August 2nd, 2005


It's a Chibi Invasion

The Deal:

Once again I bring you some more calander icons, two banners, and another first. This time I give you the first in what I call my Signature series of icons. I got to thinking what it would look like if the characters from an anime signed a form or a letter. With each character comes their signature based on their personality and age. I also bring you a set of what I call Chibicons. Chibicons are cute and cleaver icons featuring chibi anime characrers. I know people have made icons with chibis in them but I just might be the first one I know of to dub them Chibicons.

The series:

-Full Metal Alchemist

The Rules:

-If you take an icon let me know which one it is
-No hotlinking as it will eat the bandwith on my Photobucket account
-Please credit chibihalo or ykkgraphics

The Teasers:

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

( Invasion of the Chibicons )
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PETS Chapter 5

RATING: NC-17 over all (this chapter R)
PAIRING: Uh, Everyone eventually. This chapter Roy/Ed and Greed/Roy.
WARNING: Very AU, Spoilers for Greed and the Chimeras. Coersive themes, intimidation, drugs, violence, pedophilia, non-con.
SUMMARY: Roy was not some beaten teen; he was an experienced military man, a powerful alchemist and a leader. Pandering to Greed out of fear was unthinkable. In fact, the next time he met that monster, he vowed his gloves would be on, and immortal or not, the creature WOULD go down.
AUTHORS NOTE: Some chapters are PWP, some are Plot. This is a plot chapter.

Fake cut: ( Earlier Chapters )

Fake cut: ( Chapter 5 )

(no subject)

Hey, who said that "Bratja" is in German and "Kelas" is also in some european language?! They are both in russian, brothers and sisters! *has a strange feeling about it* I just listened to the 'Kelas" and realized, that it would be very difficult to understand for any native speaker as the accent is really awful! but I could recognize the words^ "frozen river" or "the river of ice" and something about wires. Now i'm going to listen to it awfully many times and i'll try to make a translation into English... maybe someone has already made a russian script at least? Or the full translation?

Народ русскоговрящий, это моя к вам обращается последней фразой :)))) А то надо же - "немецкая"! Ха! Это вам не хуже Wolf's rain :))))
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N1 - Emizel - Not Moe

Fic and poll/question

Hey I'm actually making a post here for once *long time lurker*

Anyway, I made this fic quite awhile ago, and I finally felt like sharing it here. It actually is a prequel for chibi_alchemy(RP/fanfic/AU started by me and dragontrap). Not quite one of my best peices of writing, but enjoy ^_^;

Title: Abysmal Darkness
Rating: PG-13? PG? Depends how cruel your imagination wants to be I suppose
Spoilers: For this fic, around ep 30 or so, the RP on the whole spoilers range to the end of the series
Summary: We all know that Al was been a suit of armor all of these years.. but just went on with the rest of him?

(Fake cuts are my friend.)

And I have a slight question, Collapse )
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It's not my fault, I swear... they just came!!

The bunnies attacked... again... and my brain itches... so...

Title: Cuddle Party
Author: Lain Blackchurch/hopeonsun
Rating: PG-13 thru R
Pairings: Implied Roy/Ed and Riza/Havoc
A/N: Yes, a cuddle party is a real social event in which groups of people get together in their pajamas and well… cuddle. If you don’t believe me, go to the official website of Cuddle Party! I’m serious! (Though no on believed me until I showed them the link...)

Collapse )

Meh... personally... I kind of liked and hated it at the same time... it just wouldn't go away, though.
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Addition to the Chibicons

Many of you commented on how much you like the Chibicons. Thank you so much. I just wanted to let everyone know that I missed one icon in my original post last night. Check out ykkgraphics for a Roy Mustang Chibicon. Also, I will be adding a Jean Havoc Chibicon to the batch bringing the total of Chibicons up to twelve. Somehow I forgot about that one last night. (^_^); I'll let everyone know when I have that up there as well.
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Default 7 - Kaya

(no subject)

Well... It's been some time. <_> So, as make up, FMA!CRACK! (In celebration of me getting the fourth DVD finally ;_;) inside the cut is an Envy ghost and a duo picture (Lust hoggin'). Have fun... Make icons... Snap.

Collapse )
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{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

(no subject)

It's a good Fullmetal Alchemist month for Newtype USA!

We have two full-length articles in the magazine, one on the first 26 episodes of the show aired on AS, and Curse of the Crimson Elixer is the game of the month! YAY! :D

Oh, and there's a breif comment from the Japanese voice actor of Greed, talking about when he turned twenty.

....He's REALLY cute.
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Takes 1 out of 2 (Fanfic)

Just a small drabble that pop into my head…XD Don’t mind my grammar errors, just enjoy the fic. Roy/Winry/Ed drabbles.

Title: 1 out of 2
Rating: PG
Couples: Roy/Winry/Ed (Drabble)
Spoilers: None? ^^;
Summary: Roy was a well known and respected man, Fear by all and loved. But what if he set his eyes on a price that was worth more than he can afford?

Collapse )


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Divine Light

Shambhala in Buddhism

I was looking around on Ursula K. Le Guin's website when I saw that the publisher of her upcoming book of poems was simply named Shambhala. Naturally, I thought of the FMA movie (which I am yet eagerly waiting to see) and I looked up the word on Yahoo. I found some interesting stuff, most of it connected to Buddhism. I'm not very familiar with the religion, but I found this entry in a sort of encyclopedia that I thought some of you might find interesting since it appears to relate to the FMA movie.

I have not seen the movie, so I honestly don't know if it contains spoilers, but I have cut the excerpt for your protection anyway. (Please be careful of the comments too, since I don't know if they will be spoilerific!)

Collapse )

I also found this page, which is interesting although I do not know how accurate it is.

If this has already been posted, then let me know so I can remove this post. Thanks!

HELP! (again ;_;)

I'm going to be cosplaying as Sheska for reactor in October, and I want to start working on my costume soon. (while I have a chance, once school starts I won't have time) Only problem is, I can't find any good pictures of her in uniform. Do any of you guys have a large picture of her wearing her military uniform? PLEASE, help!
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Ficcart for Brothers

I just bought a tablet *squee* So this is my first official masterpiece with it ^_^ Hope you enjoy.

Definitely inspired by chapter 11 of Kalika Maxwell's Brothers X3 Although it's really a general FMA pic when you get down to it. Links and whatnot under the fake-cut.

SPOILERS for appearances in the movie, Hei, and that kinda schtuff.

( *Cough* )

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{ PotC; rain }


I dunno if this has ever been posted before, but I didn't see it in the memories and I figured I'd give it a shot. Feel free to nag at me to delete it if need be. ^^;

Where can I get the first OST? The downloads on Keiichi's Anime Forever site are down, and the mp3s on RealityLapse are incomplete; the song's there, but not all of it. If someone can tell me another place to find the downloads, or send it to me, or whatever the case may be, PLEASE do so! ^_^ Because Michiru Oshima = teh rox.

Thanks again!
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ITOSHIKI. worth the fighting
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RoyEd Theme Drabbles 7-9

In a sudden fit of inspiration, I typed out some more RoyEd themes. These will be the last I post for a few days, because I'm leaving for Ohio the fourth and not coming back until the seventh. During that time I'm guess that I won't have stable internet access so...until then, I probably won't post anything here. D:
However, I may have some more themes and maybe a drabble or two when I come back. :)

Title: 45 RoyEd Themes Drabbles
Rating: Anywhere from G to R
Pairing: RoyEd & EdRoy
Genre: Fluff, crack, angst, romance, the like.
Warnings: Yaoi, language, adult situations, possible smut
Length: Drabble collection
Notes: These contain more smutty content than the others so far. :D And by others, I mean: 1-3, and 4-6.

Drabble Seven; ( Of course, with all pros, there were also cons to being a State Alchemist. )

Drabble Eight; ( Roy Mustang was standing outside the military bathhouse in the pouring rain, clad only in a towel, looking very, very perturbed. )

Drabble Nine; ( It was ten years ago and the beginning of the end. )

X-posted to steelandsparks, fma_yaoi, and writing lj __kirisaite, to which all of the 'cuts' are directed. :D
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(no subject)

Title: Introductions
Author: Zalia Chimera zalia
Rating: 12/PG-13
Warnings: None
Pairings: None
Summary: Ed's arguments with Roy are getting out of hand until Havoc steps in, forcing Ed to rethink his view of the Colonel.

Follow the very fake cut.

Pokémon // eevee winter
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(no subject)

X-Play on G4tv [the video game network] is very very mean to FMA, haha. Apparently they hated the first game, and are equally mean to the Crimson Elixer. The review was particularly amusing, though..

"But I do get, he's not a robot in a loincloth. But he's WEARING A LOINCLOTH. What is he supposed to be hiding? [somethingsomething] God forbid we get an eyeful of anime schlong. He's supposed to be like, what, a 9 year old kid? Listen to his voice, I can't imagine his testes make a hole to China." -Adam Cessler, X-Play host!guy.

Haha. A highly cruel review. Basically they said that if you're not a fan but looking for a good game, FMA2 is not the game for you. They did say, however, that if you're a hardcore FMA fan you'd certainly enjoy this game. And we're hardcore fans, right?

They gave it a 2 out of 5. Weeeeak.

"I'll be waiting for your hate mail."
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