August 1st, 2005

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hagaren + seisouhen

[x-posted]; sorry if it bothers you.

SPOILER ALERT! for the hagaren end of series, the movie, and the rurouni kenshin seisouhen OVAs.

6 hagaren_ hughes, edo, winry, al, ed & envy, lust
23 rk: seisouhen_ k+k, kenshin, kaoru, yahiko, sanosuke, enishi, kenji

all the seisouhen pics come from these two websites, in case you were wondering.

other credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i will soon! do not worry!).


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( 'okaerinasai... shinta.' 'tadaima.' )

and please join/check out good_animeicons! ^_^
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Hello there, everyone! ^^; My name is Kei, and I'm a self-proclaimed artist/writer/fangirl. I've posted here before, but it's been a while, so I've decided to semi-introduce myself again. I've been in a fairly productive mood lately, so hopefully you'll see me around here and other communities pertaining to FMA more often now.

Nevertheless, I come bearing drabbles in accordance with the 45 RoyEd themes. I have 3/45 done, and I hope to have them finished by the end of the year (Yes, I'm a slow worker. And I'm never really happy with what I do, so I'll probably delete entire theme drabbles and then rewrite them because I'm a CHRONIC PERFECTIONIST. D:)

Title: 45 RoyEd Themes Drabbles
Rating: Anywhere from G to R
Pairing: RoyEd & EdRoy
Genre: Fluff, crack, angst, romance, the like.
Warnings: Yaoi, language, adult situations, possible smut
Length: Drabble collection
Notes: 3/45 finished. Themes from TKKN.

Drabble One; ( Edward Elric wasn't a morning person by definition. )

Drabble Two; ( "I'm going to miss you, Fullmetal." )

Drabble Three; ( Edward stared down at the bouquet of flowers in his hands, with an odd expression on his face that was trying to convey bemusement and appreciation at the same time and was failing horribly. )

X-posted to steelandsparks, fma_yaoi, and my writing lj, __kirisaite (which, by the way, is where all the cuts lead to. Yes, that's right, they're all fake. Hahaha.)
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My wants to know what they sing

My thanks a lot those who place here a translation of "boy friends". My wants some other translations! (especially Asu he no basho, Hagane no kokoro, Returnable memories and all the rest song-files too). Please, tell me where to download them! And if anybody wants a translation of song "Kyodai" my could provide it... my did it for those who don't know Russian at all ^_^
By the way, is there another song in Russian in the movie?
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Looking for an icon...

I'm looking for the 'Vocabulary' icons that someone made...(ie, 'Mustang! It's what you do!' etc) I've got the ones of Havoc, Riza, Mustang, Ed, Hughes, and Al. I'm looking for the one of Izumi, and if there are any others I missed, I'd like those too. Could someone link me to them, please?
The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Movie fell to 7th place in Japan this week :(

From Anime News Network:

"For the third week in a row, Star Wars Episode 3 - Revenge Of The Sith and Pokemon 2005 have taken the top two positions respectively at the Japanese Box Office.

However last week's #3, the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, fell all the way to 7th positions. Meanwhile Trainman secured the final place in the top 10, making it the longest running movie currently in the top 10.

Aimless Aegis, the third of three movies based on novels by Harutoshi Fukui to be released this year, premiered in 3rd position. The previous movies, Lorelai and Warring States Self-Defense Force 1549 both premiered in the #1 position."
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(no subject)

It's the next three theme drabbles! I actually got them done, and I'm quite proud of myself. It's too that I'm not even a fourth of the way finished with these done let, but if I keep working...!
I'll keep posting these in sets of three, and more often if I get more reviews, because I am a comment whore like that.

Title: 45 RoyEd Themes Drabbles
Rating: Anywhere from G to R
Pairing: RoyEd & EdRoy
Genre: Fluff, crack, angst, romance, the like.
Warnings: Yaoi, language, adult situations, possible smut
Length: Drabble collection
Notes: This is set 4-6. Drabbles 1-3 can be found here.

Drabble Four; ( You could always find Edward Elric in the library. )

Drabble Five; ( No one questioned why Ed’s hair was singed the next morning. )

Drabble Six; ( Roy, walking in the door, throwing off his jacket and dragging himself into the kitchen, let out a small, surprised sound when he saw the barely-clothed Edward slumped over at his table. )

X-posted to steelandsparks, fma_yaoi, and the writing lj,__kirisaite, where all cuts are headed to again. :)
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Ling cosplay heeelp ;_;

i'm making Ling cosplay costume *woot* and i have a problem ;_;' kill me if it's against the rules of this comm, but i need your advice on choosing the fabric for Ling's jacket (which is imo the main part of his outfit so i don't wan't to screw it up).

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KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never

(no subject)

Someone, please.

Get the "Papa to Asobou" song out of my head! It's driving me crazy and bringing happy bright pictures into my head and it hurts!

*will probably be banned from the comm for this*
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pya :phil:

(no subject)

okay, so, i'm really slowly returning to the anime fandom after like, a three-year absence. i haven't bought any hagaren merchandise since, like ... 2002. i'm a huge art book nerd, and i was wondering which hagaren art books are worth buying/where to buy online? i'm more interested in arakawa's art ... i know that there's this one (which i'll be buying tomorrow), but are there any others out there that i'd be able to get my hands on (preferably not on auction sites)? are the others, the more anime-centric kinds any good?

thank youse for any help! ♥
MH - I need more coffee for this shit

Just a small request

Hey guys I need pictures of Seska. I have decided that because I am a bookworm with brown hair and glasses why shouldn't I cosplay one LOL.

They can be pics of her in Normal clothes and her uniform, I haven't decided which I want yet.

Thank you ahead of time!
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