August 5th, 2005

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I dunno if anyone has asked this before (sorry if someone has, please dont kill me o.o) But I wanted to know why they only use the Ready Steady Go! opening theme on [AS] Did they not get permission to use the other openings...or what? They change the ending themes each season but never the opening theme and I never knew why >.>
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[pics] Two Oekakis

The first one is another EVA/FMA crossover. I will be selling an EVA/FMA crossover pic that is about half-poster size (the size of a very large sketchpad paper) at Otakon! Please look for me! ^^/ I post under Youko Fujima.

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The next pic is of a character from the FMA movie. No movie plot spoilers, but has spoilers if you don't know the characters of the movie. Yeah.

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Mini-Skirt Roy! The Musical Versions I & II


Hello everyone! I'm going to bring you my attempt at some Mini-Skirt!Crack. Insomnia caused it and a love for mini-skirts, Roy, and stick-figures put it to paper.

For version one (sloppy stick figures, no colour, worst version):

For version two (a bit more time taken, less sloppy stick figures, a bit of colour):

--Comment and Critiques here or on deviantART are welcome!--

I also have some not so great Edo-kun fan art. I drew two versions of him as Alucard from Hellsing. Tell me if you want the links!

Sayonara and Seeyasoon,
Rose of Malice

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When will the movie be available?

I believe that such requests appear every two or three days, but please, tell me if it is possible to get the movie somewhere, in the torrent for example… I’m sure there should be something already!

There were some rumours in our part of I-net but they turned to be incorrect.
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Garbage song actually relating to FMA?

I've been listening to this song repeatedly for the past few days... I keep getting the feeling it'd be a good FMA song, although it's by Garbage. lol

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I want to hear your opinion though: Could this really be a good FMA song? <_>;; Answer it and I might post my little crack fic, "The Three Homunculi". (Just... imagine it. lol A G rated Homunculi story. lol)

(If this is a no-no, erase immediately.)
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Armstrongcest fic ^_^

For all those, who think the Armstrongs are crack material. How wrong you are.

Title: Shine for me
Authors: kira_k and okami_hu
Beta: oracleholly (I’ll worship you until the end of my days for your excellent work.)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Alex x Catherine
Warnings: Incest
Summary: I want my brother back...
Author's Notes: World & characters are the property of Arakawa Hiromu & Square-ENIX. However, the fic itself belongs to us. We have to stress that – sadly – we’re not making any money from this.

Shine for me

X-posted on fma_het and fm_alchemist
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The Three Little Homunculi

As promised, my crack attack:

Title: The Three Little Homunculi: An FMA crack fic rated "E" for everyone...
Author: Me, ten minutes ago
Rating: "E" for everyone that isn't anyone...
Warnings: What some call "spoilers", a mini reference to something naughty...
Homunculi involved: Envy, Lust, and Gluttony (Ed, too...)
Rip-off of: The Three Little Pigs
Author's note: Bite me, I'm tasty! :D

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Okay, no more crack from me today. X_x;
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Icon post- My first ones

These are the first icons I've ever made. I just wanted to share them with you all. They're pretty simple, without words, because the only programs I have at my disposal are MS Paint and some photo editing program I found... I made a whole bunch.. @.@
Image hosted by Image hosted by
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And as an added bonus, you get a crack drawing made by my sister, insecticide409 in MS Paint. Warning for end of series spoilers.
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(no subject)

This is the Safetypin Alchemists: Fullmetal Cosplay sight. I'm still working on finding some new pictures for the character pages (plus getting up new pages like Stories of the Safetypin Alchemists and The Stone Mountain FMA Picnic) but aside from that it's ready. There's lots of cosplay pics there and a really fun 'Random Stuff' section. We even have FMA DDR.
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Travis Willingham Fan listing

Hello! I'd just like to make a post that gravitykills's and I's fan listing to Travis Willingham has just been completed.

So! If you're a fan and you'd like to join, please do! If the mods feel this has nothing to do with FMA, then by all means delete this post ^^;
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Icon dump

Made 46 icons.

Fullmetal Alchemist - 8 icons (Warning: One of them contains a spoiler for episode 25)
Get Backers - 8 icons
Hellsing - 7 icons
Harry Potter - 4 icons
Ringu - 1 icon
Utena - 6 icons
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - 2 icons
Evangelion - 2 icons
GB/FMA/HGttG - 1 icon
Naruto/One Piece - 4 icons
Fruits Basket - 3 icons

Image hosted by Image hosted by

(Follow the very fake cut)
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FMA music video

A music video I made about Ed and Al's sin. It doesn't contain spoilers, unless of course you haven't seen episode 3...

Our sin

Hope you'll like it! As the video is hosted on, (free) registration is required! ^^
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FMA - Poem

I've been watching the Isbal scenes again - and this poem practically wrote itself. It talks of self-loathing, of despair and sorrow, of a hatred so fierce as to rend the mirror into shards to seek to end that which stares back at you. It can stand on its own - but there's hints of a shattered Roy and a cracked Kimberly in here that just sang out to me. Please R+R

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