August 11th, 2005


[fic] Exodus:20

Title: Exodus:20
Rating: PG
Warnings: Short, vaguely sacrilegious, biblical, introspective and deeply weird
Spoilers: let's say the whole series, just in case
Summary: Ed, Rose, Dante, Al, Envy, Roy, Scar, Wrath, Winry, Izumi and their Ten Commandments.
Dedication: to devils_devotion and jade_pen, kytyngurl2 and zalia – congratulations and I hope you like your (collective) present!
Notes: No offence intended to anyone, although if you’re highly sensitive about Christianity you might want to skip this, as it’s written from a very Edward Elric religious world view. (Not my own, though…)

( follow the fake cut for weird introspection )

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[Bioshock 2] [Big Daddy-Piggyback!]
  • fr0steh

Question for movie..

Slight spoiler question under teh cut of doom

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Anyway, I won't be on the community for about 4-5 days; I'm leaving for New York.. They better have Hagaren items.
I wish I was going to Japan instead
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Heart of glass

"Maybe, Maybe Not" (30_smiles; Royai 'fic)

Community: 30_smiles; #1, bull's eye
Title: Maybe, Maybe Not
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1130
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) is copyrighted by Hiromu Arakawa/Square Enix. This is a work of fanfiction for personal entertainment only. Dedicated to tears_priestess, and the fun we had at the gun range together on 08-06-05.
Summary: Oftentimes when she was in the office, finding moments to indulge in his slacker ways became a trick in itself. But it was her day off, and none of his other subordinates had quite what it took to make him grudgingly review and sign tedious paperwork.

Maybe, Maybe Not

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Mugatu ♬ what seems to be the problem

Random icons :O

Yeah, I've had these sitting in my Photobucket account forever, and I'm pretty positive I never posted them on LJ. Not a lot, but I think they're pretty spiff. Spoiler-free, how 'bout that! Enjoy and credit for the love of God. T_T

+ Edward - o5
+ Hughes - o1
+ Mustang - o1
+ Human!Al - o1

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(no subject)

Hey guys, since atleast two of your moderators are silly people who like to hide what they did, I thought I would provide an alternate resource that cannot be deleted!

Funny how they can break their own rules in the community and then plead innocent isn't it~

Anyway, fake cut to something that cannot be deleted!

Fake Livejournal cut to my lj!

They're so cute. So cute maybe they'll get banned from their own community!
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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

I'm back to crack pics!

Five new crack pics for all of you. I've started doing about 15 for each episode, but I'm only posting 5 at a time (don't ask why, I just like the number five) :P

What to expect? Winry is related to a fameous Little Rascal, Ed is rejected as a sex slave, and on top of that someone insults his dancing skills (which he doesn't take kindly to). :)

No spoilers unless you haven't seen episode one ;)

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  • neneno

Hello, mod here.

I got some emails/notes about what's been happening, but I couldn't find any evidence... But thanks to hagane_no_ushi's post (much claps to you +_+!!! *claps*), everything's been cleared up now, and mother is no longer a mod :D. (For some reason though, billypilgrim didn't show up as a moderator)
[edit] ohh he stepped down o_o! aww good for you *has no idea what else to say*!;; I really do appreciate that though.

Let's completely drop this now.

On the other hand, I'm looking for nominations for new mods ^_^v. About... 2-5 new moderators (since I'm not very active =_=!!;; sorryyyy). Self-nominations are good too.

ATTENTION FOLLOWING PEOPLE!! You have been nominated to be a mod, and if you'd like to be, submit a resume to me at


To anyone who's been nominated/have self-nominated Submit a simple/brief resume to me telling me why you would make a good maintainer (possible previous experience if any) by 8/12/05. My email is ...Or you can comment on this entry too since that's easier 8D

Actually, email me the resume XD;; Much more organized that way.

[Edit agaaaaaaaaaaain]
resume due by the END of 8/12/05. Right before Saturday starts~

[Edit for the last time!]
Resume due date extended until end of 8/13/05 (just because some people don't know they've been nominated yet)!

Post-movie scans from Sept. issue of Newtype & Animedia, Movie plushies, Best Shot Collection cards

The September issues of Newtype and Animedia have illustrations/news on the FMA movie after the movie's release in Japan. Because these are new illustrations, I have them scanned up at my journal.

In addition, you will see 3 cards from the FMA TV Animation Best Shot Special and one from the biscuit thing, photos of the movie plushies that I bought today, and Paku Romi and Yamaguchi Mayumi attempting to be mangakas with the help of Arakawa sensei.


[LINK] <-- clickie!
Pokémon // eevee winter
  • kasaii

(no subject)

Okay great, it was wrong of them to do, it was immature, etc.etc. They [or at least billypilgrim] apologized for what happened, he even went so far as resigning from his mod position and everything. So leave him/them the hell alone now, okay? Let it go, it's done with. Whatever. Get over it, it's the INTERNET.


Can we stop commenting and pretended this never happened and get back to the real reason for this community already?

Edit I'm sorry to neneno and the other new mods for posting about this again, but I don't like seeing friends getting proverbial ass-raped by the Internet, even if they did do something dumb.
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Slerra - You&#39;ll never be alone
  • saft

~ **FMA Layout request **~

I don't know if this sort of post is allowed here, but this is sort of a request, Would anyone be willing to make me a Edward LJ Layout for my livejournal. mainly because a) I don't know how to make them and b) My livejournal currently looks terrible @_@, I'd like the colour scheme to be reddish and it doesn't matter if Al is in any images you decide to use either, I like the whole brotherly thing, But I'd like to see Edward in his usual attire the black suit and the awesome red coat - if that's ok. And LJ runs on a free acount. @_@ I also need help with the coding so I can put it up on my LJ pretty much right away.

Thanks guys.

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Image Request

Hey all,

I am in need of a huge favor. I don't know if this is the case for everyone, but the cover of my volume 2 DVD was not reversable :(

I've been searching online for the past hour and I can't seem to find a large, clean copy of the full image (with both sides). SO, I'm wondering if anyone either has a copy of the image, or knows where I can find it. This is so I can make my own reversable cover ^^

If anyone could help me out, I'd love ya forever ^.~
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arashi ♪ re(mark)able


new icons..
Bleach x5
FMA x6
Bleach ones may be spoily...caps taken from the new PS2 game's opening ''Bleach:Erabareshi Tamashii''..FMA caps from the 4th treiler,and some new scans...

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i think you&#39;re prettier than that
  • nitrite

(no subject)

ah ... does anyone have a clear picture of al's blood seal? i'm in the process of deciding what FMA-related insignia to get tattooed ... and i can't find a proper picture of the blood seal anywhere. and i just SAW it in an episode and can't remember which it was. >_o CURSES.

thanks for any help. ;o;
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Slerra - You&#39;ll never be alone
  • saft

~** Safty's big ass FMA Icon post @_@ **~

I decided to make a icon post of all the FMA Icons I made on here, some look truly terrible others you may actually think I put some effort into them. There's also some colour bars as well annoyingly I don't know how to make the coding for them because what a surprise I such at HTML. So enjoy ^-^"

** Teasers **

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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(almost finished) Ling cosplay :D

spam is love :D anyway, my Ling cosplay is almost ready <3 i was going to sew his jacket, but when i realized he looks even sexier with the black coat in last chapters, i decided to cosplay this version of him :3 took few pictures, tho i miss some details (i'm going to wear the complete version at the con) also the coat is too big and my hair is red but i really don't care about it :P

anyway, pictures here:

Just wanted to share. [=

So, I went to Alaska about, oh, three weeks ago. I toured, well, Alaska, and a small town in Canada. And I didn't think I'd find any references towards any of my favorite animes, but to my pleasant surprise - I found this [in Victoria, Canada]!

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Just thought I'd share. XD
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Attack of the Teddog

(no subject)

I find it funny that the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist is a b-movie fan, probably because I'm a b-movie fan myself and sometimes pick up on silly little quirks in the manga. Are they really references? Probably not and I'm looking too deeply into things.

However, the last panel of chapter 50 made me laugh for several minutes. Why? It reminded me of the ending of a rather famous science fiction movie from 1968.

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we shall call it your grave!
  • __susan

(no subject)

Hello all! I'm Susan, and I just joined. But this isn't a simply "I'm new" post, it is a sharing of information that people may want to know.

Realms-con is in Corpus Christi (my city!) next weekend and as long as I can get off work, I'm volunteering to work it. I found out that Christopher Patton, the dubbed voice of Greed, is going to be there :] On the Realms-con website it said "a character yet to be revealed", but IMDB does wonders for the curious mind. I plan on getting many pictures and some autographs from him... maybe a personalized one for the community? Maybe? If it's wanted?

But yes, I thought I'd share that bit of information.
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