August 9th, 2005

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"The Return" countdown :)

Because we're all eagerly awaiting the return of the dub on [adult swim]... I made up a little countdown, based off the idea of the movie countdown ones.

So yeah... the image it uses:

The code is on my site: (choose whichever layout you want :p)

Yeah... so... *toddles off*

FMA Comparison Discussion Community

Gentlemen (and ladies), BEHOLD!


I bring you the Genuine Truth Behind Truths community. The point to it? I figured it'd be nice to have discussions regarding episode comparisons between the Japanese and English episodes. Also would help fix anything I may have missed or made a mistake on in my comparisons. Everyone's welcome to join. Only thing I ask is there not to be any fights between which version is better or (the most common) "lolz the dub sux!!11" >.>

As for my site, I just finished fixing up a few things (especially after watching episode 13 dubbed again just a few minutes after having seen the Japanese version on DVD XD).
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more insanity from The True Sewing Life Alchemist (ala Safetypin Alchemists XP)

Three cute and somewhat crack-ish plushies are done! Only one to go (which I haven't worked on that much b/c it's a full sized gate baby and it scares me). Cut for some spoilers (movie and series).

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and because my friend said I had to . . .
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And just in case anyone's interested, the new sections (Stories of the SA and The FMA Picnic) are up on the Safetypin Alchemists sight. The Coat Switch is particularly fun if I do say so myself. ^^
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Ling x Ed

Just to prove to the community that I really CAN occasionally write non-squick, I have this to offer up:

PAIRING: Ling x Ed
WARNINGS: Ridiculous situations, swearing. OMFG CONSENSUAL SEX!

Fake cut:( WIFE )


I need this information for upcoming chapters of a fic I'm writing.

What are Scar and his brother's REAL names. I hear Bruce and David, is this canon, fanon, or wishful thinking? And which one is which?

Edit: Ok, I'm hearing that it's fanon and not even particularly popular fanon. Would people absolutely LOATHE it if I gave them different names? Would it be confusing? Personally, as Ishballens, having slightly er... ethnic names would make more sense. David... got that Jewish appeal, but Bruce? That's white bread, baby!
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Life Sized Al Plush :D

Ahaha well, a while ago I wished I could someday buy a life-sized Al plush. But being in the states makes it harder and I havent really seen a huge plush of him anywhere online. So.. I had to make my wish come true. And therefore, I made myself this life sized Al plush. :D (image heavy)

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Waaaahhhhhh...oh, teh angst! ;-)

I just watched the Hagaren 'Reflections Special' (I assume it was made for the release of the movie, but if anyone could tell me more I'd love to know) and sobbed my ickle heart out, which I honestly didn't think was possible after watching the series so many times already. I never knew what the lyrics to Bratja meant (it made me cry even without knowing, I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to it again ;-), and the conversation between Hughes and Roy...gahhh, I can't stop sniffling and hiccuping with emotion, it's just that good. It really is incredible how fictional characters can mean so much to you, isn't it.
I just needed to share with people I thought would understand my abject woe. *hugs for all* :)

On a more positive note, today I discovered that FMA music, especially the Song Files, are absolutely perfect for the gym. I had my best workout ever to Hagane no Kokoro and Ready Steady Go. Whooot!

Oh, and hiiiii. Long time lurker, first time poster -- I'm 27 and deeply, passionately in love with Hughes. And Al. Although I try not to admit the latter, as I feel like a perv. *grins* (Any other naughty old ladies here? ;-)
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