July 30th, 2005


More Info on the [Adult Swim] Run

I don't know if anyone else has heard this yet. It hasn't been OFFICIALLY announced, but one of FUNi's representatives, Lance Heiskell, said this just recently in a FUNi talkback thread concerning the OP/ED themes for the Adult Swim run of the series.

We're going to change up the opening halfway around the second season on [adult swim]. Don't want to say what opening just yet.

I'm thinking that's a good sign that it'll be Rewrite, eh? =)
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hagaren!crack shirt this time :D

you're probably going to kill me now for spamming this community xD anyway, i made also a hagaren shirt, full of crack :D the pictures are from various chapters of manga. i'm posting a photo of the shirt and the original design picture (in case someone would like to use it for anything :D)


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「misc」☇we're all a bit mad


I just felt I should apologize for the post of the song that, I didn't know, wasn't allowed to be posted. Guess I should look into these things more before I share 'em. Anyway, I was coming to delete it but it apprently already was so yay. So sorry again. ...And sorry if this is a pointless post, but I felt I owed an apology or else I'd never feel better. ._.;
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Foundation of Truth [First 3 Chapters]

Foundation of Truth

Stranded in another world, Edward find himself ripped through time and space. As luck would have it, he lands in the very place that might be able to help him get home – Hogwarts.
PG-13, Gen. Post Series (spoilers), no movie information, post book five AU.
The usual FMA/HP crossover, with an attempt at taking cliches and making them believable. Originally posted on FF.net.

Arrival from the Past
It was only chance that sent him to this place.

Befriending a Sneak
Someone was in the library.

Hero Counseling
Harry and Edward have a tough discussion.

And just for fun....

The girl was acting oddly
Note: A HP/FMA crossover, the like of which I’m 99.99% sure you’ve never seen before…
PG, Sorta set in 6th HP book, but no spoilers. Technically post series, MINOR movie stuff for FMA (writen before movie release), but again, no real spoilers.

x-posted to fma_gen
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Doujinshi icons and a Roy

Here is a handful of icons based from scans of the hilarious doujinshi "Fullmetal Bean" by Wolfgung that was posted here not too long ago. There's also a pic of Roy that's not from the doujinshi.. just because. Spoilers for episode 25, but hopefully you've all seen that one by now..

Teasers: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Looking for a certain Icon

Not to steal it, just to show it to someone; I remember seeing an Archer/Kimblee icon that amused my very much, in which Archer offers kimbley 'favors' to entice him to joining the military.

Anybody have links to/know where that icon can be found?
Journey default || by sharp_pastels

Looking for an Icon Series

There's a series of icons that I've seen floating around, using the characters' names as verbs ("Mustang! It's what you do!" "Havoc! It's what you do!"). I was wondering if anyone could tell me who made them, or where to find them? I tried poking back through two of the FMA icon communities before asking but couldn't find them.

Thanks. =3
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identity theft

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Hi there! I'm a long time lurker, first time poster and I come bearing icons and a Friends Only banner! I'm not the greatest icon maker, I just did these for fun and I thought you guys might like some of them. So anyway, just a couple of things before we get on to the actual icons.

-Please, please, please, no hotlinking. -
-Credit is nice, but not necessary. Just don't claim them as your own.-
-You are welcome to take the textless icons and edit them as you please.-

1)Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2) Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3)Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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