August 10th, 2005

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ok i know that this is random, but i have to post it. anyways with this week being my cram week before otakon(aka working my ass off trying to finish everything), i had to go to walmart to get some things. as soon as i walked into the door, one of the store people got on the intercom and proceeded to say: " Will either managers Al or Ed please come to the front for customer assistance."

ok so apparently Al and Ed are the managers at the walmart near my house....

ok enough crack, and now that i've just proven myself to be crazy and not having a life, i'm going to go back and work on cosplay.
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Broken Icons

Broken Icons... but they're not broken. XD They've got lyrics from the song "Broken" by Seether and Amy Lee. I hope you like!

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^^ Doesn't it fit so well? Please tell me what you think!
By the way, if anyone has any FMA icon bases I would seriously appreciate them!!
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FMA;;Ed Sulk

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I'm spiffing my hoodie out, and I was wondering if anyone had large (at least 500x500) pictures of the Flamel (in just black and white), and (because I can't spell) the symbol the Sins have on them (still black and white).

Thanks muchly!

(I like parenthesis, as you can tell)
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hearts [jin&kame]

Image searching (again)

I am once again searching for better versions/quality of movie images I have. xDDD;; This time it's a poster I found somewhere, but it's all wrinkled. So I was wondering if anyone has a better version on the picture (which you will see behind the cut of course xDD). Thanks in advance! :D

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FMA - Poem - Control

Another poem vaguely reminiscent of Ishbal. I don't know exactly who is speaking at the moment - but I got a sense of Kimberly when I was writing it. A reflection, somewhat, during the endless, still moments before violence is unleashed and fire splits the sky.

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24 icons from me to you.

I did two icon sets using Jason Mraz song titles. (Yay me.) The icons don’t necessarily reflect the nature/lyrics/mood of the song, they just simply fit the title.

24 icons total. Titles taken from the albums “Waiting for My Rocket to Come” and “Mr. A-Z”

- Brush Credits
- Comment and Credit
- No Hotlinking
- Enjoy!

TEASERS: Image hosted by . Image hosted by

( I’m a real cut! Honest!)
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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

Ed's bottle

The last of my bottle crack (for now at least) before I go back to normal crack pics (already have some ideas in my head). This bottle is Ed's, it's a tonic and I'll be honest with you, I've never really known what classifies as a tonic. So if I got it wrong, sorry...though it's not something I really care about :P

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does anyone have the link to that chinese, cosplay video thing of royxed that was posted here a while ago?

I went back to look for it but i cant find it and my royxedo fanatic friend is here

help? ;~;
Pink Ritsuka

FMA movie??

Eee, I'm not sure if this information has already been posted - but a 701.3MB FMA shamballa movie has been uploaded on LimeWire. I have no idea if it is raw or subbed, but I'm downloading it now...

Any one who wants to try it out - LimeWire can be found here:

^^; hopefully this time it's not a porn movie?

[EDIT:] Don't waste your time - it's some korean disney movie. I've only checked the first few minutes, but the intro credits are in korean. It can't be FMA.
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Music... again

I know, I know, I'm horribly pathetic and I mooch off this comm too much. ^^; With that said and done, I inquire once more.

Does anyone know a website where I can get the opening and ending themes in their TV-sized format? I tried downloading them from Limewire but it's being a bit spazzy right now. I only have "Melissa" and "Kesenai Tsumi" so far. It'd be great if I could get the rest of the TV-sized themes. ^^; Forgive my seemingly n00b-ness...and thanks again... ^-^;;
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Another icon update. I know you guys are tired of seeing me now xD. But who cares! lol. Anyway here are some lovely crappy icons. Enjoy people.

>> credit if taking [please credit to filipinoz_rule, and not i_consent :)], comment, enjoy
>> R E S O U R C E S: images / fonts / brushes / textures
>> images are all screencapped by me.
>> JOIN i_consent for more icon updates!
>> Ayumi x1
Bleach x2
Chobits x2
Chrono Crusade x1
Clover x2
DNAngel x2
Evangelion x2
Final Fantasy x4
Fullmetal Alchemist x18
Hellsing x2
House of Flying Daggers x2
Inuyasha x5
Kill Bill x4
Kingdom Hearts x4
Lain x2
Lord of the Rings x1
Naruto x5
Saiyuki x2
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles x7
X/1999 x16
Yugioh x1
Misc. x3

>> total; 87


( more behind this fake cut :) )

More FMA icons

And for your viewing pleasure I have 10 icons. If you want more, I'll need some more icon bases since my art program sucks and I can't shrink them the way they need to be. So far I've been skimming through communities and So please post some or direct a link to where I could find some please!

[7] Roy
[1] Ed
[1] EdXEnvy fluff hint
[1] Envy

Oh yeah, I'll write what it says next to them because I'm afraid that the font's too small. o_<

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