adult situations, possible smut
Length: Drabble collection
Notes: Others: 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9.

Drabble Ten; ( On second thought, he -hated- trains. )

Drabble Eleven; ( “I’m honored that you feel that way about me, Fullmetal.” )

Drabble Twelve; ( Maybe spending a few summer nights in Central wouldn’t be all that bad... )

X-posted to fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi, fma_fiction, steelandsparks, and my writing journal __kirisaite, where all the cuts like to hang out.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any Scheska icons? She has no love. ;__; If anyone could post any, I'll love you forever. *__* ♥

Thanks in advance.
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Mugatu ♬ what seems to be the problem

Wanted. :O

I need a few people to beta this FMA fic that I've started writing, and perhaps stay with it the whole way. First... eh, three people, please (who have a good history with writing fics). Reply with your e-mail addresses too. <3 kthx.
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Due to animethief92

You asked for it, and here it is! More FMA icons (16 to be exact) with some having Kelly Clarkson's lyrics to "Behind Hazel Eyes"

[7] Edward
[1] Ed/Al
[1] EdXWrath
[2] Wrath
[1] Wrath/Envy
[2] Alphonse
[1] Hughes
[1] Ed's trademark

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Hello. I'm kiraqueen, and my webspace is currently being used to host the community layout pictures. However, I'm running out of space quickly, and cannot host it anymore after next week, when I have to delete almost everything "hosted" so I can use the space for stuff relating to real life.

Can someone else take over hosting the files?
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New Official Wallpaper

I just thought I would point out that there's a new wallpaper up at GanganNET.

For those of you who don't know Japanese and/or aren't foreign-language-guess-and-go-website-surfing savvy, here's the link to the exact page where you can get it. :)
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Lookie Lookie Lookie!

For the sake of whom still have their sanity. I posted this in a comment before but I figured let's get the ball rolling.

So I am going to start a new idea..


(( Ie: Edward Elric... Gap Kids.. Cause he's so short ..... Armstrong.. UnderArmor...... need I say more? ))

Feel free to discuss amung yourselves and feel free to use this as a drawing idea for some. I'd love to see some of the art that would come out of this one! :)

Loves n' kisses n' zepplins,


Edit : XD XD JEEZE PEOPLE I leave for a few minutes to go do laundry and I came back and had 50+ e-mails in my Hotmail account from comments. I did not know this was going to get so BIG! But that's a GOOD THING! Keep it up people!
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